January 1, 2001

Crash Pad Series

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In 2005, Shine Louise Houston released the film The Crash Pad, which remains a monument of queer pornography: porn that includes a variety of sexualities, genders, and practices. The film won the 2006 Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Dyke Sex Scene. Since then, Houston has directed a number of other films and (as of April 2016) over 200 additional "episodes" of the Crash Pad Series. Some of these were released on a series of DVDs by the same title. But these releases, we have been told, have come to an end, largely due to concerns about piracy. The primary outlet for Houston's work is now the website The Crash Pad Series.

The sex in these movies tends to be very natural, realistic, and playful. It is also extremely varied, as one might expect. Strap-ons and sex toys are frequently present. Many of the episodes have elements of BDSM, sometimes a little and sometimes more. Quite a few of the episodes feature fisting, which Jincey Lumpkin once called "the forbidden lesbian sex act", since it is essentially illegal to show on DVD in the United States. There are plenty of genderqueers: trans-women, trans-men, and people whose gender identities are non-binary. And there are lots of sizes and types of bodies.

The camera work, at least in the episodes we have watched, has been uniformly excellent. Houston definitely has her own way of shooting sex. There is a great deal of intimacy to it, with the camera often focused tightly on the performers, though there are not a lot of genital closeups. More recently, Houston seems to have included more distant shots, and some of the videos have an almost voyeuristic quality: In all of them, there are shots of someone—played by Houston herself—who is watching the action remotely and operating the cameras by computer. There's some sort of commentary there on the nature of pornography, it seems to us. Or many.

If we have any criticism to make, it is that there is rarely any sort of pre-story that introduces the characters and explains the relationship between them. Maybe that is part of the idea: They just show up at the Crash Pad to fuck, and perhaps our perspective is supposed to be that of the mysterious voyeur. Still, even the voyeur might overhear the guest's talking about how they came to be there, and we always appreciate even a little bit of context. It makes the sex hotter.

All that said, we cannot recommend the Crash Pad Series highly enough. Queer porn is tremendously important, and there is hardly any better queer porn that what Shine Louise Houston is producing. Even if—hell, especially if—this isn't normally your kind of thing, you should watch it anyway. Not only might you find some of it actually is your thing, you just might learn something, too. We did!


★★★★☆ Mickey Mod and Syd Blakovich: Episode 35


★★★★★ Amarna Miller and Nikki Silver: Episode 193
★★★★½ Daisy Ducati and Ella Nova: Episode 186
★★★★½ Daisy Ducati and Odile: Episode 160
★★★★★ Dylan Ryan and Nikki Hearts: Episode 122
★★★★½ Kay Kardia and Lex Fury: Episode 194
★★★★½ Lea Hart and Mona Wales: Episode 198
★★★★½ Lily O'Reilly and Ozrael: Episode 195
★★★★★ Nenetl Avril and Verta: Episode 199


★★★★½ Chelsea Poe and Sugar Blair: Episode 167
★★★★☆ Hayley Fingersmith and Sadie Lune: Episode 166
★★★★½ Jacqueline Woods and Stefani Special: Episode 157
★★★★½ Tiffany Starr and Leah Lockhart: Episode 197


Mickey Mod and Syd Blakovich: Episode 35


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 23:42, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2007

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: 69, Strap On

Syd and Mickey have sex on the bed at the crash pad.

The sex is very natural, but we didn't find it to be as varied as in other of the videos we have seen. Mickey spends quite a lot of time with Syd's cock in his mouth, without a lot else happening.

This particular video is also shot from very close to the performers, and there are a lot of shots from very close to their bodies. Not "medical" shots, as are so common in mainstream porn, but just shots where we can't really see their faces. That made it difficult for us to have a good sense for what was happening with both of them, and it didn't help that the video is very dark. So it's a good scene, but not nearly as good as most of these are.


Mickey sucks Syd's "cock" for quite some time, then puts on a glove and fingering Syd while he sucks her cock. He also eats her pussy, with her straddling his face, and she sucks his cock in a 69.

They fuck with Syd on top of Mickey, and with him stroking her cock. She then gets off him and straddles his chest, fingering herself as he masturbates. "I have to cum", she then says, and she pulls of the strap-on and fingers herself to orgasm. Mickey cums not long after she does.


Amarna Miller (25yo) and Nikki Silver: Episode 193


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 27:52, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Analingus, Multiple Male Orgasms, Orgasm, Rough Sex, Strap On, Vibrator

Amarna and Nikki Miller have sex on the bed.

This is playful, fun sex, and it is incredibly hot. They are clearly very into fucking each other—there is a lot of talking and giggling—and Amarna especially is wonderfully expressive. They both seem to have an excellent time. The roughness is clearly consensual and part of the fun. Our only criticism is that we would have liked a bit more cuddling at the end.

Frankly, Amarna Miller has quickly become one of our very favorite female porn stars. She just exudes a sort of confident, playful sexuality that we can't imagine anyone not finding attractive.

The camera work, as always, is terrific: intimate without being intrusive.


They make out, standing, and Nikki Miller tosses Amarna on the bed. N plays rough with Amarna's tits, then slaps her ass a lot as they take off their pants. Nikki Miller pushes Amarna face-first onto the bed and sucks her pussy and ass from behind. They kneel up again, and Amarna says she has one request, which is to suck Nikki Miller's underarms. Nikki Miller rubs Amarna's pussy, then pushes her back on the bed and goes down on her. Nikki Miller then straddes Amarna's face as Amarna eats her.

Nikki Miller puts on a smallish strap-on, and Amarna lies on her back to be fucked, rubbing her clit as she is. They switch to doggy style, and Amarna reaches back to rub her clit as Nikki Miller holds her hair. They turn back over, and Amarna uses a Hitachi as Nikki Miller fingers her, then fucks her again, twisting her nipples hard. Amarna cums at about 23:20.

They take off the strap on, and Amarna rubs Nikki Miller's pussy and kisses her as she lies on the bed. Amarna then straddles Nikki Miller's face as Nikki Miller uses the vibe while Amarna fingers her. Nikki Miller cums at about 26:35.

Daisy Ducati and Ella Nova: Episode 186


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 28:21, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2014

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Female Ejaculation, Fisting, Multiple Female Orgasms, Spanking, Strap On, Vibrator

Daisy and Ella have sex on the bed. As often with these, the sex is playful and fun, with lots of talking and giggling, and there is a lot of variety. They both seem to have a great time, too, having several orgasms each.

Our only complaint is that the scene slows down a lot in the middle. They may well need a rest, but we weren't sure we did, and it made a long scene feel even longer.

The camera work, of course, is excellent.


They fool around on the bed, rolling each other over, and sucking each other's tits. Ella goes down on Daisy, then kneels up and fingers her. Daisy gets out a wand vibrator, and buzzes herself to a few squirting orgasms as Ella does her g-spot.

They lube each other, and Daisy puts in a Feeldoe, then fucks Ella doggy style, slapping her ass repeatedly. Ella uses the vibe on herself, and Daisy flips her over. Ella cums a few times as well. Daisy pulls out and fingers Ella hard until she says her pussy is too sensitive.

Daisy gets onto all fours, and Ella fingers her hard, and then Daisy uses the vibrator again, cumming, and squirting, a few more times. Ella lubes Daisy up some more and uses a very big dildo on her until she squirts again and again and again, until the bed is soaked. Ella cleans up some of the girlcum with her mouth.

Daisy turns over, and Ella licks and sucks her feet, tickling her a bit. Ella then starts fingering Daisy again, working her hand into her. Daisy starts using the vibe again as Ella fists her, and Daisy squirts all over Ella again.

Daisy Ducati and Odile: Episode 160


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 25:54, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2013

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Butt Plug, Dildo, Multiple Female Orgasms, Spanking, Strap On, Vibrator

Daisy and Odile have sex at the crash pad, with Daisy being very dominant. It is clear that they have played this game before.

The sex is very natural and convincing, and they both seem to have an excellent time, as well as several orgasms.

The camera work, however, is not as good as in most of the later episodes we have seen. It is shot from too close. It's not that there are a lot of closeups of their genitals. There aren't. It's just that the camera is so close to them that it is hard to have a sense for both of them at the same time. It's as if the camera is dictating where we have to look, when we'd prefer to choose ourselves. There seem to be some techincal problems with the sound, too.

If it weren't for those issues, we'd have rated this five stars. It's otherwise that good.


Daisy pushes Odile onto the bed and slaps her ass hard as Odile licks her very serious, very high platform boots. She spanks Odile several times, and then Daisy tells her to take off the boots. Daisy puts on a strap-on and tells Odile, "I want you to get down and service my cock". She fucks Odile's mouth, then gets behind her and fucks her doggy style.

Daisy takes off the strap-on, and Odile unbuckles her panties and takes off her bra. Daisy says she wants Odile to "worship" her ass, so Odile kisses and licks her. Daisy hands her a jeweled metal butt plug, which Odile puts into Daisy's ass. Daisy then gets out a jeweled glass butt plug for Odile, and puts it into her.

Daisy puts on a glove and starts fingering Odile's pussy. Odile rolls onto her back, and Daisy fingers her hard, and Odile cums hard. Daisy then lies on her back, and Odile puts on two gloves and rubs and fingers Daisy's pussy. Daisy cums, and Odile then asks if Daisy would like a cock in her, or Odile's hand. She says a cock, so Odile puts on a strap-on herself, and Daisy rolls onto all fours to be fucked. Daisy then turns over, and Odile fucks her hard until Daisy cums again.

Odile then gets out a speculum and uses that to open Daisy's pussy. She then puts most of her hand into Daisy while masturbating herself—she doesn't quite fist her—and they cum together as Daisy rubs her clit.

They finish by using Hitachis on each other while they each fuck themselves with a dildo.

Dylan Ryan (25yo) and Nikki Hearts: Episode 122


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 23:02, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2011

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Female Ejaculation, Fisting, Multiple Female Orgasms, Strap On

Dylan and Nikki have sex at the Crash Pad.

There is a ton of kissing in this scene, which we really liked. In fact, they pretty much kiss for the first eight minutes of the scene, except for a short break here and there. That's just one sign of how intense the connection seems to be between these two, and that makes the sex all the hotter. We were especially struck by how loving the fisting sequence was.

The photography is very intimate. Here are a lot of closeups, especially while Nikki is fisting Dylan, but they seem absolutely right for the scene somehow.


They make out with Dylan sitting on the bed and Nikki on her lap. Dylan then falls back onto the bed, with Nikki following her, and they continue kissing. Nikki kneels up and takes off her shirt, then rubs Dylan's pussy through her crotchless (maybe because torn) lace bodysuit as they continue to kiss.

Dylan takes off her shirt, and Nikki pulls her bodysuit to her waist, leaning over to suck Dylan's tits while still stroking her pussy. Nikki then takes off her pants before lying back beside Dylan so they can continue as they were.

Dylan sits up, and Nikki kneels in front of her and fingers her. Dylan falls back onto the bed and starts masturbating. She sits back up as Nikki starts fingering her deep, and she has a quiet but intense orgasm that leaves her giggling. Nikki works three fingers into Dylan and starts rubbing her clit with the other hand, then gets a fourth finger into her. With Dylan loose, Nikki's hand now slips in easily, and she fists Dylan while still rubbing her clit. Dylan cums again, even harder, and for a very long time. She sits up and kisses Nikki, trying to regain her senses.

Dylan falls back onto the bed and says she wants "another one", asking Nikki to fist her as fast as she can. Dylan tells Nikki she is about to cum, and Nikki pulls out her fist just as Dylan starts to ejaculate.

Nikki puts on a strapon and fucks Dylan as she lies on the bed. Dylan reaches down and rubs her clit, and she has yet another orgasm.

Kay Kardia and Lex Fury: Episode 194


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 28:39, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Butt Plug, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Dildo, Multiple Female Orgasms, Spanking, Strap On, Vibrator

Lex and Kay went to a burlesque show and now are back at home. Lex says she's always wanted to do burlesque, so Kay says she should do it for her, which she does. They then switch positions, and Kay does a bit of "dancing" herself. Lex starts masturbating, which Kay says she isn't allowed to do, so then she has to "punish" her by spanking her.

There is a fair bit of light BDSM throughout this scene, which we found very, very hot, as well as varied and authentic. Our only complaint is that the scene seemed a touch long. We found our attention wandering a bit through some of the middle sequences.

As usual, the camera work is excellent: Very intimate and sexy, without too may closeups.


Kay tells Lex to take her dress off, which she does, and Kay then puts ankle cuffs onto Lex, before leaning her over and licking her pussy. She then gets a heart-shaped crop and spanks Lex's ass with it.

Kay then fingers Lex's pussy from behind while slapping her ass with her hand. She then tells Lex to lie on the bed so she can go down on her. Kay puts on black gloves and slaps Lex's thighs, then leans over and sucks and slaps her tits. Kay fingers Lex's pussy, holding still and letting Lex "writhe on it" as she slaps her thighs again. Kay then leans over and licks Lex's clit, and Lex asks if she can cum, and Kay tells her she can on the count of three, which she does.

Kay says it is time she got some attention, and Lex says it is "dangerous to play with switches, since turnabout is fair play". She leans over and sucks Kay's tits, then slaps them hard, and spanks her ass. "Pretty red lines all over your chest", Lex says, and Kay leans up and sucks her tits as Lex rubs her pussy. Lex then goes down on Kay, licking then rubbing her pussy, and Kay cums hard at about 16:20. Without asking, which gets her face and tits slapped.

Kay puts on a strap-on and straddles Lex as she lies on the bed and sucks Kay's "cock". Kay then gets off Lex, lubes her pussy, and enters her. Kay fucks her slowly but firmly, slapping her thighs repeatedly. She then fucks her hard, and Lex asks again if she can cum, which she does.

Kay then grabs a glass dildo, "perfectly curved", and puts it into Lex, adding a wand-type vibrator, as well. Kay says she will count to five, via four and a half, and Lex cums again, which makes her quite happy. Kay then leans over and eats Lex's pussy while fucking her with the dildo, and Lex cums again.

Kay takes off the strap on and gets onto all fours, and Lex fingers her ass as Kay masturbates, then puts a butt plug into her. She then uses the vibe on Kay's clit. Kay asks if she can cum, and Lex says she wants to cum, but Lex tells her to beg, which she does, and she cums again, too.

Lea Hart and Mona Wales: Episode 198


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 28:06, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Dildo, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex, Spanking, Strap On, Vibrator

AA and Lea have sex on the bed at the Crash Pad.

#The sex begins very quickly in this episode, without much foreplay. But there is still a lot of kissing throughout, and there is good chemistry between them. The sex, as usual, is natural and playful, and they both seem to have a terrific time. There's a lot of vibrator play and finger-fucking, as well as the use of a dildo but with and without a harness.

The sex is not terribly rough, but they do slap each other's tits and asses quite hard, and there is a bit of choking.

The camera work is, as usual, excellent. This episode is shot more from close, though, than most of them are. Not from close to the genitals, but just from close to the women themselves.


They fall onto the bed, kissing, and take off each other's shirts. Lea then stands up and has Lea takes off her jeans, but then puts her boots back on, her own short skirt having gathered around her waist. She asks Lea to prance around for her as they take off their panties. Mona sits on the edge of the bed, and Lea stands in front of her and kisses her as Mona slaps her ass hard several times, enough to make it start to redden.

They take off their bra, and Lea sucks Mona's tits, and then Lea starts fingering Mona as she lies on the bed. She leans over and licks Mona's clit while fucking her, and Mona says she is going to cum. She starts rubbing her clit while Lea keeps fucking her, and she does cum, we think, at about 6:50.

Mona sits up, and they kiss, and then they switch positions. Mona fingers Lea while sucking her tits, and she reaches up to press on her throat. Mona then leans over Lea and sucks her clit while still fucking her, and Lea reaches around Mona and fingers her pussy, too. Mona rubs Lea's clit hard and fast, then kneels up and fingers her again.

They kneel up and kiss, then slap each other's tits very hard. Mona reaches down and fingers Lea again, and then Lea puts on a strap-on and fucks Mona as she lies on her back. Mona then grabs a Hitachi and puts it on her clit, and that has her cumming before long. She turns over, and Lea fucks her doggy style. Mona uses the Hitachi again and cums again.

Mona rolls onto her back, and Lea lies over her and kisses her as Mona puts the Hitachi against Lea's clit. Lea cums, then rolls onto her back, and Mona kisses her pussy, then fingers her hard as she applies the Hitachi to her clit. Lea takes over the vibe as Mona gets three and then four fingers into her, and Lea cums hard at about 22:20.

Mona kneels up, and they fuck each other with dildos. Mona leans over Lea and kisses her, and then both women grab Hitachis and start using them as they fuck themselves with the dildos. Mona cums first, at about 25:50, then focuses on fucking Lea hard as she holds the vibe on her clit. Lea cums again at about 26:50.

Lily O'Reilly and Ozrael: Episode 195


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 28:38, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Strap On

It is Ozrael and Lily's anniversary, and Ozrael leads her, blindfolded, into the Crash Pad, where they proceed to have sex on the bed.

These two are totally convincing as a couple celebrating their anniversary, and it certainly does not seem like the first time these two have had sex. The sex is natural and playful, and they seem very comfortable together. There is a lot of kissing and talking, and a fair bit of giggling, and the build up is long and slow. There is no real genital sex for the first ten minutes. And overall, the sex here is much softer than in most Crash Pad episodes, but no less hot.

The camera work is terrific, but there are the same sorts of problems with the audio we've mentioned in other episodes. It sounds as if one of the microphones gets jostled from time to time.


They kiss, with Ozrael lying over Lily. Ozrael sits up and takes off Lily's boots, and Lily sits up with her and kisses her again. They take off their shirts and bras, and Lily lies back on the bed as Ozrael sucks her tits. They then take off their skirts, and Lily pushes Ozrael back on the bed and kisses her way up her body, then sucks her tits, biting her nipples a bit. Ozrael reaches down and pulls off Lily's panties, and they start to tickle each other and have a bit of a laughing fit.

Lily pulls off Ozrael's panties and kisses her legs and feet. Lily then lies over her, pressing her thigh onto Ozrael's pussy. They roll over, and Ozrael grinds against Lily, then kisses her way to her pussy and goes down on her. Lily cums at about 12:00 or so, and she then pulls Ozrael up to her so she can kiss her.

They switch positions, and Lily goes down on Ozrael, then puts two fingers into her and fucks her until Ozrael cums at about 16:30. Lily then sucks Ozrael's clit before fingering her to another orgasm at about 18:40. They then pause and kiss.

Ozrael puts on a strap-on, and Lily sucks her cock, then lies on her back so Ozrael can fuck her. She starts slowly but then fucks her harder, reaching down to rub her clit. They sit up together, and Lily grinds onto Ozrael's cock. Ozrael then falls back on the bed, and Lily gets astride her and rides her cock while holding one of her hands. She then falls onto her and kisses her.

Nenetl Avril and Verta: Episode 199


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 27:26, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Analingus, Multiple Female Orgasms, Spanking, Strap On, Vibrator

Verta and Nenetl have sex on the bed.

This is a really hot scene. There is great chemistry between these two women. We really how much they kisses, especially at the beginning, and the slow buildup. There's no actual genital contact for almost six minutes. Once they start fucking, though, it gets very hot very fast. Nenetl is on the verge of orgasm for quite a while before Verta gets her off for the first time using a Hitachi with a g-spot attachment. Once Nenetl's started, though, she just keeps cumming, over and over, until she is all but begging Verta to stop.

There are some problems with the audio. The microphone keeps getting bumped, or at least that's what it sounds like.


They make out on the bed, and Nenetl discovers the strap-on beneath Verta's dress. She lifts the dress as Verta lies back on the bed, then sucks her cock. Nenetl lies over Verta and kisses her, and Verta lifts Nenetl's skirt and removes her panties. They kneel up and kiss again, as Nenetl unbuttons her blouse. She pushes her bra down, and Verta sucks her tits, which Nenetl really seems to like. Nenetl takes off her bra, and Verta takes off her shirt, and Nenetl sucks her tits. Verta leans back on the bed again, and Nenetl kisses her pussy through her panties, then takes them off and strokes Verta's cock while kissing her. She sucks it again briefly, then goes down on Verta.

Verta takes off her skirt, then gets behind Nenetl, who is on all fours, and licks her pussy and ass. She kneels up and puts a condom on the strap-on, then starts fucking Nenetl doggy style. Verta pulls out and licks Nenetl again, slapping her ass, then goes back to fucking her. Verta asks Nenetl to lie on her back, and Verta lies over her and re-enters her, breaking a few times to go down on her a bit.

Verta gets out a Hitachi with a g-spot attachment and uses it on Nenetl's pussy, first on slow, then turning it up to high. She leans over and kisses her, then sucks her tits, and Nenetl cums hard and long at about 16:00. Verta keeps her going, and Nenetl cums over and over again.

Verta pulls the vibrator out of Nenetl and leans over her to kiss her. They then switch positions, and Nenetl gets between Verta's legs and goes down on her, eating her pussy as Verta strokes her cock. Verta has a quiet orgasm, and the she sits up, and they kiss.

Nenetl gets astride Verta on her knees and rides her cock. Nenetl asks if she can cum again, and she does at about 26:15, then falls over onto Verta and kisses her. "You're so much fun!" she says. And rightly so.


Chelsea Poe and Sugar Blair: Episode 167


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 20:44, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2013

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Anal, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex, Spanking, Trans

Sugar has been away on a trip, and Chelsea claims to have missed her. But how much?

The acting is terrible, frankly, but the chemistry between them is great, and the sex is natural and convincing, as well as blistering hot. Poor Chelsea cum once or twice, but she can't possibly keep up with Sugar's nine or ten orgasms. The whole thing left us feeling like we might need to go take a break ourselves....


Sugar lies back on the bed, and Chelsea lies over her and kisses her. They then both take off their dresses, and Chelsea fingers Sugar to an orgasm. Chelsea then goes down on Sugar, and Sugar cums again.

They flip over, and Sugar sucks Chelsea's tits, then takes off her top and makes her way to her crotch. She takes off Chelsea's panties and sucks her cock, which gets very hard.

Chelsea asks Sugar if she wants to fuck her, which she says she does, so C puts on a glove and fingers Chelsea's ass, while leaning over to suck her cock. Chelsea says she is "going to squirt", and she does. "Oh my gosh", Sugar says, and she leans over and licks up some of the cum from Chelsea's stomach.

They switch positions, and Chelsea goes down on Sugar, who asks her to slap her tits, which she does. Sugar asks Chelsea to finger her, and Chelsea chokes her, too, and keeps slapping her, and Sugar cums hard. Sugar flips onto her stomach, and Chelsea fingers her and spanks her, too, quite a few times. And Sugar cums again.

Chelsea then asks Sugar if she wants to sit on her face, so Sugar squats over Chelsea's face so she can lick her pussy. Sugar then gets onto all fours, and Chelsea fingers her from behind while grabbing hold of her hair.

Sugar turns onto her back, and Chelsea fingers her, going hard after her g-spot. Sugar cums yet again,

Hayley Fingersmith and Sadie Lune: Episode 166


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 23:45, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2013

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Anal, Blowjob, Orgasm, Rough Sex, Trans

Hayley and Sadie have sex at the crash pad. And they do seem to have a reasonably good time, though the sex is not as passionate as we would usually expect from this series. It's not unnatural, but there's less communication than in other scenes, and that makes it harder to sense much of a connection between them. It isn't as varied as in other Crash Pad videos we've seen, either. But we do like how they build their arousal before they cum.

The camera work is very intimate, as if it were shot from almost right next to them: a style that is more common in the earlier videos. We found that this made it harder to connect to the performers.


They kiss and make out on the bed, slowly undressing each other. Sadie is the first to make genital contact, sucking Hayley's cock as she lies on the bed, and unrolling a condom over it. Sadie sits up and slaps Hayley's tits, hard, then gets astride Hayley and rides her cock. They flip over, and Hayley kneels over Sadie to fuck her. They then switch to doggy style, then roll over again so Hayley is on her back.

Sadie puts on a glove and starts to probe Hayley's ass, sucking her as she fucks her. She then lubes Hayley up and starts riding her again.

Sadie flips onto her back, and Hayley straddles her chest and thrusts into Sadie's mouth. Hayley then puts on gloves and lubes Sadie, then starts fingering Sadie as she masturbates. She gets three or four fingers into her, and Sadie cums at about 16:35, screaming. Very loudly.

Hayley re-enters Sadie, and Sadie slaps her ass as she fucks her. They flip over, and Sadie rides Hayley again, slapping her tits repeatedly and squeezing her nipples. Sadie gets off Hayley and sucks her cock, then licsk her balls as Hayley masturbates. Sadie then sucks Hayley again, and she cums, into the condom.

Jacqueline Woods and Stefani Special: Episode 157


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 25:39, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2013

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Anal, Analingus, Bondage, Deepthroat, Rough Sex, Spanking, Trans

Jacqueline just did a long shoot during which she didn't get off, and now she is playing with Stefani at the Crash Pad.

This is very much a BDSM scene, with Jacqueline dominating Stefani. It's also very queer, as both Jacqueline and Stefani are transwomen. Nothing is specifically made of that, which is fairly typical for Crash Pad videos, and we find that welcome.

The sex is natural and convincing, though the end was a bit disappointing. It takes Jacqueline a very long time to cum, and it isn't that interesting watching her masturbate from the rear. It's quite hard to see very much.

The photography is fairly typical for these videos, too. It is very voyeuristic, and the camera tends not to move very much, though there are a number of angles from which the scene is shot.


Stefani is bound with rope and is wearing a mouth stretcher. Jacqueline turns her onto all fours and spanks her several times, first with her hand and then with a paddle. She licks her anus, then pulls off her own panties and spanks Stefani a couple more times. Jacqueline lubes up Stefani's butt and starts fingering her, then slaps her tit several times and feeds Stefani her cock. She slaps her tits several more times and reaches over to finger her ass.

Stefani rolls back onto her knees, and Jacqueline gets up behind her and fingers her butt and spanks her before entering her. She then flips Stefani onto her back and re-enters her, then pulls out and fingers her while slapping her ass.

Jacqueline unties Stefani's arms from behind her back and removes the mouth stretcher, then flips her onto her back and spanks her and fingers her again, seemingly trying to fist her. Jacqueline then reclines on the bed and has Stefani suck her cock, and Stefani takes it down her throat several times.

Stefani lies on her stomach, and Jacqueline jerks off onto her ass, which takes quite a long time.

Tiffany Starr (29yo) and Leah Lockhart: Episode 197


Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Time: 23:25, Director: Shine Louise Houston, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

Features: Anal, Orgasm, Rough Sex, Spanking, Strap On, Tit Fuck, Trans, Vibrator

Leah comes into the room in lingerie, and (amazingly) Tiffany is waiting for her in bed, also in lingerie. So they have sex. Of course. So the story is at best minimal.

Both Tiffany and Leah are transwomen, which makes this very queer porn indeed. It's especially nice to see transwomen treated as people, and not as fetish objects. Nica Noelle has made efforts in this direction in the movies she made under the TransRomantic label (and, we assume, also under the new TransSensual label). But we do not know of very many comparabl\y sensitive presentations of trans-lesbianism.


Leah lies over Tiffany and kisses her, then lowers her top and sucks her tits. They kneel up and Leah rubs Tiffany's pussy through her panties while Tiffany sucks Leah's tits. They kneel up together and rub each other's pussies, and Leah says she has gotten a present for both of them. The present is a Hitachi, which Leah uses on Tiffany's genitals. Leah then rolls onto her back, and Tiffany sucks her cock while Leah uses the Hitachi on Tiffany's clit, or tiny cock, as the case may be. (Tiffany is a pretty well-known transwoman.)

Tiffany gets onto all fours as Leah lubes her. Tiffany uses the Hitachi on her clit as Leah fucks her ass. Leah spanks Tiffany pretty hard, asking her to beg for it, which she does, and she spanks her over and over.

Leah tells Tiffany to flip onto her back, and she says she is going to fuck her (ass) until she cums. Leah fucks Tiffany a while, then puts a glass butt plug into Tiffany. She then gives Tiffany her other gift, which is a strap-on, which she puts onto herself and uses to fuck Tiffany's ass. Tiffany cums at about 22:15.

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