October 25, 2012

Hotel, from Juicy Pink Box


Time: 1:44, Director: Jincey Lumpkin, Date: 2011

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: Juicy Pink Box

Cast: Delores Haze, Rozen Debowe, Ela Darling (25yo), Papi Coxxx, Calico Lane, Nikki Hearts, and Annabelle Lee (29yo)

Source: DVD


A series of vignettes, looking in on what happens at the Juicy Pink Box Hotel in the mornings. There is some connection between the second and fourth scenes, but not really between the other two.

The sex here is very realistic, and the camera is very unintrusive. The women do a great job of being 'in character' as well, despite the fact that there is no more setup for the scenes than what we hear from them as they talk in bed. My only real complaint is that the music is a bit much sometimes, drowning out their sounds, in particular, some of what the women are saying to one another.

All scenes from this movie are avaialble from the Juicy Pink Box website. The movie can also be downloaded from Lust Cinema in full HD.

Scene 1: Tourists (Delores Haze and Rozen Debowe, ♀♀)


Time: 32:09

Features: Orgasm, Rough Sex

Two "tourists" have sex in their hotel room in the morning.

They wake up in bed, cuddling and talking, and start kissing and fooling around. Delores takes charge a bit, sucking Rozen's tits and kissing her ass, then ripping her shirt off and slapping her tits and squeezing her nipples. Rozen then puts on a glove and pulls Delores's panties hard up into her crotch while biting her tits. She then lubes up her pussy and rubs her, putting her hand over and in her mouth as she penetrates her. Delores slaps Rozen's back hard as she approaches orgasm but seems to stop short and flips Rozen on her back, tickling her a bit.

She lubes Rozen up and rubs her, then fucks her quite hard with her fingers. They flip over again, and Rozen fucks Delores. She rubs herself, as well, and then Rozen grabs Delores's neck and face. Delores sits up and slaps Rozen a few times, and then they kiss as Rozen rubs Delores's clit. Rozen then fucks her again. Delores seems to be having a hard time getting over the edge, and it wasn't clear to me that she ever did, though she must have somewhere along the way.

Rozen then gets on her back, and Delores fucks her while Rozen rubs her clit to a quivering orgasm.

The communication between them is great, as is the laughter and playfulness. It gets quite rough from time to time, but it's clear that they are both enjoying it. (They talk a bit about their interest in rough sex in the 'behind the scenes' extra.) That said, and as realistic as this obviously is, it gets a little bit monotonous at points, and perhaps could have been edited down just a bit. Nonetheless, it is an excellent scene. It just isn't that excellent.

Scene 2: Bachelorette (Ela Darling and Papi Coxxx, ♀♀)


Time: 27:47

Features: Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism

They wake up in bed and start kissing. Papi gets on top, and they start humping their pussies against each other's thighs, which really gets Ela going. Papi kisses her legs and then licks her pussy through her panties before pulling them down and off. Papi then goes down on Ela, tongue-fucking her and probably taking her over the edge. They then go back to humping for a bit, until Ela throws Papi on her back and kisses her. Ela sucks her tits and pulls her (boy) undies off, then goes down on her briefly. Ela then gets a glove and fucks Papi until she cums. Papi then gets two gloves and fucks Ela hard, sometimes rubbing her clit as well, then gets on top of her and grinds against her. Ela gets on her stomach and Papi grinds against her ass, adn then they rest a bit. Ela puts a glove on again, licking Papi while she fingers her. Papi then puts on a glove as well, and they lie, with their pussies facing each other's face, and fuck each other. Ela gets close to cumming, and Papi starts just fucking her hard to bring her to orgasm. Then Ela takes ove, and fucks Papi until she cums again. They then grind into each other's thighs, and Papi puts on one more glove and fucks Ela from behind, grabbing her hair. Finally, she flips her over and fucks Ela on her back to bring her to one last orgasm.

The story seems to be that these two are fucking after Ela's bachelorette party. We'll see Ela fuck her new bride in the fourth scene.

Overall, this is a very good scene, and it has a lot of virtues, but it just doesn't quite click the way the first scene does. The main issue is that it doesn't have quite the same sense of realism, though the sex is pretty hot, to be sure, and both of them seem to have a good time, cumming at least twice. The sex is very natural, as well, as is typical of JPB's movies.

Scene 3: Adultery (Calico Lane and Nikki Hearts, ♀♀)


Time: 15:19

Features: Orgasm

They wake up and kiss. Nikki gets above Calico and kisses her chest. Calico pulls off her top, and Nikki sucks her tits, then pulls off her panties, rubs her pussy, and goes down on her. She then fingers Calico (gloveless) while lying atop her. They turn over, and Calico pulls off Nikki's (boy) undies and kisses her pussy lightly before they turn over and Nikki fingers Calico again, this time until she cums.

This scene is softer and more romantic than the first two. But there is obvious affection between them, and the sex is quite good and natural. But it never quite leaves orbit.

Scene 4: Newlyweds (Annabelle Lee and Ela Darling, ♀♀)


Time: 26:40

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex

They wake, newly married, wearing sleep masks, and Ela kisses Annabelle's body while Annabelle keeps her mask on. Ela pulls up Annabelle's top and sucks her nipples, then kisses her through her (boy) undies. She pulls them off and teases her way to Annabelle's pussy. She licks and fingers her, taking Annabelle up and down a few times before sending her over the edge, smacking Annabelle's pussy, at her request, as she cums. They kiss, and they get naked. Annabelle kisses Ela's thighs, then sucks her pussy, bringing her to the edge very quickly, and Ela cums hard. Annabelle laps her pussy and climbs on top of Ela, grinding her pussy on her thigh. Annabelle then eats Ela again, turning her over and licking her from behind. Ela then lies Annabelle back, leans over her, and fingers her from above, licking her clit as well, until Annabelle has another orgasm. They kiss and cuddle at the end, and go back to sleep.

The title suggests that, following on from the second scene, we are witnessing a newly married couple having sex the morning after their wedding. And the sex is appropriately sweet and romantic, much like the third scene. But it is more passionate, with excellent communication between them.

To be honest, I'm a huge fan of Annabelle Lee, whom I've seen in a lot of scenes over the years, and, like Samantha Ryan, she does nothing without passion.

Ela Darling is great in this scene as well. She's since become much better known. She was a newcomer when this was shot.

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