December 4, 2012

Tenderness, from Daring Sex


Time: 2:10, Director: Lisa Loves, Date: 2010

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: Daring Media, IAFD

Cast: Vanessa Jordin (26yo), James Brossman (35yo), Zara, Bambi (26yo), Madison Parker (21yo), Choky Ice (38yo), Sorana (21yo), Mugur (32yo), Cameron Cruz (35yo), and John Cruise

Source: DVD


A series of vignettes, organized (per the title) around the notion of tenderness. So, by and large, these involve people having sex in ways that are very tender and loving. In particular, we have a lot of men being tender towards women, which is nice. Actual fucking tends to happen very late, e.g., 20 minutes into a 28 minute scene.

There are two scenes worth watching here: the first and the third. The last scene is also pretty good, but the requisite "girl-girl" scene, the second, is lame, and the fourth scene just never seems to happen. The real downside, though, is that there does not appear to be a single female orgasm in the whole movie.

The camera work has the usual "artsy" feel that one finds in Lisa Loves's movies. In some cases, that seems to add a lot to the sensuality, but in other cases to detract from it. So it can be a bit hit or miss.

Scene 1: Vanessa Jordin and James Brossman (♀♂)


Time: 29:18

Cumshot: Ass

She's in lingerie on a couch, and he approaches and touches her lightly, kissing her. He kisses her body, then removes her panties. She takes off his shirt, and he strokes her pussy under her panties. After removing them, he kisses her torso, and, as they lie in a spooning position, he kisses and strokes her, then licks her pussy from behind. He then licks her properly, and she unzips and sucks him. Finally, they spoon, with her a bit on her back. They switch to her on her stomach, still slightly spooning. He licks her from behind, and she strokes him as he pulls out of her, and he cums on her ass.

This scene is shot from very close up, with lots of shots of their faces. It sometimes seems to be a little lacking in passion, but it is extremely sexy and incredibly romantic. His face conveys an enormous amount of feeling for her, and there is a tremendous amount of sex play before they start fucking, at almost 20:00.

The only complaint would be that she never seems terribly aroused. She seems to take a lot of pleasure in what is happening, anyway, though.

Scene 2: Zara and Bambi (♀♀)


Time: 28:37

Bambi touches Zara and kisses her, then sucks her tits. Zara then touches Bambi through her panties and goes down on her, fingering her. Bambi then strokes Zara and goes down on her, then fingers her, firmly but gently. Bambi then rubs Zara's ass, and fingers her from behind, as Zara lies on her stomach.

The requisite "girl-girl" scene, it is just not very interesting. Too little seems to happen here, and the women seem simply to be performing.

Scene 3: Madison Parker and Choky Ice (♀♂)


Time: 27:48

Cumshot: Pussy

Features: Anal

She is naked by a pool. He gets out of the water and strokes and kisses her body. He then fingers her, kisses her feet, and goes down on her, rubbing her clit and fingering her, as well. He then sucks her tits and turns her over, kissing her ears, back, and ass, and licking her anus, before putting a finger in her butt. He turns her back over and kisses her, then rubs baby oil all over her body and into her pussy, putting a finger in her pussy and her anus while rubbing her clit with his thumb. She then rubs oil into his torso, rubbing his cock through his shorts. She lowers them, and sucks him, tenderly. They kiss and stroke each other.

He enters her while she is on her side and he is standing. She then rolls a bit more on her stomach, and he puts his cock into her ass. She gets on her back, and he keeps fucking her ass, pulling out from time to time and rubs his cock along her vulva before re-inserting himself. Finally, he pulls out and she strokes him until he cums on her pussy.

This scene is really tender and romantic, amazingly so for a scene so focused on anal sex. There are some parts that are really, really good, such as when she is rubbing oil on his body and then strokes his obviously hard cock through his shorts. But somehow she never seems that into it, and there isn't really that much chemistry between them. So it never quite lives up to its promise.

Scene 4: Sorana and Mugur (♀♂)


Time: 25:32

She is in black lingerie on a bed, and he gently strokes and kisses her body, wearing pants and a shirt, while she lies on her stomach. He then rubs her pussy from behind, and they kiss while he fingers her. He massages her butt and fingers her again, then lies back as she kisses his chest and strokes him. She undoes his pants and sucks him, pausing here and there to kiss him. They fuck spooning, then with her on her back and him beside her. She then gets astride him and rides him gently until he cums, on her asshole and pussy.

This scene is not bad, but it is so soft and slow that it is hard to imagine that either of them is really feeling much pleasure. The photography is lovely, though.

Scene 5: Cameron Cruz and John Cruise (♀♂)


Time: 21:10

Cumshot: Mouth

Features: Blowjob

She goes to her lover and strokes him, bringing him to bed with her. He kisses her arms and strokes her, then kisses her while rubbing her pussy. He then kisses her stomach and goes down on her. She rubs herself while they kiss and strokes his cock. He then lies back, and she sucks him, then gets atop him and rides. She sucks him again, and they spoon. He sits up a bit, and she sucks him yet again, and he cums in her mouth. She lets it fall back onto his dick.

There is nothing objectionable in this scene, but nothing that really grabbed us, either. There does seem to be some genuine affection between them, but, while the sex always feels as if it might heat up, it never does.

One nice thing is that his cumming in her mouth as she blows him feels completely natural and sexy, not forced or degrading. She never seems very aroused, though.