August 31, 2015

My Hotwife's First Interracial, from New Sensations Tales from the Edge


Time: 2:42, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2015

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Cast: Dahlia Sky (26yo), Shane Diesel (52yo), Riley Reid (24yo), Sean Michaels (57yo), Cindy Starfall (26yo), Jon Jon (34yo), Nadia Styles (33yo), and Isiah Maxwell

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀-, Balance


Four otherwise unrelated scenes in which non-black women have their first sexual experiences with black men, with their husband's encouragement.

Not a whole lot is made of the 'interracial' aspect in the any of these scenes, which to our minds is a good thing. In the first scene, Dahlia does mention to Shane when they first meet that she has never been with a black man, but the focus is really on how big he is. And, in the second scene, Sean does frequently describe his "black cock" and so forth, but the focus here is on the student-professor relationship. And in the last scene, there is again mention that each of them has never been with someone of a particular race, but that is about it. Only in the third scene, then, is the inter-racial aspect much of a focus. And in this case, it is interestingly embedded in a larger story. To have sex with a black man has been a fantasy Cindy has had since she was a girl, growing up in Vietnam and only seeing black men on television.

So we applaud the attempt to make "interracial" porn that avoids the stereotypes and, to be blunt, racism associated with much of the genre. But in other ways, this movie is reminiscent of some of the least successful of the Tabu Tales movies. The stories are creative and interesting. We especially liked the second, in which Riley Reid finally gets to have sex with an old college professor, Sean Michaels, on whom she's had a crush for years. But when it comes to the sex, and how it is shot, there is not much here that is terribly different from most mainstream porn, except for the absence (welcome to be sure) of the most obvious misogyny.

Scene 1: Dahlia Sky and Shane Diesel (♀♂ + ♀)


Time: 43:58

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Stomach

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Dildo

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Dahlia is a "size queen", and her husband tries to help her out by finding guys with big cocks. He brings her home one of Shane's dildos to try out, which she does in the first few minutes of the video. She loves it, so he arranges a meeting between them.

This is an extremely long scene. They are having sex by the fifth minute, so there are about 38 minutes of sex. As usual, then, the scene needs to be really, really good to hold interest. Fortunately, the way they use the camcorder, in editing, provides at least some visual variety. But overall, the camera work is just bad. We hardly see his face at all when she is on her knees sucking him, and when they start fucking she fills the frame for the entire first sequence—and similarly during the other sequences. There are also a lot more "medical" shots than are usual in this series. There are more interesting shots from time to time, but these tend to happen only when they are changing positions and the like, so they are infrequent.

Unsurprisingly, given the story, there is little emotional connection between them. This is sex for sex's sake—and to satisfy her craving for size. But there is genuine attraction between them, and there is more variety in the sex than one usually sees. The sex is reasonably passionate, too. She does seem almost overwhelmed at times—not surprisingly, again—and to have quite a good time, as does he. It's very nice, in fact, how he expresses how much he enjoys having her mouth on his cock. But, in the end, we thought the scene could well have been edited a bit more. We don't need to see them in every possible position.

Scene 2: Riley Reid and Sean Michaels (♀♂)


Time: 41:05

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Ass

Features: Analingus, Deepthroat, Female Ejaculation, Spanking

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Riley's husband enjoys her having sex with other men, and he enjoys selecting the men, arranging their meeting places, and so forth. But this time, Riley wants to live out one of her fantasies: to have sex with one of her old professors, Sean Michaels, to whom she'd always been attracted. So she puts on a schoolgirl outfit, just for the occasion, and meets Prof Michaels in their living room.

The back and forth between them, as they meet for the first time in many years, is terrific. She's an amazing mix between innocent and sexy, seductive and sultry, and he is great as a somewhat restrained, but very excited, professor.

The introductory story lasts about six minutes, so there is about 35 minutes of sex. That makes it, again, a long scene. And, while they play their roles very well, and there is very good chemistry between them, in the end it is just too long. The sex is not as passionate as in the first scene, and there is just not enough variety here, especially because the camera work is once again not very good, the problems being similar to those in the first scene. In fact, there are fewer more interesting shots than there were in that scene, and we see less of Sean Michaels than we did of Shane Diesel.

Scene 3: Cindy Starfall and Jon Jon (♀♂)


Time: 41:01

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Tits

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Cindy was raised in a traditional Vietnamese family, but is now married to Ryan, who has encouraged her to explore her fantasies. She has confessed her desire to be with an African-American guy, and Ryan has set out to make it happen, with his friend Jon—who will also be the first man with whom she has been, besides Ryan. She is extremely nervous and shy, not just at first, but throughout.

They both play their roles very well—she's very convincing as a shy, uncertain first-timer—and there is pretty good chemistry between them, too. But there were some aspects of the scene we found unrealistic. When she first sucks him, for example, we would have expected her to go slower and not to try to deepthroat him from the get-go. On the other hand, though, there is something really sweet about how he is with her, and it is unusual how he asks her to masturbate for him. So there is some variety in the sex.

But, with the introductory story lasting only about three minutes, plus a minute or so of outro, this is an extremely long scene, with about 37 minutes of sex, and the sex is not nearly passionate or various enough to keep us interested for that much time: Once they start fucking, the variety largely ends. And, in the end, her constantly saying she's never had sex with anyone but her husband started to feel a bit forced, as if she couldn't think of anything else to say.

The camera work here is not great, but it is much better than in the first two scenes. She is still very much the focus, and there are too many closeups for our taste, but there are a lot more wider shots, and we see a great deal more of him. There are also some very nice shots of her face as she rides him, reverse.

Scene 4: Nadia Styles and Isiah Maxwell (♀♂)


Time: 32:55

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Tits

Features: 69, Deepthroat, Female Ejaculation, Tit Fuck

Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance

Nadia is a massage therapist, and her husband has encouraged her to have sex with one of her clients: Isiah, who comes to her regularly with sports injuries. She starts to massage him, working at his request especially on his left shoulder blade, then has him turn over and works his chest. Suddenly, she leans over and kisses him, and he asks her what she's doing, and what about her husband. She says she encourages her to fool around. He doesn't believe her, so she goes and gets a short letter her husband wrote for the occasion. That does the trick—and he says he's never been with a white woman, either.

The story lasts about five minutes, so there is about 28 minutes of sex—which still makes this a fairly long scene, though not nearly as long as the other three. So, again, that sets the bar high. And, unfortunately, the sex felt a bit pornish to us. It is not entirely without passion, but she seemed to us badly to overdo the moaning, and her commentary wasn't very convincing, either, being just this side of a bad porn script. Sadly, the pornish ending fits this scene perfectly.

The massage sequence is not particularly realistic, as she spends hardly any time on his back. It didn't make a big difference to us, but some indication of a time lapse might have helped.

The camera work is better than in the first two scenes, but not as good as in the third. There are more wider shots, but there are also a lot of very pornish angles, and we do not see very much of him at all once they start fucking.


  1. This comment only pertains to the professor/student scene because its the only one I watched.

    From the outset, I was intrigued by how the story was being TOLD from a male perspective but SHOWN from a female perspective. He is telling the story in a voice over, but we watch her go through her date/sex preparation ritual - which has lots of little touches and expression to demonstrate the emotions she's experiencing as she gets herself physically and mentally ready. It's a clever device, perfect for the hotwife genre, because the genre is about a loving couple relishing in a woman's sexual freedom and fulfillment - and both perspectives are vital to the eroticism.

    Unfortunately, the device is wasted in this scene because the hotwife element is really important to the story. It makes me wonder why they included that aspect at all. More importantly, it forces thought about the connection between people with hotwife/cuckold fantasies and racial obsessions.

    Inter racial porn isn't my thing - which isn't to say its a turn off for me - but that dynamic isn't what hits my button. So I'm a poor judge of what makes for good or bad interacial porn. But either way, the inter racial element of this sequence doesn't depend on or even relate to the hotwife element - and yet its not only combined but focused on in a superficial way. And that's true to culture as a whole. If you troll for free images or mini-movies on Tumblr, you'll find that the same images with some extra verbage in the caption or contents to make it clear that woman is married.

    I have my theories on why this connection is so prevalent, and none are pretty. The obvious is the stereotype of black men being sex hungry animals with big cocks and an instinct for very physical sex. Its also obvious that inter racial hotwife pornography serves as much as an outlet for white men with suppressed issues with race as it does for straight men needing an outlet for suppressed homosexual tendencies/curiosities. Perhaps most patronizing of all, I think that it provides the viewer with an instant cue that lover is not and could never be the woman's husband.

    One nice thing about this scene is that the black man is not depicted as a cartoonish stereotype. There is a scene where she asks him, "did you know i've never been with a black man" and he doesn't seem impressed. maybe its me imposing my view onto him, but he may even be a little insulted - not insulted enough to turn down some action with an attractive woman ready to get busy - but think about it: she lusted after him for years not because of his smarts or his charisma in the class room, but because she has some sort of racial fetish. If I were him, I'd feel used and objectified.

    From a feminist perspective, its easy to embrace the fact that this is her fantasy. But is it? In the beginning of the sequence, the husband tells us via voice over that she's perfect because she's eager to fulfill all of his unconventional fantasy of sharing his wife with other men and later hearing about it. he also picks the lovers, the costume, the setting, and sets the agenda. Not very egalitarian. The fact that she has an active role in setting the objective for this particular fantasy is akin to filling up my wife's music player with my music and then telling her she has the benefit of choice because i occasionally let her choose which one of my songs we listen to on a car ride.

    I'm glad she found a way to enjoy herself within his fantasy. I'm glad she got to fulfill her fantasy of having sex witha black man. But I don't think the scene is very empowering. I actually think that the hotwife aspect and even the interacial aspect are distractions from the dynamic that really drives the sexual tension: their past as student-teacher, now enjoying each other in a way they both dreamed of but could never tell the other about because of trappings of the circumstance in which they met.

    1. Thanks again for the comment! It's real proof of how much there is to think about with these scenes, both positive and negative.

      I agree completely that there is a way in which this isn't a "hotwife" scene at all, or an inter-racial one. It's really about a student and a professor, and the fact that he happens to be black isn't really all that relevant. I guess I saw this as a good thing. Normalizing "inter-racial" sex, while simultaneously acknowledging its fantasy-status for many people, seems a much better combination than the alternatives.

      The first scene also has a kind of subversive aspect. It's generally focused on how big Shane Diesel is. The fact that he's black is never the focus. It's made clear throughout that she's had sex with lots of very big guys, that it's her thing (as for some women it is, and for many more it is in fantasy), and this is another such occasion. He's the first black guy, yes, but that's not the point. So the "big black men" trope is acknowledged and yet almost undermined at the same time.

      I'm not so sure about the other aspects of how you read the scene. I'd have to go back and look at it. But I don't remember there being any indication that Riley's lust for Prof Michaels was particularly tied to his being black. It's an aspect of what is about to happen, one that gives it an extra kick for her, but it's not the point. I thought it was clear that their relationship was deeper than that, and that that was what was driving her lust.

      And while I can see why you might describe the arrangement Riley has with her husband as "not egalitarian", different (actual) couples work these things out different ways. I once has some friends who had a similar arrangement. She liked to get some on the side, and "choosing", etc, was his way of feeling like he was still involved in what was happening, even if he wasn't there (and wasn't getting any on the side). It worked for them.

  2. One thing I really appreciate about this blog is that it has introduced me to erotic material that doesn't offend me as a social conscious human being - so I'm really kind of nit picking and having fun with the analysis. The material you review is a world better than the hard and crass garbage that floats around there. It's actually kind of inspiring, too. One thing I've complained about is a focus on the sex scene and not the emotional/psychological interplay. But you know who gets that aspect of the eroticism right? Hollywood. The problem with hollywood is that even films that depict female sexual exploration in a seemingly positive light tend to start with a man in her life being some kind of bad guy that drives her to cheat - and/or end with everyone being taught their lesson in the end (often with some type of grande mortal duel between the interested men and the woman's life teetering on the brink of instability or ruin for all her playtime). I'm more into reading/writing stories than film, but i've found it hard to write a story that can be believable while depicting female sexual adventurism as natural; empowering; directed by her own desire; not antithetical to having real love for a romantic partner; and any such partner having enough love to understand her need without necessarily needing to control it, extract something from it for himself, or be cast as chump that's getting walked on. These films your blog has introduced me don't accomplish all that, but they've given me alot of ideas an inspiration on how to make my own stories both equitable and convincing.


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