March 16, 2016

Girlfriends, from Wicked Passions


Time: 1:26, Director: Stormy Daniels, Date: 2015

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Cast: A.J. Applegate (26yo), Casey Calvert (25yo), Sasha Heart (27yo), August Ames (21yo), Lily Cade (30yo), and Scarlet Red (23yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Wicked Pictures subscription site

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance


This is the first "lesbian" movie in the Wicked Passions series. And it is "all girl", as the sexist porn tag puts it. All the sex scenes involve women, and there is really only one guy in the entire movie.

The story revolves around problems Jamie (Casey Calvert) has coming to terms wiht her sexuality: She's recently realized she is a lesbian and is in her first relationship with a woman, Leslie (A.J. Applegate). But she hasn't told her parents yet, or anyone else, including her best friend Sarah. When Leslie threatens to leave unless she does, Jamie does tell her very conservative parents, who do not take it well, to say the least. So she goes to California to visit Sarah, where the rest of the story is told.

It is a sweet story, and the end is really touching. A fair bit of time is devoted to the story, too: about 30 minutes. We definitely appreciate the effort to make a "lesbian" porno that is focused at least as much on relationships as on sex. In that way, this movie is way ahead of Hollywood. Other directors have been doing similar things in porn, though, and this movie does not probe nearly as deeply as Le Baiser.

The sex tends to be sensual and fairly gentle, as one would expect for this sort of movie, though there is quite a bit of analingus, which is less expected. There does seem to be some genuine attraction between the women, as well, but the sex is not as passionate as we would have liked. We also could have done with a bit more variety in the sex. The third scene, with Lily Cade and August Ames, does at least introduce a queer element, but, unfortunately, it has other problems.

Large parts of the third and fourth scenes just get repeated. We have of course seen this done in other pornos, but, to us, it is one of porn's worst technical sins. There are creative ways this sort of thing can be done—flashbacks, for example—but usually there seems to be no particular reason other than to pad the length of the movie, and that seems to be the case here. It makes very little sense, though, as these two scenes would have been plenty long without the padding, and the third, which has very little to do with the story, is really too long, anyway.

The acting is inconsistent, too. Very. There are times when it is quite good, and the both Casey Calvert and Scarlet Red are terrific in the climactic scene. But there are other times that the acting is quite bad, such as when Jamie tells her parents she's gay.

Overall, then, we have mixed feelings about this movie. There are some very good things about it, and, as we said, we applaud the idea behind it. But the execution of that idea is a bit lacking. Still, we're happy to have seen it.

Scene 1: A.J. Applegate and Casey Calvert (♀♀)


Time: 10:00

Female Orgasm: Yes

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion

Leslie (A.J. Applegate) is upset because Jamie (Casey Calvert) has not told her parents they are partners, so Jamie offers to show Leslie her birthday suit, to make her feel better.

The sex feels a bit restrained, though they do both seem to enjoy themselves. Some of the positions do not seem very effective for actual stimulation, though, but to be more for the camera.

But the camera work is generally very good, with a nice mix of different types of shots. There is a nasty technical glitch in this scene, however, with the camera moving suddenly in a way that makes no sense.

Scene 2: Casey Calvert and Sasha Heart (♀♀)


Time: 9:00

Female Orgasm: Yes

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion

Pam (Sasha Heart) and Jamie (Casey Calvert) have sex on Pam's bed after spending a day together.

The sex is reasonably natural, but it is not as passionate as we'd have expected it to be, given the story. Still, they do seem to enjoy having sex together, and there is plenty of genuine pleasure. Unfortunately, however, the scene is ruined for us by a straight replay of an entire sequence: where Pam is fingering and going down on Jamie. That sort of thing really makes it hard to suspend disbelief. It's too bad, because it is otherwise a very good scene.

The camera work is again very good.

Scene 3: August Ames and Lily Cade (♀♀)


Time: 20:00

Female Orgasm: Yes

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Strap On

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Sarah goes to a lesbian bar and meets Angela (August Ames) and Lily (Lily Cade), then goes home with them. But she gets nervous and leaves, and so Angela and Lily have to have sex by themselves. It's actually very sweet how Angela reacts to Sarah's uncertainty.

The sex in this scene is more passionate than in the first two, and a bit more vigorous as well. But the scene is ruined for us by straight replays of entire sequences: one where Angela is eating Lily and another where Lily is fucking her. It's too bad, because it might otherwise have been a very good scene.

It is especially puzzling why these sequences needed to be repeated, since the entire scene is much longer than it needs to be, especially given how inessential it is to the plot. It really interrupts the story, and at a somewhat inconvenient time. If it is an attempt to sneak some queer porn into what is otherwise a pretty straight movie, then we welcome that, but, as we said, it could have been half the length.

The camera work is again very good, though.

Scene 4: Casey Calvert and Scarlet Red (♀♀)


Time: 15:00

Features: Analingus

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Sarah confesses to Jamie that she is in love with her, and Jamie tells her that she has been in love with her forever. They celebrate by having sex in the bathtub.

The sex is every bit as passionate, even desperate, as one would expect it to be. Unfortunately, however, parts of this scene get replayed as well. It once again really distracted us from what was happening, and it seemed to be completely unnecessary, too.

We'll say it one more time, though: The camera work is excellent.

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