February 8, 2017

3 By Amarna, from Lust Cinema


Time: 24:39, Director: Amarna Miller, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: Erika Lust's Website

Cast: Amarna Miller (25yo), Mickey Mod, and Eris Maximo

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Lust Cinema


A collection of three short vignettes directed by Amarna Miller, who first made a name for herself in the movies of Erika Lust and has since become a very popular performer. This is her directorial debut.

The first video, which is by far the longest of the three, is a 'POV-style' blowjob scene. What makes it at least somewhat different from run-of-the-mill porn of this kind is that Miller, who also stars in this scene, is the one in control of the action. Her partner does grip her head at one time, briefly, but that is the only hint of dominance in the scene. And she does seem genuinely to enjoy herself, as she always does. Of course, this is not really the kind of thing for which we look to feminist porn. But if POV-style porn can be "done right", perhaps this is the way to do it.

The second video is very short and somewhat artsy, with the sex presented in a non-linear way. The last is a kinky masturbation scene, artsy in presentation, but sexy, too.

Overall, then, we very much enjoyed this collection. It's an interesting look at a very different side of Amarna Miller.

Scene 1: Blow Job Mania (Amarna Miller, ♀♂)


Time: 12:00

Cumshot: Mouth

Features: Blowjob

This is shot as a 'POV' scene, with Amarna on her knees in front of her partner, sucking his cock. As such, it is not the most obviously feminist of porn, but she does seem to enjoy herself, and we know from other videos in which she has appeared that her enjoyment is probably genuine.

The blowjob itself is not particularly rough, though there are a few moments of dominance, and she does make an attempt, at least, to deepthroat him. If there is one thing about the scene that is different from what one usually sees, it is that she takes him into her mouth when he cums, and swallows without the usual open-mouthed display.

Scene 2: Eclipse (Amarna Miller and Mickey Mod, ♀♂)


Time: 4:15

This is a very artsy sort of scene, presented in a non-linear way. It begins with them kissing in their underwear, but what follows is a sequence of short glimpes of their love-making, stitched together in a way that seems to have its own logic. It is an odd, but beautiful, mix of frenzied and romantic, with a real sense of care and tenderness.

There are elements of rough sex here, such as his choking her briefly at one time, and the collar she is wearing.

Scene 3: Pecata Mundi (Eris Maximo, ♀)


Time: 8:00

A very artsy masturbation scene. It's interesting, and somewhat reminiscent of the work that Paul Black has done for The Life Erotic.

Eris begins dressed in fetish gear, which she removes slowly, choking and scratching herself. Sitting on a short chair, she uses a blooped anal plug to fuck herself, and sucks on it while stroking her pussy lightly. She then sets the plug aside and masturbates with her hands, eventually getting onto the floor on her back.

There's a sort of fragmenting of the picture that occurs as Eris gets close to orgasm, something we took to be an attempt to convey something of the feeling of that state.

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