March 13, 2017

Lesbian Romance 3, from New Sensations Tales From the Heart


Time: 1:42, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2016

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: New Sensations Catalog, IAFD

Cast: Blair Williams (22yo), Lyra Louvel (24yo), Kasey Warner (21yo), Melissa Moore (20yo), Blake Eden (20yo), Yhivi, Charlotte O'Ryan (22yo), and Rachel Midori (23yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site


This, obviously, is the third movie in Jacky St James's "Lesbian Romance" series. Lke the others, it features lesbian sex in a romantic context. The second of these was terrific; the first was only all right. Unfortunately, this one is more like the first than the second.

There is one really terrific scene here, the first, with Blair Williams and Lyra Louvel. The story is sweet, and the sex is natural and passionate. They're really convincing as a couple, and we were dripping wet by the time it was over. The third scene, with Blake Eden and Yhivi, is also very good. It's first-time sex between roommates, and it is again passionate and convincing.

The second scene, though, with Kasey Warner and Melissa Moore, is merely all right. It's a sweet story, revolving around Melissa's desire to have children, but the sex isn't as passionate as it ought to be, and it feels a bit predicatable. And the last scene, with Charlotte O'Ryan and Rachel Midori, didn't do it for us at all. The sex just isn't very convincing.

As one might expect, though, the photography overall is excellent.

Scene 1: Blair Williams and Lyra Louvel (♀♀)


Time: 29:16 (Sex: 25:00)

Features: 69, Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Lyra is Blair's "beautiful hippie girlfriend". It's great, but Blair likes stability, and Lyra is a free spirit. The real challenge comes when Lyra decides she wants to leave everything behind and move to Europe. Lyra is worth it, she decides, and they celebrate by having sex.

The story lasts about four mintues, so there is about 25 minutes for sex. The sex itself is natural and passionate, and there is excellent communication between them. They are very convincing as a couple, and Lyra is wonderfully dominant.

The photography is very, very good. There are perhaps a few more close-ups than we would prefer, but they are balanced by wider shots, and they are not "medical" but just intimate. We also found the overhead shots—for example, when they are tribbing—to be unnatural enough to feel distracting. We also don't find the "point of view" shots all that appealing, though they are a nice change from the sort of thing one sees in straight porn.


They climb onto the bed together, and Lyra pleasures Blair's feet, which seems to tickle a bit. She then lies over her and kisses her, sucking her tits and making her way to Blair's pussy. She pushes Blair's legs back and licks her anus, then tounge-fucks her and fingers Blair to an orgasm.

They slow and kiss, and Lyra then climbs up to straddle Blair's face. She leans back and fingers Blair as she rides her tongue, and she has at least one orgasm, maybe more, and we think Blair might cum, too. Lyra then gets off Blair's face and lies over her in a 69. She climbs off Blair and finger-fucks her, telling her to cum for her, which she does. She then feeds Blair her fingers, telling her to taste her cum, then pushes Blair back onto the bed and fingers her until she cums again.

Lyra rolls Blair onto her stomach and licks her ass again, then gets astride her to trib, and they grind hard against one another.

Finally, Blair gets Lyra on her back and goes down on her. She adds a finger, then another, and Lyra cums hard as Blair licks and fucks her.

Scene 2: Kasey Warner and Melissa Moore (♀♀)


Time: 23:19 (Sex: 20:00)

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Kasey and Melissa have been living together for some time, and now Melissa has raised the possibility of their having children together. It throws Kasey for a loop, and she spends weeks thinking about it, which makes Melissa nervous. In the end...well, you figure it out.

The story lasts about three minutes, which leaves about 20 minutes for sex. It's a sweet story, and Melissa especially does a great job conveying her character's feelings for Kasey. But the sex does not feel nearly as passionate as it ought to be. Not that it feels programmed, just a bit predictable. Kasey seems to enjoy getting Melissa off, but she doesn't seem terribly aroused most of the time.

The photography is similar to that in the first scene.


They kiss on the bed, with Melissa in a bra and panties, and Kasey in sweat shorts and a crop top. Kasey lies over Melissa and takes off her bra, then sucks her tits. She sits up and takes off Melissa's panties, then kisses her legs on her way to her pussy. She eats Melissa to an orgasm, and then Melissa asks her to kiss her.

Kasey kneels up and takes off her top, and Melissa sits up and kisses her, then sucks her tits. She moves Kasey onto all fours and kisses her back, then takes off her shorts and kisses her ass, stroking and then licking Kasey's pussy from behind. Melissa maneuvers herself underneath Kasey so Kasey is straddling her face.

Kasey disengages, and they kiss a bit before Melissa straddles her face. Melissa leans back to finger Kasey's pussy, and then Kasey reaches around to rub Melissa's clit, which takes her over the edge.

Kasey then lies on her back, and Melissa goes down on her again. She puts a finger into her and rubs her clit with her thumb, then adds a second finger. After mucking about with a bit of this and a bit of that, she eventually focuses on eating Kasey, who does seem to get to orgasm.

Melissa then gets atop Kasey to trib. She grinds onto Kasey while sucking her foot, then leans over to kiss her.

Scene 3: Blake Eden and Yhivi (♀♀)


Time: 22:19 (Sex: 19:15)

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Yhivi is Blake's new roommate, and a comment Yhivi makes about how loud her girlfriend gets sparks Blake's imagination. "I needed to know what it was like to have a lover that made me loud", she says, and of course she finds out. But not without a cool twist.

The story lasts a little less than three minutes, so there is about 19 minutes for sex. And, wonderfully, the sex is every bit as passionate as one would expect it to be, and reasonably varied. They seem very into fucking each other.

There are times that the photography is a bit gonzo for our tastes. We often found ourselves just wishing the camera would do more observing and less panning. But it isn't bad, just a bit less good than the first two scenes.


Blake pushes Yhivi against a wall and, in moments, has her shorts off and is between her legs. Blake then stands up, and they kiss as Yhivi pulls Blake's dress off her shoulders and pushes it to the floor. She then moves Blake up against the wall, in the same place, and eats her, adding a finger.

Yhivi stands and kisses Blake hard, and they reach between each other's legs. They then move to the couch, where Yhivi lies over Blake and rubs her pussy while kissing her. Blake leans up to suck Yhivi's tits, then tells her, "My turn to make you scream".

Yhivi reclines on the couch, and Blake goes down on her. She then moves Yhivi onto all fours and licks her pussy from behind. They switch positions, and Yhivi fingers Blake again while leaning over her. She then goes down on Blake, rubbing her pussy and then fingering her again, leaning over to suck Blake's clit, all of which gets Blake off hard.

Yhivi goes up and kisses Blake, and they then move into a 69, with Blake on top. Yhivi then sits on the edge of the couch, behind Blake, and reaches around to finger her pussy. Blake may cum again. She then spins around and goes down on Yhivi, spreading her labia with her fingers. Yhivi cums loudly, and they kiss and cuddle.

Scene 4: Charlotte O'Ryan and Rachel Midori (♀♀)


Time: 25:40 (Sex: 21:00)

Features: Facial, Orgasm, Vibrator

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

Charlotte has decided to call off her engagement to Rachel, due to her "raging insecurities". But just as Charlotte is giving back her ring, they seem to realize what they are losing, and, well, you know how porn is. But you might not expect what happens at the end.

There is not a lot to the story, which lasts only about three and a half minutes. We thought a lot more could be done with it. We were also a bit disappointed how quickly they moved into genital sex. In a way, it makes sense, but it really didn't feel right.

Part of the reason is that the sex just isn't very convincing. They both make a lot more noise than is plausible, especially the one of them who happens to be pleasuring the other. The whole thing seems very overdone. There's some kind of technical glitch, too: The sound, when they are in the bathroom, sounds as if it is coming from far away.

It's possible we only feel this way because of the other shortcomings of this scene, but the photography did not seem to be as good as in the other scenes. There are a lot more closeups, and a lot more sudden movements of the camera.


They kiss, standing, and drop their shirts. Rachel leans over to suck Charlotte's tits. Rachel then sits on the edge of the bathtub, and Charlotte kneels down to eat her pussy. They switch positions, then make their way to the bedroom.

Charlotte lies on the bed, and Rachel grabs a g-spot vibrator. She puts it into Charlotte, then pulls it out and puts it on her clit. She puts it back into Charlotte, who starts masturbating. They flip over, and Charlotte grabs a different vibrator. She uses it on Rachel's tits, then licks her pussy and fingers her before putting the vibe on her clit. Rachel seems to get very close to orgasm, and Charlotte backs off, then fucks her with the vibe as they hold hands.

Rachel lies on the bed, and Charlotte straddles her face. She then gets off Rachel and rubs Rachel's pussy very briefly. Rachel then kisses Charlotte's legs and feet as Charlotte masturbates. They recline, side by sie, each pleasuring the other. After an obvious edit, Rachel seems to cum as Charlotte uses the vibrator on her clit. They switch roles, and then again, and Charlotte decides she wants to eat Rachel's pussy again.

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