July 9, 2018

Sibling Seductions, from Sweet Sinner


Time: 1:35, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2016

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: IAFD

Cast: Aidra Fox (21yo), Logan Pierce (25yo), Elsa Jean (20yo), Chad Alva (31yo), Cassidy Klein (25yo), Lucas Frost, Karla Kush (25yo), and Tyler Nixon (29yo)

Source: 1280×720 MP4 downloaded from the Mile High Media subscription site

Pleasure ✔--, Passion ✔-, Balance ✔+


This film is divided into two shorter stories, each comprised of two scenes, just as Mistress was.

The first, "The Virgin", finds Logan Pierce's girlfriend Elsa Jean unwilling to have sex with him, since she is a virgin—and his step-sister Aidra Fox is teasing the hell out of him, in a number of different ways. She offers to give him a hand if he ever needs it, and he eventually takes her up on it. Guilty, he starts losing interest in Elsa, which leads her to talk to her step-brother Chad Alva about it. He tells her that one day she'll just really want to do it with someone. And she says she does—with him.

The two sex scenes are both pretty good, but the sex in the first scene just doesn't fit the story at all. For one thing, it's just gratuitously rough in places, and Aidra really overplays her arousal. The second scene is much better, and they actually manage to play the 'virgin' story pretty well. The sex does end up seeming a bit more...adventurous, though, than really fits the story.

In the second, "The Manipulator", Karla has long been lusting after her step-brother Tyler, and is seriously sick of his girlfriend, Cassidy. She tells Karla how much she wants to have Tyler's children, and Karla warns him not to trust Cassidy's claims about being on the pill—which leads to its own crisis. And to Cassidy's fucking her newly minted step-brother, Lucas. Which gives Karla the opportunity to get what she wants.

Unfortunately, the two sex scenes here are both so bad that we couldn't even finish watching them. The first one is ruined by two very badly 'acted' orgasms, and both of them are marred by the sort of pornish moaning that gives moaning a bad name. The acting is really quite bad, too.

These two scenes are a great example of how male sexual values enter into porn. The women are presented as wanting nothing more than to be fucked "deep", etc, and to be driven absolutely crazy just by the presence of a cock in their pussies. Even if there were nothing else that was objectionable, that alone would promote an androcentric conception of sex.

Overall, then, a mixed bag: Watch it for the first story and give the second a miss.

Scene 1: Aidra Fox and Logan Pierce (♀♂)


Time: 17:00

Cumshot: Ass

Features: Deepthroat, Spanking

Pleasure ✔-, Passion ✔+, Balance ✔+

Aidra offered to give Logan a helping hand, and he eventually decides to take her up on the offer.

They make out passionately on the sofa, and she pulls out his cock and strokes him. He then tosses her onto the sofa and goes down on her. He stands up, and she sucks his cock, deep enough to gag. He then sits on the couch, and she gets astride him on her knees. She gets off him and sucks his cock again, then sits on his cock, reverse. They switch to spooning, and then she flips onto her back. He goes down on her again, then leans her over the back of the couch and enters her from behind. She asks him to slap her ass, and he pulls out and cums on it.

As cute as Aidra Fox may be—her dimples are adorable—she really overplays her arousal, which we find very distracting. Maybe she just is loud, but even then one might think she wouldn't highlight the fact, if you know what we mean. We really could do without the running commentary.

The sex, though reasonably passionate, struck us as completely unnatural, given the story. In particular, there are parts of it that are gratuitously rough without any context or negotation, and he seems a lot more 'experienced' than the story would indicate. There's also a bit of the 'position a minute' effect. And what's with their fucking in the living room, given the circumstances?

That said, the photography is very good, though there are some moments that are much less good.

Scene 2: Elsa Jean and Chad Alva (♀♂)


Time: 22:00

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Pussy

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm

Pleasure ✔+, Passion ✔+, Balance ✔+

Elsa loses her virginity to Chad, who initially resists, but not very well.

They make out on the couch, and he lies her back and goes down on her. He adds a couple fingers, and keeps at it until she cums. He carries her to a bed, lying her down and then kneeling over her as she asks him to be gentle. He enters her, not particularly gently, and they are soon fucking fairly hard. He then sits back on the couch, and she asks him to show her what to do, since it's her first time sucking cock (though she has 'studied' by watching porn). They decide she should get on top of him, and she does so. They switch to doggy style, then to spooning, then to missionary. He pulls out and cums on her pussy.

We might have expected there to be a bit more foreplay, but maybe they just needed to get to it. There is a great sense of connection between them, such as when he pauses to kiss her while eating her pussy. And they both stay in role well, especially her.

The sex is passionate and natural, though they might have played the 'virgin' story a bit more plausibly. Still, we confess to finding this particular fantasy pretty damn hot—and Elsa Jean is about as cute as women come. Still, the scene might have been a bit shorter. Skipping a position or two would not have lost anything of importance. Even for them, it starts to seem a bit like an endurance test.

The photography is excellent. Some of it, in fact, is outstanding. When she is sucking him, for example, the shot is almost always of his body and face. There are some great closeups of their faces, pressed together as they fuck, too. When they are doggy style, though, it regresses, and we lose sight of him for a fair bit.

Scene 3: Cassidy Klein and Lucas Frost (♀♂)


Time: 20:00

Female Orgasm: Faked (Badly), Cumshot: Hip

Features: Analingus, Deepthroat, Orgasm?

Pleasure ❌, Passion ✔-, Balance ✔+

Cassidy has sex with her step-brother Lucas.

They make out on the couch, and he pulls off her bottoms and goes down on her. He licks her anus as she rubs her clit, then lies next to her and fingers her—harder at first than she seems to want. The 'orgasm' that follows is, as a result, not very convincing. He reclines on the couch, and she sucks his cock. She flips onto her back again, and he kneels over her and enters her. She claims to cum again...and, at this point, about 12 minutes in, we became so disgusted with this scene that we stopped watching and started fast-forwarding. Most of what follows is spooning, and he eventually cums on her hip.

The sex is not terrible, but it just isn't nearly as passionate as one would expect from the story. They do a fairly good job of continuing the story into the sex, but the acting is not exactly great, and their lines become repetitive. The main problem, though, is that her two 'orgasms' seem pretty obviously faked, as we mentioned. It's one thing to 'act' orgasms. It's another thing to do so badly.

Scene 4: Karla Kush and Tyler Nixon (♀♂)


Time: 20:00

Cumshot: Stomach

Now Karla has sex with her step-brother, Tyler.

She pulls out his cock and starts sucking him, taking him deep enough to gag repeatedly, as seems to be the porn style these days. He then tosses her onto the couch and goes down on her after she promises it will just be their secret. He kneels over her and enters her, and then they flip over and she rides him. She gets off him and sucks his cock again, then rides him reverse...and then we gave up on this one, too. They fuck doggy style and then with her on her back, and he cums on her stomach.

They actually do a great job continuing the story into the sex, especially him, with a really great sequence just before he goes down on her. And the sex is very passionate, and reasonably natural, though she really, really overplays her arousal. "Thank you for that perfect fucking cock" just doesn't sound at all convincing, and that is hardly the worst of it.

That said, the photography in this sequence is very good, though she is still more the focus than he is.

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