January 8, 2014

Lesbian Confessions, from Sweetheart Video

Time: 1:55, Director: Nica Noelle, Date: 2010
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Samantha Ryan (32yo), Stephanie Swift, Holly Wellin (24yo), Emma Heart (22yo), Elexis Monroe (30yo), Mae Victoria (41yo), Lana Croft (25yo), and Emma Cummings (23yo)


The movie consists of four "confessions" from women of their lesbian encounters and fantasies.

The first scene is excellent, and the third is quite good. But, while the second and fourth scenes are not at all bad, they do seem to lack for passion a bit.

The confessions, though brief, really are an important part of the scenes. The stories are sexy and believable, and they are very well told. The women continue to play their roles even as they have sex, too, and the acting is actually pretty good. They seem able to get into it as a role play, just as if they were not on camera.

Sadly, this particular video seems only to be available at DVD resolution, and the downloads from the web are pretty grainy.

Scene 1: Samantha Ryan and Stephanie Swift

Time: 28:28
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Samantha, blonde at the time, has been curious about women, so she hires an "escort" while her husband is away. She tells us at the end that she has since left her husband for Stephanie.

The sex is very realistic and passionate, and both of them seem to enjoy it. They both cum, with Samantha cumming twice.

It's really terrific how the two of them get into the role play, and even when Ryan says she hasn't had sex with a woman before, which of course isn't close to true, it's fine, because it feels so much like a fantasy role play: She totally gets into that state of mind.

It's probably just me, but I just loved Stephanie's nipples, which are very long and sexy.


Samantha is wearing a pink baby doll and panties, and Stephanie is in a short black dress, stockings, and heels. They talk and flirt, then slowly start to kiss. Samantha says she has some fantasies she may never get to try otherwise, so asks Stephanie to lie on the bed with her. They take off their shoes, and Samantha lowers Stephanie's top and sucks on her tits. Samantha asks Stephanie to kiss her neck, which she does as she rubs her tits. They take off Stephanie's dress, leaving her in a pretty red and black set of lingerie, and a garter belt and fishnet stockings. Samantha lowers her bra and sucks her tits, and then Stephanie asks her what she wants. Samantha tells her she'd like her to suck her tits, and confesses she's not been with a woman before.

Samantha lies back on the bed so Stephanie can "make her feel good". She sucks her tits, then kisses her way to her pussy. She kisses her through her panties. Samantha takes off her panties, and Stephanie continues licking her. Samantha cums hard at about 16:55. They kiss, and Samantha asks Stephanie to lie on her back. She takes off her panties, then goes down on her. Samantha asks if she can put her fingers inside Stephanie, who of course says she can. She licks her at the same time, and Stephanie reaches down and rubs her clit. Samantha goes up and kisses her, and Stephanie cums at about 24:05. Samantha takes of her baby doll and rubs her pussy on Stephanie's leg. She cums again at about 25:40, and they kiss.

Scene 2: Holly Wellin and Emma Heart

Time: 22:26
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Emma's confession concerns her stepsister Holly, who would share a bed with her when she visited from England. After Holly thought Emma had fallen asleep, she'd masturbate. Emma had a habit of joining her, quietly, but one night....

It's a totally sexy premise, and they stay within the story as they have sex, which is great. But Emma's vocalizations are not that convincing. I expect they are probably real, that she just is that loud, but they are still a bit distracting.

And the sex isn't quite as passionate as it might be, either, though it is still pretty good, and very sexy. They both cum at least twice.


With the two of them in bed together, and Holly thinking Emma is asleep, she throws off the blankets and has her hand in her panties. Emma is watching her, though, as she strokes herself under the blankets. Holly asks her if she wants to wank, and if she is embarrassed, confessing how she and her sister used to masturbate together. Holly asks Emma if she has orgasms, and she says she doesn't know, so she says she will show her.

Holly lifts Emma's top and sucks her tits, then pulls off her pajamas and panties. She then gets between Emma's legs and eats her. She invites Emma to rub her own pussy, then takes off her pajamas and rubs her pussy as they watch each other. They both cum at about 9:35. Holly then goes down on Emma as she reaches back to rub her own pussy. Holly asks if Emma wants to "do" her, then goes up and kisses her as she grinds her pussy on her thigh. They start tribbing, with Holly kneeling over Emma, then between her legs, and one or both of them cum at about 16:45.

They kiss, and Holly rolls onto her back. Emma licks her a bit and rubs her pussy. Holly cums again at about 21:10.

Scene 3: Elexis Monroe and Mae Victoria

Time: 30:37
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Mae explains how she started her own company, etc, and was getting turned on by her employees. So she decided to try sleeping with a subordinate.

There's a lot of "dirty" talk from Mae, and it would be a bit much, anyway, but it definitely does not fit the scene very well. Still the two of them seem to have a pretty good time, and they have three or four orgasms each. But the dirty talk really was distracting, and sexual harassment isn't the best premise, either. Yes, of course, it's a fantasy. It's just not one that seems very hot to me.


Mae is Elexis's boss, and they start making out in Mae's office, then head to a break room. They sit on the couch and kiss, and Mae undoes Elexis's shirt and puts her hand on her tits. Elexis seems a bit reluctant—it is her boss—and keeps covering up her tits and such. But both of them eventually take off their shirts, and Mae puts her hand under Elexis's skirt and rubs her pussy, then unzips it from behind. Elexis kisses Mae's stomach and thighs, and Mae unzips and lifts her skirt. Elexis licks Mae's pussy through her panties, then pulls them aside. Elexis puts a couple fingers into Mae as she rubs her clit, and they pause to take off her panties. Mae cums at about 11:55.

They both get naked, and Elexis lies on a blanket on the floor so Mae can eat her pussy. She puts a couple fingers into her as well, and Elexis cums at about 15:35, then asks Mae to kiss her. They sit up together, with Elexis on Mae's lap, and Mae sucks her tits. Mae lies back on the blanket and rubs her clit again as Elexis sucks her tits and rides her thigh. Elexis gets off Mae and puts two fingers into her pussy as Mae masturbates, then leans over and licks her clit as she fingers her. Mae goes back to masturbating and cums at about 19:50. Elexis then straddles Mae's face, masturbating as Mae fingers her. Elexis cums again at about 22:30, then sort of collapses back, saying she's sorry. They start tribbing, with Elexis stradding Mae's thigh. Elexis cums really hard at about 24:50. Mae then straddles Elexis's face, masturbating as Elexis licks her labia, and Mae cums again at about 28:40. They kiss a bit to finish.

Scene 4: Lana Croft and Emma Cummings

Time: 34:03
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, I'm Gonna Cum, Multiple Female Orgasms, Mutual Masturbation, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Lana is an exchange student visiting at Emma's house. They have a talk in Emma's room during which Lana talks about being abused by men on the streets and says she is no longer interested in men. This leads, obviously enough, to sex.

The two of them do quite a good job acting this scene, with Emma being a bit reserved and shy even once they start making out. But somehow it never really seems to take off. They seem to struggle a bit to make things work, though it does click at times. I'm also not entirely sure that all the orgasms Emma claims to have are real, though some of them definitely are. Lana cums a couple times, as well.


Lana starts flirting with Emma, then leans over and kisses her, tentatively, then kisses her again. They start kissing more seriously, and their hands start wandering. Lana kisses Emma's chest, then lowers her shirt and sucks her tits. Emma then pulls Lana's top down and sucks her tits a bit, and they go back and forth a few times. Lana then lies Emma back on the bed and kisses her thighs, then takes off her bottoms and goes down on her. Emma announces an orgasm at about 14:25.

They kiss again, and Emma sucks Lana's tits as she kneels on the bed. Lana takes off her shorts and reclines, sucking Emma's tits as Emma rubs her pussy. Emma then eats her, sucking on her clit, then rubbing her pussy again as she sucks her tits and kisses her. She goes back to eating her, then rubs her hard, and Lana cums at about 21:40. Lana then pulls her legs back, and Emma grinds against her, then straddles her leg. They switch positions, so Lana is on top, straddling Emma and grinding against her. Emma cums again at about 26:00. Lana then kneels up, and they masturbate each other, with Emma giggling. Lana then leans over and eats Emma again, reaching back to rub her own clit a bit as well. They pause to kiss, and Lana sucks Emma's tits. They then lie on their sides and masturbate together, kissing. Emma cums yet again at 31:15, and Lana cums just after her.