January 6, 2014

Paint, from Girlfriends Films

Time: 2:41, Director: B Skow, Date: 2013
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Cast: Dana DeArmond (34yo), Veruca James, Chastity Lynn (26yo), Ryan Driller (31yo), Leilani Leeanne (21yo), Lea Lexus (25yo), and Alec Knight (41yo)


Jenn (Dana DeArmond) is an eccentric artist, and LeeLee (Chastity Lynn) is her new assistant, who walks in on her and starts masturbating as she watches her paint naked. Jenn shows her around the place and confesses how into her she is. We learn that LeeLee's mother is not supportive of her artistic endeavors, just before Jenn and her 'friend' Gretchen (Veruca James) have sex, in LeeLee's hearing. She gets up and shares breakfast with Jenn, and they have a flirty conversation which leads to LeeLee's eating Jenn's pussy under the table.

Their relationship develops, and we see them have sex in a variety of situations. Jenn then has to go out to some promotional thing and comes home with her promoter, Dominic (Alec Knight), and a famous actor, Jake Malloy (Ryan Driller), who is the nephew of a famous painter. LeeLee ends up starting a relationship with Jake, but she finds out, in the end, that his interest in her has less to do with her art than she supposed. In the end, LeeLee realizes her love for Jenn, and they get back together.

Overall, this is an excellent film, and it fully deserved its nomination for Best Romance Release at the AVN awards. The photography is fantastic. In the one heterosexual scene worth watching, we do not really lose sight the male performer at all. Skow does a great job moving between closeups and wider shots.

The portrayal of sexual tension and desire at the beginning is amazing. And the first and last sex scenes are incredible. The sex here is slightly on the nasty side in places, especially between the women, but it's obviously what they want to do and something they enjoy. The only disappointment is the fourth scene, which is completely pornish. There's a point to it, but it is much longer than it needs to be to make that point.

Scene 1: Dana DeArmond and Veruca James

Time: 28:00
Features: Analingus, Orgasm, Rough Sex, Strap On
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Jenn (Dana DeArmond) and her friend Gretchen (Veruca James) have insanely hot, creative, athletic, and occasionally rough sex. It's some of the best sex I have ever seen on video, in fact, and it is wonderfully shot. Both the women cum near the end of the scene, and I expect they both cum earlier as well.


Jenn undoes Gretchen's top and rubs her tits, then unbuttons her pants and takes off her shoes, licking her feet and playing with her pussy. She rolls Gretchen onto her knees and pulls down her jeans, licking her ass and then her pussy as she pulls her panties into her crotch. Jenn takes off her shirt, then pulls off Gretchen's jeans and jumps on top of her, pushing her tits into Gretchen's mouth as she rubs her pussy with her foot. They kiss, then roll over, and thrust at each other. Gretchen licks Jenn's pussy through her panties, then Jenn pulls them down so she can lick her properly, including her anus. Gretchen puts a finger into Jenn, then slaps her ass a couple times, hard enough to leave handprints, then sucks her foot as Jenn puts four fingers in her pussy. Gretchen removes her panties and squats over Jenn's face, but they fall over, and Jenn stuffs her feet into Gretchen's mouth as she licks her pussy, then puts her feet on her tits. Jenn then gets up on all fours, then, and Gretchen licks her from behind and underneath.

Jenn asks Gretchen if she wants a special treat, and Gretchen lies back on the bed masturbating as Jenn puts on a strap-on. She teases her, wanking her "cock", as Gretchen fucks herself. Jenn kisses her feet and legs, then licks her pussy. She pulls her to her, rubs her cock over her vulva, then slowly feeds her cock into her, fucking her slowly then faster. Jenn rolls onto her back, pulling Gretchen with her, slapping her ass a couple times. Gretchen rides her hard, and Jenn slaps her tits several times. Gretchen reaches back and fingers Jenn's pussy and ass, and Jenn cums at about 34:45. Gretchen then leans back on her hands, and Jenn strokes her labia as they fuck, and Gretchen cums at about 37:40. Jenn then tosses her onto her back, and they kiss.

Scene 2: Dana DeArmond and Chastity Lynn

Time: 5:00
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Footjob, Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

This short scene features the first sexual interaction between Jenn (Dana DeArmond) and LeeLee (Chastity Lynn). Despite how short it is, though, it is hot, and it is very nicely shot. The set-up is really good, and the sex itself is pretty convincing. Jenn cums hard at the end, as LeeLee eats her.


LeeLee crawls under the table and starts licking Jenn's pussy through her shorts, then pulls them aside and fingers her and licks her. She pulls off the shorts, then sucks Jenn's clit and puts two fingers into her, then rubs her clit hard. Jenn starts rubbing her clit, then cums at about 50:55.

Scene 3: Chastity Lynn and Ryan Driller

Time: 27:00
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

A bit jealous of Jenn's friend, LeeLee (Chastity Lynn) decides to have sex with Jake (Ryan Driller), in part because she thinks he can help advance her career. It's a very sexy, hot, and passionate scene, with quite good communcation between them, and LeeLee has four or five orgasms.

There are a few too many shots from behind her when she is on top, but the gender balance is generally terrific, and we never lose sight of him completely. But I did have the sense that maybe this scene could have been slightly shorter. It drags a bit in the middle. But overall it is still excellent.


Jake carries LeeLee to the bed, and they kiss as he lies over her. He runs his hands under her shirt, then pulls it down and sucks her tits. They kneel up, and he removes her shirt, and she his, as she rubs his cock through his pants. She unzips him and sucks his cock, with him fucking her mouth as she lies prone on the bed. She kneels up, and they kiss again as he takes off her shorts, and then she sucks him again. They both get naked, and he leans over her and rubs her pussy as he kisses her, then fingers her. They roll over, and he pulls her on top of him, and she gets over him on her knees. He thrusts hard up into her, and then she grinds onto him. She seems to cum at about 1:15:35 and maybe again at about 1:17:00 and 1:18:20, though some of those may be just minigasms.

She turns around, squatting and leaning back on her hands, reaching down to rub her clit as he thrusts into her. He then rubs her clit, and she may cum again at about 1:22:00. He then turns her onto her back and eats her, adding two fingers after a bit. She cums hard at about 1:24:00, and he then gets behind her, spooning, as she reaches down to rub her clit again. He then kneels up in front of her, and they fuck hard and fast. She rubs her clit again, and he cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: Leilani Leeanne, Lea Lexus, and Alec Knight

Time: 24:00
Features: Anal, Analingus, Ass to Mouth, Cum in Mouth, Rough Sex

Dominic (Alec Knight) is the agent with whom Jake has put LeeLee in touch, and in this scene he is having utterly meaningless sex with Zoey (Leilani Leeanne) and Franny (Lea Lexus).

The sex is totally pornish. There is a purpose to it, though. Toward the end, we see LeeLee and Jake sharing pasta on a nearby couch as they watch Dominic fuck the two women. Jake has told LeeLee that she needs to please Dominic. So, at the very end, she gets on her back, Dominic cums in her mouth, and she spits it onto the floor immediately, as if she didn't care. We later find out that Zoey and Franny are exhibiting at an art show that Jake has arranged for LeeLee, so the nature of her relationship with him finally becomes clear to LeeLee herself.

That said, there is simply no reason that 24 minutes had to be devoted to making that point. Especially by contrast with the rest of the movie, the scene itself is just not very sexy.

Scene 5: Dana DeArmond and Chastity Lynn

Time: 22:00
Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Footjob, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Following the dissolution of her relationship with Jake, LeeLee (Chastity Lynn) goes back to Jenn (Dana DeArmond), and they have sex. It's an amazing scene, passionate and realistic, and both of the women seem to have a great time, with both of them cumming at least twice. Chastity cums so hard the second time that she cries.


They kiss, softly, on a couch, then more desperately. They such each other's tits, and LeeLee presses her stomach against Jenn's crotch. Jenn takes off LeeLee's top, then rubs her pussy through her pants, pulling them down and rubbing her clit. She takes off LeeLee's pants, then lowers her own dress, and LeeLee grabs her ass and pulls her onto her on the couch where they thrust against each other. Jenn stands up and reaches down to rub LeeLee's pussy, then gets between her legs and eats her while masturbating. She fingers LeeLee while kissing her, and LeeLee puts her foot between Jenn's legs. Jenn then squats over LeeLee's face, and Jenn thrusts onto her tongue as LeeLee fingers herself. Jenn rolls onto her back, and LeeLee keeps eating her. She puts two, then three, fingers into her as Jenn rubs her clit, then leans over and sucks her clit. Jenn cums at about 2:30:30, then leans over and massages LeeLee's anus. Jenn rolls onto her stomach, and LeeLee licks her asshole. She fingers her from behind, then "fucks" her from behind. Jenn then lies on the floor, and LeeLee rides her thigh, cumming at about 2:34:30, so intensely that she cries, and she cums again not much later. Jenn rolls her onto her back and sucks her tits, then kisses her, then rubs and fingers her to another orgasm at about 2:37:10.