January 14, 2015

I Love My Hot Wife, from Tales From the Edge

Time: 1:58, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2014
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Ava Dalush (25yo), Logan Pierce (23yo), James Deen (28yo), Siri (26yo), Chad White (26yo), Michael Vegas, Romi Rain (26yo), Otto Bauer (39yo), Toni Ribas (39yo), Sovereign Syre (28yo), Richie Calhoun, and Xander Corvus (26yo)


This is a collection of four vignettes exploring the "hot wife" theme: married women having sex with other men.

The first and last scene are terrific. In the first, Ava Dalush has sex with James Deen while her husband, Logan Pierce, watches and occasionally touches or kisses her. Dalush and Pierce are completely convincing as first-timers, and the emotional connection between them, even as she is fucking Deen, is quite amazing. Something similar is true of the last scene, in which Sovereign Syre has sex with long-time friend Xander Corvus while her husband Richie Calhoun watches and masturbates. Syre and Calhoun are old-timers, but the interaction between them is again the most interesting aspect of the scene, and the sex is very hot.

That first scene won the award for Best Scene in a Vignette Release at the 2015 XBiz Awards.

The other two scenes are merely good. There is a lot sexy about both of them, but neither Siri nor Romi Rain ever seems near orgasm. But the main problem with all of these scenes is that the camera work is inconsistent. There are some fantastic shots throughout, but we tend to lose the men once the fucking starts.

There is a little sequence at the end of the movie during which we rejoin and check-in on the various couples. It is a nice touch that wraps up the movie in a very satisfying way.

Scene 1: Uncharted Territory (Ava Dalush, Logan Pierce, and James Deen)

Time: 30:39
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Mouth Fucking, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Logan confesses to Ava that he has been fantasizing about watching her have sex with another man. She is a bit shocked, but says she would consider it. We see them talking about it, then deciding to hire someone. It's a sexy story that highlights the connection between them, and it is carried right into the scene, as she continues to look at Logan while having sex with James.

The story last about five minutes, which leaves around 25 minutes for sex.

The sex is quite passionate, with very good chemisry between Dalush and Deen. It really is amazing how well they act their parts. Ava and Logan are completely convincing as a first-time couple, and the way she continues to look at him, then later interact with him, is wonderful. It's unusual, to say the least, to see such emotional intensity in porn, especially between two people who aren't actually having sex.

The camera work is in many ways fantastic, with a great mix of shots, including one amazing one of Logan watching them, and some really interesting shots that are basically from his point of view as he watches. But there are more "medical" shots than we would prefer, and she is very much the focus once they start fucking. We do not see a lot of James Deen—though, to be fair, this is about Ava and Logan, not about him.


Ava sits on the couch with James, who starts kissing her and rubbing her tits through her shirt. He unbuttons her blouse and removes it, then kisses her face and chest while she looks at Logan, who is sitting on a chair. James pulls off her bra and pulls her up to him, kissing her and then sucking her tits. He sits her back on the couch and pulls off her panties, then spreads her legs and goes down on her. She cums at about 9:15. He continues to eat her as she looks over at Logan, and she cums a second time.

James pulls her up with him, then sits on the arm of the couch, and she sucks him, smiling and looking over, again, at her husband. James kneels up on the couch, holds her head, and fucks her mouth a bit. James then sits on the couch, and she asks Logan, "Do you want to see me get fucked?" She then gets atop James on her knees and rides his cock.

He flips them over so she is on her back, and she reaches down and rubs her clit. Logan gets up and stands by the edge of the couch so he can see better, and she rubs her clit again as she reaches over to hold his hand. James pulls them both over nearer to where Logan is, and he puts his hand on her face. Ava then asks Logan to touch her, and he strokes her tits and face as she reaches over to him.

James rolls her over onto her knees and starts fucking her from behind as Logan leans down and kisses her. She reaches back and rubs her clit, then leans up to kiss Logan. James then picks her up and sits on the couch, so that she is atop him, reverse. She reaches down and rubs her clit again, and he turns them so Logan has a better view, and so she can look at him.

Ava then sits on the floor in front of James and sucks him, and he then cums on her tits as she looks at Logan.

Scene 2: Story Telling (Siri, Chad White, and Michael Vegas)

Time: 30:19
Features: Facial, Tit Fuck
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

Michael and Siri are having a bath together, and she is telling him about having sex with Chad at the very end of an open house she was hosting. Her story about the seduction lasts about three and a half minutes, and there is about two minutes at the end where the exchange between Siri and Michael continues, in a very sexy way. So the sex lasts about 25 minutes.

It's more a romantic intro then a sexy one, but it is very romantic. There is something great about how her sexual pleasure is prioritized here. And the discussion they have at the end is sexy and hot, too.

There is pretty good chemistry between Siri and Chad, but many of the sequences seem to go on too long, as if they could have been edited a bit. She seems to enjoy herself, too, and to get fairly aroused, but she doesn't cum, as far as we can tell.

The camera work is interesting overall. It's shot in a very "Blair Witch" style, almost as an amateur piece, with one camera (though there are in fact others). There is great movement within that paradigm, and a good mix of shots otherwise, as well. There are some fairly pornish shots, as well, though. Some of those have the same amateurish feel, but many of them just seem pornish. And we do tend to lose him once they start fucking, especially when they are doggy style.


He kisses her across a table, with "animalistic passion", and they move to a couch, where he undoes her shirt, which she takes off, and she then undoes his pants. She leans over and sucks his cock as she takes her tits out of her bra. He reaches over and unsnaps her bra, then takes off his shirt as she moves to her knees and keeps sucking him.

She stands up and turns around, and he lowers her panties and kisses her ass. She then gets astride him as he sits on the couch and rides his cock as he sucks her big tits. She gets off him and sucks him again, and then he pushes her against a wall and enters her, standing. She turns around somewhat suddenly, so they are doggy style, standing.

They disengage, and she turns around and puts him between her tits, tit-fucking him, then sucking him.

They make their way to a bed, and he lies on it as she gets atop him, reverse and squatting. She reaches down to rub her clit and seems as if she might cum but doesn't. She gets off him and sucks him again, and then tit-fucks him again. He tosses her onto her back and kneels up in front of her, fucking her hard as she gazes at him and talks dirty to him. They switch to spooning, and he reaches over and rubs her clit, then she does. He reaches around and chokes her briefly, then kneels up between her legs and re-enters her. He pulls out and cums on her tits and face.

Scene 3: Hide and Peck (Romi Rain, Otto Bauer, and Toni Ribas)

Time: 32:26
Features: 69, Deepthroat, Mouth Fucking, Rough Sex
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Otto and Romi have invited another guy over to have sex with her while he watches. She asks Otto if he has any special requests, and he says, among other things, that he wants her lover to cum on her pussy and for her then to put her panties back on so his cum will be on her pussy the rest of the day.

It's a really sexy story, though it is fairly implausible the way he hides behind the bookcase. Still, the way she continues the story into the sex is excellent, and she has some help from him.

Allowing for the story at the beginning, and a little bit at the end, there is about 28 minutes for sex. That is a fairly long scene, and, though there is good chemistry between them, it is not that good.

What elements of roughness there are here are believable, though. There isn't anything by way of explicit negotiation, but she originates it, and it is clear that she wants it. But we'd have expected, given the story, that she would be a lot more aroused than she ever gets.

There are some great shots here, as well as some amazing shots from his point of view. But there really aren't enough of these, and she is much too much the focus, especially once they start fucking.


She tells Toni she needs him to eat her ass, so she leans over a desk and lifts her skirt, and he kneels behind her. She tells her husband how good it feels, as they had agreed.

Toni stands up behind her as if to fuck her, but then she turns around and sucks him. She asks to be "treated like a good little whore", and he fucks her face enough that she gags. She puts him between her tits and tit-fucks him, then sucks him again.

She leans back over the desk, and he eats her pussy from behind, asking him to slap her ass. He stands up and fucks her from behind, as she challenges him to fuck her better than her husband does. He then sits on the desk, and she sucks his cock again, deepthroating him a few times.

She gets astride him on her knees, then squats over him and bounces on his cock, then leans over to kiss him while he thrusts into her. She gets off him and moves into a 69, over him. She then straddles him, reverse, and rubs her clit. She then lies on the desk and he stands in front of her as she rubs her clit. He pulls out and cums on her pussy.

She then puts her panties back on, as arranged.

Scene 4: Friends and Lovers (Sovereign Syre, Richie Calhoun, and Xander Corvus)

Time: 24:22
Features: Deepthroat, Multiple Female Orgasms, Penis Masturbation, Tit Fuck
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Richie and Sovereign have invited their long-time friend Xander to have sex with her. They explain things to him while Richie undresses her. It's a short intro, but an effective one.

There is good chemistry between them, and the way Richie and Sovereign continue to interact while she fucks Xander is excellent. We are pretty sure she cums at least a few times, as she has an intense sex flush. Surprisingly, Richie does not cum.

The camera work is again terrific, with a nice mix of shots, including some great ones of Richie watching them. There are a few more "medical" shots than we would prefer, but they make a certain sort of weird sense here.

Our only complaint is that the scene ends a bit abruptly, seconds after Xander cums.


Sovereign, now down to lingerie and heels, leans over on the bed and kisses Xander as Richie sits in a chair and watches, telling him to relax as he starts playing with his cock through his pants. She lies on the bed, and Xander goes down on her as she looks over at Richie. They switch positions, and she undoes Xander's pants, pulls them down, and sucks him. "Do you like to watch me suck his cock?" she asks, then licks his balls while she strokes him. Richie takes out his cock and starts masturbating slowly as Sovereign takes Xander deep into her mouth. She then puts him between her tits and gives him a bit of a titjob.

She kneels up and takes off her shirt, then gets astride Xander on her knees, looking directly at Richie as she puts him into her and starts riding him. Richie walks over and kisses her, then takes off his shirt and gets her to start stroking his cock. She gets off Xander and starts sucking him again, then unbuttons his shirt and kisses his chest. She deepthroats him again, then gets back atop him, but reverse. Xander reaches around and rubs her clit, and then she does. Richie reaches over and squeezes her tits as he continues masturbating.

She gets off Xander and sucks him again, deepthroating him and rubbing his cock all over her face. She then gets on all fours, and Xander fucks her from behind as Richie kisses her and she rubs his cock. Richie then sits on the bed in front of her and she sucks him, and he then sits up and holds her. She sucks him again, then rubs his cock. They switch to spooning, and she reaches down and rubs her clit, cumming at about 22:35.

Xander gets up behind her, and Richie masturbates near her face. Xander pulls out and cums on her pussy as she looks at Richie, who has now sat down in the chair.

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