April 19, 2015

Liberté Sexuelle, from Ovidie and Lust Cinema

Time: 1:25, Director: Ovidie, Date: 2012
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Sharon Lee (24yo), Liza Del Sierra (27yo), Others, Titof (39yo), Phil Holliday (36yo), Rick Angel, and Francesco Malcolm (41yo)


Léonie (Ovidie) is a TV producer whose speciality is reality-based segments revolving around sex and love. Her current project involves interviewing and filming the members of a free-love commune who live together in a large house in the countryside. At first, she is profoundly skeptical of their "experiment", and she spends a good deal of time questioning them about how they can be so accepting of their own partners having sex with others. Her cynicism reaches a truly sad pinnacle, however, when she starts to hope one of them will become sick with an STD, so as to provide some dramatic content. In the end, the drama revolves instead around a different consequence of sex, and Léonie's experience leads her to question both her own sexuality and her line of work.

This is one of those movies that presumably must count as porn, due to the explicit sex scenes, but it is hard to know if it really is porn. (Not, in a way, that it matters.) Wikipedia defines pornography as "the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal", and it is not clear that arousal is the purpose of the sexual subject matter here. Liberte Sexuelle is just a movie whose subject matter happens to be sexual. And unlike most directors, Ovidie is not afraid to portray sexuality with in all its wonderful, joyous, and messy reality.

It's a very good movie, too. Ovidie has described it as a "comedy of manners", and there are some very funny sequences. The story overall is engaging, as well, and it is beautifully and creatively shot. Given that we do not speak French, there are aspects of the acting that we cannot comment upon, but the physical side of the acting is very good. So, overall, we completely enjoyed watching this movie, and would be happy to watch it again.

There are other sex scenes in the movie than the ones listed below. There is a lot of sex that is totally integrated into the movie, so that other things are happening at the same time, and the focus isn't really on the sex. So we have listed only the scenes that last some significant amount of time and where the sexual encounter is the primary focus of the scene.

Note that this movie is in French. The review is based upon an MP4 with English subtitles (1920×1080) downloaded from Lust Cinema.

Ovidie won the 2014 Feminist Porn Award for Best Direction for this movie.

Scene 1: Sharon Lee, Liza Del Sierra, and Others

Time: 2:30
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms, Vibrator

The four women at the commune have an orgasm competition to see who can cum the fastest and the most. This involves the use of a Hitachi-style vibrator and a smaller wand, and toward the end the women start to help each other with fingers.

Scene 2: Titof, Phil Holliday, and Others

Time: 6:30
Features: Cum in Mouth, Orgasm, Penis Masturbation
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Estelle makes love with her boyfriend, Garcin, and their friend at the commune, Yves. The sex is natural, playful, and convincing, and the photography is fantastic.


Estelle undoes Yves's pants and sucks his cock. Garcin takes off her shirt from behind, and she then undoes his pants and sucks him. Yves takes off his pants and strokes his cock, and she then lies between then and strokes both their cocks as Yves reaches over and rubs her pussy. She leans over and sucks Garcin again, then sits back up.

She rolls onto her side, and Garcin enters her, spooning, as she kisses Yves and strokes his dick. She then gets astride Garcin on her knees and rides him as Yves jerks himself. She cums at about 21:40. She gets off Garcin and blows Yves, then turns back and sucks Garcin until he cums in her mouth, too.

Scene 3: Liza Del Sierra, Sharon Lee, Phil Holliday, Titof, Rick Angel, Francesco Malcolm, and Others

Time: 7:30
Features: Blowjob, Female Ejaculation, Orgasm, Tit Fuck
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

The eight friends play a game of Twister, which leads to their having group sex. There's more fucking and sucking than it's possible to keep track of, and the sex is once again extremely natural and playful. Two of the women have squirting orgasms, and the men cum on their tits and asses.

The camera work is again terrific.

Scene 4: Liza Del Sierra and Phil Holliday

Time: 4:30
Features: Anal, Footjob, Tit Fuck
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Olga (Liza del Sierra) has sex with Yves. The sex is again very natural and playful, and they both seem to have a terrific time. The photography is also excellent, once again.


As the scene opens, they are fucking doggy-style. She disengages and flips him onto his back so she can suck him, then lies between his legs and puts his cock between her tits so he can thrust between them. She gets onto all fours and he fingers her ass while she masturbates, and she cums at about 57:00. He then turns onto his back again, and she gives him a footjob until he cums.

Scene 5: Liza Del Sierra, Sharon Lee, Phil Holliday, and Others

Time: 7:00
Features: Anal
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Olga borrows a camera and starts to make her own doucmentary. This involves her wandering around the house and having sex with various of her freinds. The sex is completely casual, and the photography is perfect for the scene: It's entirely shot with Olga's camera, held either by her or by one of the people she is having sex with.


Olga wakes up Suzy (Sharon Lee) for "cuddles" and cunnilingus, Yves then appears, so he joins them, first fucking Olga as she rides him reverse, then spooning with Suzy as Olga films them and masturbates. Suzy then leans across his stomach, and Yves masturbates until he cums on her tits.

Olga then wakes up one of the other guys, blows him a little bit, and then lowers her ass onto his cock while he holds the camera. She falls back onto the bed, masturbating as he fucks her, then rolls onto her stomach, and he cums on her ass.

Olga wakes up yet another of the guys and gets him to lick her pussy. She then blows him until he cums on her tits.

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