August 23, 2015

How To Train a Hotwife

Time: 1:51, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2015
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Veruca James, Mick Blue (39yo), Keira Nicole, Erik Everhard (39yo), India Summer (40yo), Jon Jon (34yo), Jade Nile (23yo), and Toni Ribas (40yo)
Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site


Like Almost Relatives, this is a movie, rather than a collection of vignettes. Also like Almost Relatives, though, not much time is spent on the story: only a little bit more then 20 minutes. So it ends up feeling like a series of connected vignettes. Even so, we thought the story was very important to each of the sex scenes.

So, the story....

Carl (Richie Calhoun) and Julia (Jade Nile) have been married for three years, and over time they have become more honest and open. He, in fact, has decided that he would like her to have sex with another guy. So she discusses it with her friend Carol (Veruca James), who tells her that she has been "hotwifing" for a while, and tells her the story of the first time she did it with her friend Mick (Blue). So Julia asks Carl to blindfold her while they have sex, so she can see if she can at least get into the fantasy, which she rather successfully does.

Carl sets up a meeting with his friend Erik (Everhard), who works as an escort and has been hired as a "bull" by several couples. He tells Carl about a couple he was with the previous week: how nervous they were, and how he helped them to have a successful first experience.

Carl shares the story with Julia, and they decide to take it one step further, by having her go out to a bar by herself, taking off her wedding ring and flirting. She happens to see a couple who may or may not be hooking up with another man, and she indulges in a fantasy that has the woman having sex with the guy in the bar.

Julia then decides she wants to go through with it, saying it makes her feel alive. So she goes off by herself to meet her friend Roberto (Toni Ribas), having sex with him while Carl listens on the phone and talks to her.

So it's actually a pretty good story, one that gets, at least a bit, into the emotional aspects of this kind of thing. And, despite the fact that it's Carl's fantasy for Julia to have sex with another man, female sexual agency is really at the center of the story.

The sex scenes are a bit mixed, though. The second and fourth are both really good. We greatly appreciated how all the performers stayed in their roles in these scenes, since the psychological and emotional aspects of the scenes are so important to what make them hot. The first scene was quite good, too, but the third was a bit disappointing. There was very little sense of connection between India Summer and Jon Jon, and he really seemed to be objectified. (That might seem to be unusual, but in fact it's not unusual in so-called 'inter-racial' scenes.)

The camera work throughout was also not terribly good. We see a fair bit of the husbands. But we see more of them than we see of the guys the women are fucking, who are too often out of frame. There are also too many genital closeups, and there are too many 'pornish' shots, such as from right between the woman's legs, with her body filling the rest of the frame. These are the kinds of shots that just have us waiting for something to change.

Overall, then, there are a lot of good things about this movie, and it had us dripping wet through much of it, mostly because of the story. So we'll recommend it, especially for people for whom have the "hotwife" fantasy. Be warned, though, that there is a strong "male gaze" to a lot of the photography.

Scene 1: Veruca James and Mick Blue (⚤)

Time: 22:00
Features: Analingus, Orgasm?
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

The story of the first time Carol had sex with another guy. Her husband, Michael (Vegas), is there the whole time with her. They have chosen their friend Mick (Blue) to be her first. She starts flirting with him, then convinces him to have sex with her.

It's a really hot story, especially the way Carol expresses her anticipation and excitement. There is very good chemistry between them, too, though we would have liked a bit more of a sense that these are two friends having sex for the first time. And, though the sex has its moments, we had the sense that the scene went on just a bit too long. There just isn't enough variation in the latter half of the scene. The end is also a bit disappointing: He cums on her tits all of a sudden, out of nowhere, with no real preparation.

The camera work is a bit mixed. As in other of the 'hotwife' movies, we see a lot of Michael, and the relationship between him and Carol is as much a focus of the scene as is the sex between Carol and Mick. And there are some really terrific shots here. But we really do not see as much of Mick as we would have liked, and there are a few too many genital closeups and generally pornish shots.


She kisses him, standing, and they start running their hands over each other's bodies. She lies him on the pool table, undoes his pants, and sucks his cock. She gets on the table with him and undresses him, and he then reaches over and unbuttons her jeans, then takes them off.

He pulls her to the edge of the table and takes off her panties, then goes down on her—as Michael stands behind her and occasionally strokes her back. She hops off the table and sucks him again. She then turns around and leans over the table, and he enters her from behind. He reaches under her and rubs her clit, and Michael reaches across the table and strokes her hair. She then reaches out and holds his hand before falling onto the table. He pulls out of her, gets behind her and licks her ass and pussy, then stands back up and re-enters her.

They disengage, and she turns around and kisses him. He then lies onto the table, and she gets astride him on her knees. She kneels up and rides him hard, then squats over him. She seems to cum at about 17:40, and they keep at it. He slaps her ass a few times, enough to make it a little red. She then gets off him and sucks him again, then climbs back aboard. They switch to spooning, and Mick reaches around and rubs her clit while Michael reaches over and squeezes her nipples.

Mick pulls Carol to the edge of the table and eats her pussy again, then stands up and re-enters her. He pulls out and cums on her tits.

Scene 2: Keira Nicole and Erik Everhard (⚤)

Time: 23:00
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Erik has been hired as a "bull" by a couple new to the experience, and they are very nervous.

Knight and Everhard do a really great job of acting their roles: She, the nervous newbie; he, the experienced and very understanding guide. There is pretty good chemistry between them, too, and it's very sexy how she holds her husband's hand and keeps looking over at him, then pulls him to her and kisses him.

The camera work is again a bit mixed, though. We liked the way the husband was included in the scene, and there are some excellent shots here. But we also get the "between the legs closeup" shot when they are spooning, and Erik is out of frame much of the time they are fucking. But there is a good deal more variation than in the first scene, and we felt more engaged with the performers.


She sits on the couch next to Erik, and he asks if he can kiss her and does. He slowly lowers her sweater over her tits and kisses her again, more passionately this time, then leans over and sucks her tits. He helps her take off her shoes (amazingly), then lies her on the couch and takes off her panties and goes down on her as she reaches over to hold her husband's hand (Robby Echo).

Everhard stands up and takes off his shirt, then sits down and takes off his pants. She sheds the rest of her clothes, then leans over and sucks his cock. She then gets atop him on her knees, puts him into her, and rides his cock, slowly at first and then faster. She says she is going to cum, but does not seem to do so.

She turns around and squats over him, lying back along his chest. He reaches around and rubs her clit, then pulls her husband to her and kisses him. She then lies on the couch, and she pulls her husband over to her again, kissing him as Erik goes down on her. Erik gets behind her, so they are spooning, and he reaches around and rubs her clit again as her husband holds her hand, then leans over to kiss her. She seems very aroused at this point, as if she might cum, but doesn't. She starts to rub her own clit, and then Erik takes over again.

They switch to doggy style, and her husband sits right in front of her, his face just inches from hers. They kiss passionately as Erik fucks her rhythmically, then pulls out and cums on her ass.

She kisses her husband and thanks him.

Scene 3: India Summer and Jon Jon (⚤)

Time: 22:00
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

There is not a lot of preparation for this scene, which is presented as a fantasy that Julia has about some people at a bar where she has gone to "explore the power of her sexuality". But there is excellent communication between India Summer and Ryan McLane about what she is doing—all a reflection of Julia's own thinking.

The sex is hot, and she cums several times. But there really didn't seem to be all that much chemistry between India and Jon Jon. In particular, she didn't seem very focused on him. We're not sure she ever kisses him, until the very end of the scene. As a result, the sex didn't feel all that passionate or, maybe better, connected. The way the Ryan telling her what to do wasn't all that sexy, either.

The camera work is again mixed. We see a fair bit of the husband, again, but we really do not see much of Jon Jon's face, and there is something close to a POV shot when she is sucking him.


She undoes his pants, pulls his cock through the zipper, and strokes his cock while her husband (Ryan McLane) watches—as does Julia, who is sitting in her chair and masturbating. Jon Jon picks her up and sits her on the bar, then lifts her dress and goes down on her. She cums at about 1:04:55, then sits up and kisses him.

Her husband suggests she suck Jon Jon's (very large) cock, so she gets on her knees and does. She then sits on a chair as he rubs his cock over her clit while she rubs her pussy. She cums again at about 1:10:15, and he then slides his cock into her. She keeps rubbing her clit and cums again at about 1:11:50.

She turns onto her side, and he stands in front of her and fucks her. She reaches around and puts a finger into her ass. He pulls out of her and kisses her ass, and she says she wants to be fucked from behind. She stands up, with one foot on the chair, and he stands behind her and enters her. She reaches back and rubs her clit, and she cums yet again at about 1:17:15.

She lies on the bar, leaning against her husband and fingering herself, and Jon Jon lies behind her and spoons her. He pulls out and cums on her stomach.

Scene 4: Jade Nile and Toni Ribas (⚤)

Time: 26:00
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Female Ejaculation, I'm Gonna Cum, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Julia has sex with her friend Roberto, while her husband Carl listens on the phone.

They do an excellent job with their roles, and it's extremely sexy how she talks to Carl, telling him what is happening. There is good chemistry between Julia and Roberto, too, but as in the third scene there is not much kissing. Still, her focus is at least on the person she is actually fucking, since her husband is not there with her.

The camera work is again mixed. There are some terrific shots, and there are not too many gratuitous closeups, but he is out of frame much of the time.


He stands behind her, kissing her neck and reaching around to rub her tits. He slips her dress off her shoulders and over her tits, then massages them as she reaches back and strokes his cock. He drops to his knees and pulls down her dress, then licks her pussy. He leans her over the bed and pulls down her panties, licking her pussy from behind. He turns her around so she is sitting on the bed, and he takes off his shirt while she undoes his pants.

She lies back on the bed, and he kneels over her and enters her. He reaches down and rubs her clit a bit, then sucks her toes through her stockings. She rubs her pussy, and she cums at about 1:29:15. He withdraws and rolls her hips back, rubbing her pussy a bit and then lying beside her and re-entering her. He reaches around and rubs her clit as she holds onto the sheets.

He withdraws and teases her, touching her pussy very lightly. She then turns over onto her stomach, and he fucks her from behind. She tells Carl what is happening, and he says he wants him to spank her, which he does, lightly. He pulls out so he can look at her pussy, then re-enters her.

She turns onto her back again, and he sucks her toes, kisses her legs, and goes down on her again. She cums again at about 1:40:00. She asks him to finger her, to "hit her g-spot", and he fingers her hard until she squirts.

He then lies on his back, and she sucks his cock. She then gets astride him on her knees and rides him. She cums again at about 1:45:55, then leans over to kiss him. She asks her husband where he wants her to cum, and he says on her bush. So they switch positions, so she is on her back, and he is kneeling in front of her, and he does indeed pull out and cum on her pussy, though he shoots all the way to her neck.


  1. As one that appreciates this theme, I have to say that - overall - they did a good job. The lead actress did a great job, both as an actress and a porn actress. I was able to buy into the story, and everything from her facial expressions to body language during sex really conveyed her shy but eager character. It was way better than some of the overt racism and thinly veiled misogyny typical for this sort of presentation.

    that said, this is a porn concept where you could do an entirely female positive film and it would be all the more hot for it. therefore, you can argue that any missed opportunity for the film to be feminist is also a missed opportunity for the film to work at its best as pornography.

    The review above identifies two failures, but there's a serious failure right from the start: the title. The concept of training is so patriarchal in nature - you train a slave, you train an employee, you train a dog - why should a woman having sex that she wants to have need to be trained?

    the other failure is making it primarily about fulfilling the husband's fantasy. imagine if the story was presented as her being the one that wanted the freedom to explore, and he had to talk to a friend to come to grips with it? what it wasn't about a wife finding that place within her that wants to fuck because that's what her husband wants, but instead was about her husband finding the place where his wife's personal fulfillment and sexual enjoyment means more to him than his petty jelousy, feelings of ownership, and the like?

    the other apt criticism in the above review is the "camera work". but what I really think is problematic is approaching this concept with the conventions of a typical visual sex focused porno. i enjoy this genre. what makes it hot is a series of moments and experiences. the recognition she would enjoy more. her decision to indulge. her manifestation of the decision - her submission to or provocation of his kiss, her involvement in the make out, the spreading of her legs, the body language and verbal cues indicating permission to pentrate, her enjoyment, her orgasm, her permission or acquiescence to his ejaculation inside her. and, as is the case in this move, where the husband has involvement - his realization that this other man - arguably a rival - has a hard dick that wants nothing more than to get in his wife's pussy - and her desire to have it is a more meaningful choice than his decision to allow it.

    And alot of that is better told in the story, not the sex scene. Obviously the sex scene is important. But what makes it hot is mindset of the relevant parties. But the bulk of this film is sex scene. And the sex scenes, asside from the presence of the "husband", are very cliche porno sex scenes - with all the misogony and male view that brings. A cum shot across the tits as she smiles.

    I mean, for crying out loud, there's a point in the film where the pro "bull" answers a question about whether or not he should be there when it happens or just here about, and he says "here's the great thing - you call the shots" who does? he's only talking to the husband. what about her prefernce? just because a woman wants to have sex with somebody other than her husband doesn't mean she wants to be watched in that moment. yet, in this story, he does call the shot - literally. when its time for the coup de grace, the husband picks where the ejaculation gets to land. what if she wanted it in her? what if she wanted it in a kleenex? Not her call.

    1. Hi, party king. Thanks very much for that comment. You have gone much deeper into the problems with this movie than we did. To be honest, sometimes we are just so happy that it's *somewhat* different that we overlook a lot of other issues. The title is definitely dumb.

      I also agree with your general point about the sex scenes versus the plot-oriented elements. We often complain about these movies that the sex scenes are too long. Usually, we complain about this because they just get kind of boring, but another reason is the one that you mention. In this movie, especially, it's the mindset that's hot, and there could have been a lot more time spent developing that.

      And, yeah, this movie is too focused on the men's side of the fantasy. This is less true in some of the other movies in the series, though most of those have many of the same other problems you mention.

    2. All those faults aside, I think they did a nice job. So much of the genre is engages in cartoonish femdom (chastity devices, etc), racist stereotypes about white woman's hunger for super sexual mandingo and his herculean black dick, or forced feminization or bisexuality. This reveals that this type of material isn't really about a woman finding sexual empowerment through exploration - its really about providing men with an outlet for unhealthily suppressed sexual insecurities about their wife realizing how easy it is to get laid, suppressed insecurities about their own inadequacies, suppressed anxiety about competition, and suppressed homosexual curiosities.

      This one did alot better than that.

      Something we both noted is that alot of what makes the genre work is the psychology - tension and release. and maybe long form pornographic film just isn't an ideal way of presenting it. Gifs with or without captions that focus very intently on a key moment where it becomes clear something big happened in the mind or something important is being experienced. Written erotic stories are also a good source for exploration. Though be careful: you have to sift through alot of horrible stuff to get to one gif or story that is both enlightening and hot.

    3. Have you seen any of Ovidie's movies? or Erika Lust's? I think the psychological aspects are much more evident there, in large part because the sex scenes aren't as much the focus. They're shorter, for one thing, though no less hot, and so don't interrupt the story in the same way.

      It should be said, too (and we tend to emphasize this a lot in the reviews), that it's possible to carry the psychological stuff into these scenes. Some effort is often made in this direction, but most of the time it's not done very well and just isn't very convincing. I'm guessing it's not easy to act while you're having sex, but the best performers can do it.

      I wonder if we feel similarly, in the sense that this movie had so much going for it. It often felt to me as if it really OUGHT to have been so much better. But it just wasn't. And I know Jacky St James can make great movies. I've seen them.

      Anyway, thanks again for the comment.


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