October 29, 2015

Housemates, from JoyBear

Time: 1:33, Date: 2014
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: IAFD
Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the Joy Bear website


Jess (Sicilia) has had her boyfriend cheat on her with her best friend, so she has left her hometown and moved to London, and moved into a flat with four other people. The movie tells the story of her experience there. Really, though, this is just a collection of five vignettes with a common thread. There is not much to the story.

The introductory sequence, during which Jess tells us about how her boyfriend cheated on her, and she moved to London, is repeated five times, once at the beginning of each scene. So are the titles. So it feels as if perhaps these were orignally produced as five separate scenes, that were then compiled into a movie, but we do not know.

The sex scenes are on the shorter side, around 15 minutes each, which is good, really. It's enough time for them to build some momentum, but not so long that they start to feel monotonous. The challenge with such scenes is that they can start to feel choppy, but for the most part—the exception is the last scene—that is avoided here. The scenes develop in a natural way.

The best of the five scenes is the fourth, with Adreena Winters and Peter Oh Tool. The sex is extremely playful, and they both seem to have a great time. The first and third scenes are also very good. The first is an FFM threesome, and again there is a wonderful sense of play and fun. The third features Jess hooking up with the rock star (Sean) who owns the place. We have seen these two together before, in the XConfessions video "Obsession", and it is obvious that there is a real spark between them.

Another thing we appreciated about this movie is that, while all the performers are attractive, they also seem very much like real people. Many of them have a boy- or girl-next-door sort of look, which we found very sexy and that made it easier for us to relate to the characters.

One minor complaint we had is that all four hetero scenes end exactly the same way, with the guy pulling out and cumming on his partner's stomach while she masturbates him. Maybe that's just some kind of weird accident, but a little variation would have been nice.

Overall, then, we enjoyed this movie quite a bit.

Scene 1: Anna Darling, Satine Spark, and Ryan Ryder (♀♀♂)

Time: 15:00
Features: Orgasm?
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Ollie (Ryan Ryder), Saskia (Satine Spark), and Jess (Sicilia) went out to a bar, and Saskia started flirting with a woman (Anna Darling) there. They bring her home, and Ollie, Saskia, and she start playing spin the bottle, then end up having sex, while Jess watches them.

The acting during this scene is really good, as they all stay in role. That makes the sex feel very natural. It's more playful than passionate, but they are having so much fun that it is very sexy. They all seem to have quite a good time, though Anna never seems very near orgasm.

The camera work is very, very good. There are some close-ups from time to time, but they are nicely balanced by wider shots. He is occasionally out of frame, but not much more so, really, than the women are, though certainly they are a bit more of the focus than he is. But the variety of shots makes the scene interesting to watch, and there are some terrific shots here and there, as well.


Anna and Saskia pull of their shirts and pants and kiss, then sit with Ollie on the couch and kiss him. THey take off their bras and start to stroke his cock through his pants, then take off his pants. Saskia leans over and sucks him, then Anna does, as Saskia kisses him. The women stand up and take off their panties, so they are naked, and Anna gets astride Ollie on her knees while Saskia sits next to them and masturbates. Anna reaches over and strokes Saskia's pussy, and he leans over and sucks her tits. Saskia then sits up and kisses Anna while she rides Ollie's cock.

Anna gets off him, and Saskia sucks his cock again. She then says she wants him to fuck her from behind, so she gets on her knees on the floor, leaning onto the couch, and he does so while she eats Anna's pussy. He pulls out, and the women get on their knees in front of him and suck him together.

He lies on the floor and Saskia lowers herself onto his cock, rerverse, while Anna straddles his face. Anna then sits on the couch and masturbates while watching. Saskia gets off him and sucks his cock again, and he turns around to eat Anna's pussy. He then gets back on the couch with Anna, kneeling in front of her while Saskia sits behind her and masturbates, saying she wants to watch. They switch to spooning, and Saskia seems to cum at about 18:35. He then pulls out, and Anna jerks him as he cums on her stomach.

Scene 2: Domestic Bliss (Chessie Kay and Luke Hotrod, ⚤)

Time: 15:00
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Billy (Luke Hotrod) is working from home, and his girlfriend Annalise (Chessie Kay) has decided to distract him.

They again do a terrific job staying in role during the scene. We liked how they talked to each other throughout, in a very affectionate way. But the sex felt a bit routine. Not planned but, to be honest, the sort of not very exciting sex you might imagine (or maybe worry) a long-time couple might have. It doesn't help that she seems to overdo the moaning a bit. As a result, the scene just seemed to go on too long. So it's not bad, but it isn't great, either.

The camera work is pretty good, but not as good as in the first scene. There are a more close-ups here, and the shots just aren't quite as interesting.


She pulls off his pants and sucks his cock as he leans against the kitchen table. He then sits in a chair, and she sits on his lap, and on his cock, reverse. She reaches down and rubs her clit, She leans forward onto her hands and bounces on his cock, giving him (and us) a nice view of her ass. She leans back against him and rubs her clit again, then leans over the table so he can fuck her from behind.

He lies on the table, and she gets astride him on her knees and rides his cock. They switch positions, so she is lying on the table, and he sucks her toes and then goes down on her. He then stands in front of the table and re-enters her. He pulls out and cums on her stomach as she strokes him.

Scene 3: Kindness to Strangers (Sicilia and Sean, ⚤)

Time: 16:00
Features: Analingus, Footjob
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Jess has sex with her new obsession, the rock star, and owner of her house, Bradley Michaels.

The sex here is very natural, but maybe not as passionate as one would expect it to be from the story. Still, there is very good chemistry between them, and they seem to enjoy having sex together. Though she never seems very near orgasm, she seems quite aroused throughout much of the scene.

The camera work in this scene is once again excellent. There is a wonderful variety to the shots, and the entire scene has an intimate feel.


He approaches her from behind and blindfolds her. They kiss, standing, and he lies her on the bed and removes her panties, then lies over her and kisses her. He lifts her shirt and kisses her torso, then goes down on her. He reaches up and pushes her bra over her tits, then pushes her legs back and licks her anus.

She sits up and they kiss again, and he removes the blindfold. She takes off her top and bra, so she is naked. He then stands up and gets out of his jeans, and she lowers his shorts and kisses his stomach and thighs, then sucks his cock.

She gets on all fours on the bed, and he kneels behind her and enters her. She then falls onto her stomach, and he falls onto the bed behind her and spoons with her. She reaches down and rubs her clit, turning back to kiss him, as well.

They disengage, and she leans over him from the side and sucks him again before climbing atop him on her knees and riding his cock. She then falls back on the bed, and he takes her feet and puts them around his cock. She gives him a footjob while she reaches down and rubs her clit. He then gets atop her and re-enters her. She pulls her legs back and apart, then he holds them up and together, than pushes them back and apart again. He pulls out and she strokes his cock with her feet again, and then they start fucking again. He then pulls out and cums on her stomach as she strokes him.

Scene 4: Spring Cleaning (Adreena Winters and Peter Oh Tool, ⚤)

Time: 16:00
Features: 69, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

The woman who cleans the house (Adreena Winters) has a random fling with Bradley's drummer Miles (Peter Oh Tool).

The sex is again more playful than passionate, but they both seem to have a very good time playing. There is excellent chemistry between them, and the sex is really natural. They are very tender with each other, too. We loved how, when she started to get close to cumming as they fucked, he pulled out suddenly and went down on her, bringing her all the way to orgasm with his mouth. The only thing we might have liked better is if there was more kissing.

The camera work is again quite interesting, though there are some minor continuity issues. There are also a few more shots that we'd categorize as 'pornish'. But we do see a fair bit of him, and the overall feel is very well balanced.


Miles was lying on a futon on the floor, naked but for his shorts, when the cleaner got to that room. He invites her to lie on the bed and chat, so she hops onto to it and takes off her top. They wrestle and giggle, and she ends up on her back. He pulls down her bra and sucks her tits, then kisses her stomach and takes off her jeans and panties, then goes down on her. He puts a finger into her, then another.

He lies back and shucks his shorts, and she kisses his legs and licks his balls before sucking his cock. She then scoots up on top of him and gets astride him on her knees. She gets off him and starts to suck him again, and he pulls her over him in a 69. He puts a finger into her, rubbing her clit with another as he fucks her.

She hops off him and lies on her side, and he rolls behind her and spoons her. He pulls out and goes down on her again, and she cums hard at about 1:07:20. He then kneels up and starts fucking her again. He pulls out again and fingers her, then rolls over onto all fours and fucks her from behind. She falls onto her stomach, moaning softly.

He pulls out of her and starts to roll onto his back, but falls off the bed, which makes them both laugh. He does then get onto his back, and she sucks him again. She then gets back atop him, reverse this time, and bounces on his cock. She reaches down and rubs her clit, and he then tosses her onto her back and goes down on her again. He kneels over her again and re-enters her, and he pulls out and cums on her stomach as she strokes him.

Scene 5: Home Improvement (Sicilia and Satine Spark, ⚢)

Time: 15:30
Features: 69, Multiple Female Orgasms, Mutual Masturbation
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Jess (Sicilia) is depressed, because nothing more has happened between her and Bradley. Saskia (Satine Spark) decides to try to cheer her up, and they spend an evening together, talking and drinking wine. As they do, Jess realizes her attraction to Saskia, whom she'd earlier seen in a threesome with another woman. So, when Saskia heads up to bed, Jess follows her, crawls on the bed, and kisses her.

The sex here feels reasonably natural, but it is not as playful as we would have expected it to be—or, on the other end, as passionate. There is pretty good chemistry between them, but somehow the scene just never seemed to us to take off.

The camera work is very, very good. There is an excellent mix of closer and wider shots, but there are also some very abrupt edits, which distracted from the sense of realism.


They kiss on the bed, softly, and Saskia takes off her shirt, which leaves her just in panties. She helps Jess take off her shirt and pants, so she is in lingerie, and they continue kissing. Jess sucks Saskia's tits, then takes off her bra, and Saskia lies her on the bed, takes off her panties, and goes down on her. She slips a finger into Jess as she licks her clit, then moves up and straddles Jess's face as Jess masturbates.

They move into a scissoring sort of position, but just masturbate as they watch each other. Saskia seems to cum first; Jess may do so, but we are not sure. They then lie back and rest for a moment before Saskia gets up and lies over Jess, sucking her tits. She then gets back between her legs and kisses her pussy, before turning Jess and over her face. Saskia masturbates while eating Jess's pussy, and Jess does seem to cum this time.

They get into a 69, with Jess on top. She licks and strokes Saskia's pussy, possibly to another orgasm. They then flip over, and Saskia licks and strokes Jess's pussy, then fingers her. Saskia then gets off Jess and lies next to her, kissing her and sucking her tits as she continues to masturbate her. They then masturbate each other, and Saskia cums again. Jess may, as well.

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