August 27, 2012

Girls Kissing Girls 8, from Sweetheart Video

Time: 01:54:52, Director: Nica Noelle, Date: 2011
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Katsuni (32yo), Natasha Nice (23yo), Andy San Dimas (25yo), Kristina Rose (27yo), Samantha Ryan (33yo), Zoe Voss (21yo), Charlie Laine (27yo), and Raylene (34yo)


A series of vignettes, focused on kissing. Each of the scenes begins with the two women talking, for a minute or two, about their attraction to other women.

Obviously, it's the theme with this series, but my own sense was that the kissing tended to go on for too long, without actually progressing very much. Kissing is sexy, and it might feel good to kiss more or less the same way for five minutes, but it isn't very interesting to watch. That said, though, the sex is romantic and convincing, and one has very little sense that the women are being directed much at all. Rather, they just seem to be doing what they want to do.

But the camera work, as is usual with Noelle's movies, is excellent. And the third scene is amazing.

Scene 1: Katsuni and Natasha Nice

Time: 30:42
Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism

This scene is pretty hot. There is some real connection between them. Both of them have at least a couple of orgasms. But it never quite takes off somehow, and it's a really long scene, so it needs to be better, really.

Both of them were born in France, and they speak to each other, for the most part, in French.


Natasha is in shorts and a top, and Katsuni is in a short skirt, a top, and heels. They start by kissing for a very long time and groping each other, first kneeling together, and then with Natasha on her back. Natasha's shirt comes off along the way, and Katsuni sucks her tits, then licks her feet and sucks her toes while Natasha starts to touch herself. Natasha's bra comes off, and Katsuni sucks her tits again. Her shirt and bra then come off, and Natasha sucks her tits. They then get naked, and Katsuni goes down on Natasha, who sucks her own tit. Natasha cums hard, shaking, and Katsuni kisses her and fingers her pussy, then eats her again.

Katsuni then gets on top and grinds her clit into Natasha's mound, then rubw her own clit while fingering Natasha. Katsuni lies back and Natasha goes down on her. Katsuni fingers herself hard, cumming, and then Natasha goes back to eating her. She then climbs up and humps Katsuni's face while she fingers herself again, and Natasha rubs herself to another orgasm. They kiss again, while Katsuni fingers herself, and then they sort of cuddle and grind, with Katsuni sucking Natasha's tits again. Natasha then eats Katsuni and licks her asshole. They kiss each other's feet, and rub their feet on each other's pussy. They then trib, sitting and facing each other, and may each cum again. They finish by kissing.

Scene 2: Andy San Dimas and Kristina Rose

Time: 23:09
Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism

The sex in this scene is pretty passionate, and they seem to enjoy fucking each other quite a bit. Perhaps as a result, the sex is more varied than one typically sees, and they both have a couple orgasms. A very nice scene.


They start by kissing, sitting on a bed. Andy lies Kristina back and lies on top of her, and their hands start exploring. Andy kisses Kristina's tits through her shirt and starts grinding into her. They sit up again and things start to heat up, with Kristina's hands going under Andy's shirt. Andy lies back and Kristina kisses her hard as Andy rubs her butt. Kristina kisses Andy's torso, pushing up her shirt and pulling down her bra to suck her tits. Kristina then takes her shirt off, and Andy sucks and slaps her tits, after which Andy's top comes off and they trib a bit. Kristina then pulls Andy's shorts off and rubs her pussy through her panties, kissing her again.

Kristina then lies on Andy and grinds into her, and Andy throws Kristina on her stomach, pulls off her shorts, and kisses and slaps her ass before pulling off her panties and rubbing her pussy from behind. Andy then goes down on Kristina, grinding herface into her pussy, and Kristina cums on her face as she sucks her clit hard. They kiss again, and Andy's patnies finally come off (at 14:45). She lies on her side, and Kristina licks her pussy and asshole, then goes down on her properly as Andy rolls onto her back. Andy cums, gasping, and asks for a taste from Kristina's mouth. Kristina kisses her, then squeezes Andy's tits and sucks them. They take a short break, kissing each other's noses and talking. Kristina then gets astride Andy and grinds on her mons, kissing her, bringing both of them to orgasm. They end by kissing.

Scene 3: Samantha Ryan and Zoe Voss

Time: 31:48
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms

This is a really good, passionate, loving, and hot scene. It could be a little more varied, but both women have several orgasms, but the emotional aspects of the scene are what make it an absolute winner. These two have a real attraction to each other, from what they say at the outset, and it shows in their lovemaking.


They start by just rubbing their faces together and then kissing, softly and romantically, as they sit together on a couch, progressing to deep, open mouth kissing. Zoe falls back, and Samantha becomes a little more aggressive. Zoe pulls off Samantha's shirt, and Samantha starts grinding herself on Zoe's thigh. Samantha's bra then comes off, and Zoe sucks her tits as she keeps grinding, bringing herself to orgasm, and maybe Zoe, too. They sit up and kiss, and Samantha pulls Zoe's top and bra off, then pushes her back and sucks her tits. They kiss passionately, and Samantha kisses Zoe's pussy through her shorts. She then pulls Zoe's shorts off and goes down on her. Zoe cums once and then curls her hips upwards as Samantha eats her to another orgasm.

Zoe pulls Samantha up and kisses her, then pushes her back and kisses her torso and neck before kissing her pussy through her shorts. She pulls those off, kisses her legs and thighs, and goes down on her, licking her to an orgasm. Zoe lies on her and kisses her, then slowly starts grinding into her as Samantha holds her ass and maybe plays with her pussy, though we cannot see what is happening there. Zoe has another orgasm, and then Samantha sits on the floor and sucks Zoes tits as she sits on the edge of the couch. Samantha stands Zoe up, and then licks her pussy again as she sits in front of her. Zoe has yet another orgasm, and they fall onto the couch, kissing passionately.

Scene 4: Charlie Laine and Raylene

Time: 29:13
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms

There is good communication between them, they smile sweetly at each other, and there are plenty of real orgasms here, but the sex is more fun than passionate, and we had a little bit of trouble getting into it.


They kiss, kneeling on a bed. Raylene pulls off Charlie's halter and squeezes her tits, and Charlie does the same to her. Charlie pulls off her skirt and lies down, and they kiss again. Raylene lies on top of her, and they kiss more. Raylene then pulls off Charlie's panties and goes down on her. She starts licking her hard, up and down, and Charlie bucks into her face, throwing her head back and cumming hard. Charlie sits up and kisses Raylene, then sucks her tits and lies her back, pulling off her panties, lying atop her, and kissing her as Raylene wraps her legs around her. Charlie then sucks her tits again and starts rubbing her pussy. She teases her, kissing her thighs, then goes down on her. Raylene asks her to go slow, and Charlie licks her gently to an orgasm.

Charlie then climbs up and they kiss again, then roll onto their sides and start grinding. Charlie lies back and Raylene rubs her pussy while sucking her tits, and Charlie reaches out to rub Raylene's pussy, too. Charlie cums again, and they lick each other's fingers, then kiss and cuddle. Charlie sits up and sucks Raylene's tits, then Raylene lies back and Charlie straddles her face so Raylene can eat her again. Charlie then lies on top of Raylene and kisses her while rubbing her clit, and Raylene has another orgasm. They finish with more kissing.