January 1, 2001

New Sensations Erotic Stories

The 'Erotic Stories' series is part of the New Sensations Romance line. It features plot-based movies directed by Jacky St James.

We include Torn in this series due to its similarities to the other movies in this series, although it was officially released as a "New Sensations Couples" movie. So the films so far, in order of release, are:

All of these movies are available from Lust Cinema and from the New Sensations subscription site in both hi- and low-definition formats.


The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee (Jacky St James)
The Submission of Emma Marx (Jacky St James, Eddie Powell)
The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries (Jacky St James)
The Temptation of Eve (Jacky St James)
Torn (Jacky St James, Eddie Powell)