June 14, 2013

Lost and Found, from New Sensations Romance

Time: 1:58, Director: Eddie Powell, Date: 2010
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: The Romance Series, IAFD
Cast: Zoe Voss (20yo), Xander Corvus (22yo), Lexi Belle (23yo), Tony De Sergio (44yo), Kimberly Kane (27yo), Chad Alva (25yo), and Allie Haze (23yo)


David (Xander Corvus) has a one-night stand with some random woman (Zoe Voss), the latest in a long line for him, after which she gets up, gets dressed, and leaves. But what he really wants is a girlfriend. He has a huge crush on his neighbor, Jen (Allie Haze), who is recently divorced, but he can't manage to talk to her. When Jen goes shopping with her friend Meg (Lexi Belle), though, Jen's little dog escapes, and David finds the dog and takes him inside. His friends suggest he keep the dog and "help" Jen find him as a way of getting to know her, an idea he rejects at first, but then decides to put into action. So the two of them get to hang out together, and things start to happen between them. Eventually, of course, Jen finds out, and is understandably angry. But she misses David and decides to forgive him, and they get together in the end.

This movie won the 2012 XRCO award for Best Release and was nominated for Best Feature at the AVN awards, but we were not quite that impressed with it. The premise is a bit silly, but the story ends up being fairly cute, and the acting is pretty good. The sex scenes, though, aren't as good as in some of the later movies in this series. They are generally very well shot, and the women seem genuinely to enjoy themselves, but there are not many female orgasms here.

So, overall, it's not a bad effort, though the later movies do tend to be better.

Scene 1: Zoe Voss and Xander Corvus

Time: 16:00
Features: 69, Analingus

The first scene is a one-night stand between David (Xander Corvus) and a woman (Zoe Voss) whose name is never revealed. There is real chemistry between them, and the beginning especially is very passionate.

The photography varies between wide shots and close-ups of their faces and bodies and is excellent. But her vocalizations are kind of distracting, and the edits can be a bit abrupt.

While she seems to enjoy herself, she never really seems that aroused. He cums on her stomach.


They stumble into his bedroom and start making out. He pulls off her dress and lies her on the bed, kissing her stomach. She undoes his shirt, and he pushes her back again, kisses her stomach, takes off her shoes, and kisses her thighs. He then pulls her panties aside and eats her. He licks her asshole as she lies on her side, then fingers her pussy. She pushes him back and kisses his stomach, and his cock through his pants. She then undoes his pants and sucks him. They get intno a 69 then, though he mostly fingers her. He finishes taking off his clothes, so they are both naked, and they spoon (a condom magically appearing). They hold hands, and kiss, as they fuck, and he reaches around to rub her clit. She then lies on her stomach, and he fucks her from behind, though she kind of rolls onto her side. She then gets atop him, on her knees, and he thrusts up into her. Finally, she gets on her back, and he gets on top of her. He cums on her stomach.

Scene 2: Lexi Belle and Tony De Sergio

Time: 19:00
Features: Orgasm

The second scene features Meg (Lexi Belle) and her boyfriend Roger (Tony De Sergio). After a brief and silly fight, they have make up sex in her studio.

The photography here is excellent, and there is quite good communication between them, but the sex isn't really that passionate, though it has its moments. There's a really nice bit where he lets her hair down as she kisses his chest. Lexi seems to have quite a good orgasm, too, going very rigid and quiet as Tony fucks her. He cums on her pussy.


They kiss, and he pulls off her shirt, and she his. He kisses her tits, and she kisses his chest as he lets down her hair (a really nice touch). She undoes his pants and sucks his cock as he sits. He reaches down and rubs her ass under her leggings. He pulls them down, and they kiss, and he rubs her pussy as she strokes his cock. He licks her pussy from behind as she stands, with on leg up on a chair. He then lowers her bra while standing behind her, and goes back to licking her, then kisses her ass. She kneels on a bench, and he fucks her from behind. He then lies on the bench, and she gets on top of him, bouncing on his cock. He picks her up and lies her on her back, squatting in front of her to fuck her. She cums, going quite rigid and quiet. They switch to spooning, and he rubs her clit a bit as he fucks her. He cums on her pussy.

Scene 3: Kimberly Kane and Chad Alva

Time: 17:00

In the third scene, Vicky (Kimberly Kane) has sex with her boyfriend Steve (Chad Alva) after she kicks his ass in a video game. The sex seems very natural, as there is a lot of communication between them and some real chemistry. She talks to him in a very sexy way, so it is quite easy to believe they are a couple, and we are just watching them have sex.

Unfortunately, he provides a bit of pornish talking of the "dirty whore" variety, which does not seem to work for her and that breaks the scene a little. And, while she seems to have a pretty good time, she never really gets all that aroused. He cums on her stomach.


They make out on the couch, and he pulls up her shirt and sucks her tits. He then pulls off her pants and kisses her pussy through her panties. He takes them off, leaving her naked, and kisses her feet, tits, and belly, then goes down on her. He fingers her, and she asks him to put his fingers in her mouth, which he does while he licks her. He then fingers her again while licking her clit. She pushes him back, pulls down his pants, and sucks his cock, really fucking him with her mouth. He then lies on the couch, and she gets astride him, bouncing on his cock. They switch to doggy style, with her kneeling on the couch and him standing behind her. They then switch to spooning, and he fucks her quite hard. Finally, she gets on her back, and he half-stands and half-kneels in front of her. She rubs her clit, though not enough to cum, and he cums on her stomach.

Scene 4: Allie Haze and Xander Corvus

Time: 21:00

In the last scene, Jen (Allie Haze) and David (Xander Corvus) finally have sex. And that sex is romantic and convincing, with some excllent kissing at the beginning. There is such great chemistry between these two! It is clear that they are really attracted to each other.

She seems to have a very good time, and there are several occasions when she seems as if she is about to cum, though she never quite does. He cums on her stomach.


They kiss passionately on his bed, with her lying back and him above her. They sit up, and she removes his shirt and kisses his stomach and chest. He lies her back and they kiss again, and he pulls down her top and sucks her nipples. They sit up again, their shirts come off, and they kiss. She lies him back and climbs on top of him, kissing him as he strokes her back, then kissing her way down his body, then back up to his face, and back down again. She pulls down his pants and sucks his cock, holding his hand while she does so. They kiss, and he turns her over and pulls off her jeans, smiling at her. He kisses her hips, stomach, and thighs, then removes her panties and eats her pussy. He then kisses his way up her body and kisses her face, and they start spooning. He rubs her clit quite a bit, but she doesn't quite cum. They kiss, and she gets on top of him, bouncing on his cock as she lies over him, then kneeling up. He squeezes her tits and touches her face sweetly, and she leans over to kiss him. She grinds her clit on his pubic bone, and he thrusts up into her hard. They turn over, and he fucks her, leaning over her on his hands. He cums on her stomach.