October 26, 2013

Diary of Love, from Smash Pictures

Time: 2:07, Director: Jim Powers, Date: 2012
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Cast: Lily LaBeau (21yo), Logan Pierce (21yo), Presley Hart (24yo), Johnny Castle (32yo), Kimberly Kane (29yo), Lia Lor (22yo), and Richie Calhoun


Noah (Richie Calhoun) is in a coma in a hospital, and Ally (Presley Hart) is reading him the story of their relationship. We see various highlights of their story as she does. Eventually, he wakes up, and they go on with their lives. Oddly, though, we never actually find out why he was there.

This is a very story-focused porno: Roughly 43 minutes are devoted to the story. And the story isn't terrible. In fact, this movie is often said to have been inspired by The Notebook, and it's a pretty standard rom-com script, in any event.

Unfortunately, however, the acting here is extremely inconsistent. In fact, some of the dialogue is pretty bad, maybe even terrible. Much of the rest is totally over-acted, though there are bits that are all right, and somehow it seems to get better as it moves along.

But the sex scenes are inconsistent, as well. The first two, although they do not feel performed, are not particularly natural either, though there is a nice feeling of connection between the performers. The last two are much better, but there is nowhere in the movie that any of the female performers seem anywhere near having a genuine orgasm.

Still, one has to applaud the effort to make a real movie with sex in it. But the efforts in this same direction from Wicked Passions and New Sensations have been better.

Richie Calhoun and Presley Hart were nominated for Best Actor and Actress at the 2013 AVN awards.

Scene 1: Lily LaBeau and Logan Pierce

Time: 17:00
Pleasure ❌, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

Couple (Lily LaBeau, Logan Pierce) have sex on a picnic blanket. There's a nice, playful attitude to this scene, with a lot of kissing and some talking between them.

The gender balance in the camera work is decent, but not great. There are some wider shots, but the focus is mostly on her while she is sucking him, though there are some nice shots there, too. The focus is again mostly on her as they fuck, though there are again some better shots. But when she is atop him, reverse cowgirl, the camera spends much too much time close on their genitals.

While she seems to enjoy herself somewhat, she never seems really to be near orgasm, and the orgasm she fakes largely ruins the scene. He cums on her pussy.


They make out, and he takes off his shirt, then they take off her dress together. She kisses his stomach, then his cock through his pants. She kneels up, and he takes off her bra and sucks her tits. She lies above him and grinds her pussy on his cock, then undoes his pants and sucks him. She gets on all fours, and he pulls down her panties and licks her from behind, then turns her over and eats her from between her legs. He kneels up and enters her, and she reaches down and rubs her clit. They flip over, and she is above him on her knees. She claims to be cumming, but it seems faked. She then turns around, leaning back on her hands as she squats over him. He pulls out and cums on her pussy.

Scene 2: Presley Hart and Johnny Castle

Time: 15:00
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

After Noah (Richie Calhoun) and Ally (Presley Hart) break up, she gets involved with a fellow law student, Lomm Hammond (Johnny Castle). He asks her to marry her, and they have sex on their bed.

The scene is soft and romantic, and quite sexy, and there is some sense of a genuine connection between them.

The gender balance in the camera work is decent but not great. There aren't many "medical" shots, but the focus is almost entirely on her face while she is sucking his cock, though we do get some closeups of his face toward the end of that part. And we lose sight of him during the fucking scenes.

She seems to have a reasonable time, too, though she never seems really aroused. He cums on her stomach.


They make out on the bed, after he asks her to marry him. As they kneel together on the bed, he takes off her top, and they continue to kiss as she removes his shirt and tie. Her skirt goes missing, and he lies above her, sucking her tits. He pulls off her panties and goes down on her. They roll over, and she takes off his pants and sucks his cock. She then gets astride him on her knees. They switch to doggy style, then roll into spooning. He cums on her stomach.

Scene 3: Kimberly Kane, Lia Lor, and Richie Calhoun

Time: 25:00
Features: 69
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

After Noah (Richie Calhoun) returns from Afghanistan, he buys the Windsor property with a check from his father's life insurance and builds a house that he intends for Ally (Presley Hart). For no particular reason, he has sex with two women (Kimberly Kane, Lia Lor) whose husbands died in the war, with whom he seems to be living.

As that description suggests, this scene is completely gratuitous within the context of the movie. The gender balance is not particularly good either, with too many "medical" shots, and too few of Richie. The beginning of the scene feels very pornish, as well. But the mutual masturbation sequence is unusual, and much of the rest of the scene is pretty natural. There is a nice connection between them, as well, with some good talking. But I wished the whole time I was watching it that the camera would get out of the way and let them do what they wanted.

Still, the good seems to outwbeigh the bad in this scene, and the women seem to have a decent time, though neither of them ever seems near cumming. He cums as the women stroke him together, mostly on his stomach.


The three of them make out on a bed, with the women in lingerie and Richie in a T-shirt and boxers. Kimberly rubs, then kisses, his cock through his shorts, and both women take off their bras. Richie and Lia suck Kimberly's tits together, and then Kimberly sucks Lia's tits as Richie strokes Kimberly's ass, then pulls her panties aside and rubs her pussy. The women take off their panties, and Richie takes off his shirt as Kimberly starts to rub Lia's pussy. Kimberly lowers Richie's shorts and sucks him as he kisses Lia and rubs her pussy. Richie lies back, and the women suck him together, trading his cock back and forth. The women then lie on each side of him, and he reaches down to rub their pussies as they stroke his cock. He hops up, gets in front of Kimberly, and enters her, as she reaches over and fingers Lia's pussy. Lia then squats over Kimberly's face and kisses Richie. Kimberly reaches down and rubs her clit when Lia gets off her, and Lia rubs her own clit as she lies next to Kimberly and kisses her. Richie then lies on his back, and Lia gets astride him on her knees, at Kimberly's request. Kimberly kneels next to them, kissing each of them, then kneeling over Richie's face. Lia gets off Richie, and Kimberly falls onto him in a 69. Richie then fucks her from behind as she eats Lia. The women then switch positions, and Kimberly rubs her clit once Richie starts fucking Lia so hard she can't concentrate on eating Kimberly. Lia then lies on her back, and Richie fucks her again while Kimberly sort of leans over her body, almost 69, and licks, then rubs, her pussy. Lia reaches down and rubs her clit a bit, and then the women suck Richie's cock as he kneels up. Lia lies on her side on the edge of the bed, and Richie stands in front of her and fucks her as she eats Kimberly, who is kneeling near Lia's face. Richie then lies on the bed again, and Lia sucks him as Kimberly rubs his balls. He cums as the women stroke him together, mostly on his stomach.

Scene 4: Presley Hart and Richie Calhoun

Time: 13:00
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Finally, finally, Noah (Richie Calhoun) and Ally (Presley Hart) realize that they should be together.

The camera work is about the same as with the other scenes, which means not terrible but not great. We lose sight of him in the usual places, and the "gaze" is generally pretty male.

The sex here is extremely passionate, even desperate, and there seems to be a genuine connection between them. But, while she does seem to enjoy herself, she never seems terribly aroused. He cums on her stomach, but with such force that the first spurt hits her in the face.


They start kissing in the rain, then go inside and make out in the hallway. He takes off her shirt, and she his, then he removes her bra and sucks her tits. He pulls down her jeans and panties, then carries her to a bed. He takes off the rest off her clothes and goes down on her, then kneels in front of her and enters her. They roll over, and she is astride him on her knees. She gets off him and sucks his cock, and they switch to doggy style, then she gets on her back again. He cums on her stomach.