November 12, 2013

Voila, from Girlfriends Films

Time: 2:39, Director: B Skow, Date: 2012
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Cast: Yurizan Beltran (26yo), Gigi, Veruca James, Penny Pax (22yo), Kris Slater (31yo), Dana DeArmond (33yo), Earl Slate (50yo), and Dani Daniels (23yo)


This was the first "boy-girl" movie from Girlfriends Films, and the first of a series of ambitious films directed for them by B Skow.

The story starts abruptly with a couple, Liz (Penny Pax) and Tony (Kris Slater), in bed having sex and talking about the "big night" ahead of them. This involves hooking up with two pretty wild women, played by Yurizan Beltran and Gigi, whom they have hired to put on a show and have sex with them. It doesn't work out well, so they decide to try again with one woman, someone they trust, and meet up with "Voila" (Veruca James). They trade stories and end up in bed together. As Tony had feared, though, Liz ends up falling in love with Voila and leaving him. The remainder of the movie revolves around his crazy cousin Amy (Dana DeArmond) and her attempts to get him over it—as well as Voila's apology, when Liz leaves her, too.

This is a fantastic movie, which richly deserved its nomination for Best Romance Release at the 2013 AVN awards. The story is interesting, and the sex scenes, for the most part, are very well integrated into it. They are well shot, from a wide variety of angles, and, while the gaze is occasionally more male than it might be, my overall sense was that the presentation will appeal to people of all genders. The focus in the second scene, for example, is very much on what the two women are doing together, but that is completely appropriate to the story, and the scene is amazingly realistic.

My only complaint here, and what keeps the film from getting a higher rating, is that there is not as much female pleasure as there could be. No doubt, part of the point of the first scene is that it is a performance. But, in the fourth scene, the women almost seem to be waiting for Kris Slater to re-appear, which he never quite does. So, while they seem to be enjoying what they are doing, neither of them every seems all that aroused. Moreover, as another reviewer noted, this particular scene feels a bit gratuitous. It would have been much better had we been shown the sexual interaction with Voila that leads to Liz's departure. But the story is told from Tony's point of view, so maybe that is why we don't see it.

Overall, we would regard this as one of the best pornos we have ever seen. Highly recommended.

Scene 1: Yurizan Beltran and Gigi

Time: 20:00
Features: Analingus, Orgasm?, Tribadism
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀

Tony (Kris Slater) and Liz (Penny Pax) have hired Rose (Yuziran Beltran) and Dina (Gigi) to perform for them, and possibly to have sex with them. They do, and Tony ends up cumming very quickly from a lap dance Rose gives him. He vanishes for a while while Liz plays with herself as she watches, but when they call "Leslie" over to join them, she gets pissed and leaves.

The interaction between the two women is a bit pornish, but they have been hired to perform, so perhaps that isn't unrealistic. Still, the sex could be a bit more varied. It's not bad, but they seem to do more or less the same thing over and over. So, although it starts out very arousing, it loses steam a bit as it progresses.

The photography here is a bit closer than I expected, but it is not bad, in that regard, and there are a lot of wider shots. It would have been nice to see more of Penny Pax as she watches, though.


Rose (Yuziran Beltran) gets on Kris's lap and starts rubbing his cock, and he cums in his pants and leaves, embarrassed. Rose and Dina (Gigi) then start making out on the couch as Liz watches. Rose pulls down Dina's top and starts sucking her tits, andd Dina then sits back on the couch, pulls up her dress, and starts to masturbate as Rose kisses her. Dina then starts sucking Rose's tits, and Penny starts playing with her own tits as she watches. Rose pushes Dina back on the couch and goes down on her, then kneels up on the couch as Dina gets behind her and kisses her ass, then takes off her panties and licks her ass from behind. Rose then turns around and sits on the arm of the couch. Dina pulls off her own dress and then eats Rose's pussy. Rose then pushes Dina down on the couch and rubs her ass while leaning over her, then licks her pussy again, and her asshole. She slaps her ass a couple times, then puts a finger into her. They kneel on the couch and kiss, and Dina sits back on the couch again as Rose eats her pussy and fingers her, rubbing her clit with her thumb. Dina then pushes Rose back on the couch and eats her again, and Rose has at least a mini-gasm. She then gets up and kisses Dina again, sucks on her tits, takes off her dress, and gets into a scissors position with her, rubbing their pussies together hard, but only briefly. Rose gets up and goes down on Dina again, and Tony returns and starts squeezing Liz's ttis thtough her shirt as she puts her hand into her pants. They call "Leslie" over to join them, but her name is "Liz", and she gets pissed about it and leaves.

Scene 2: Veruca James, Penny Pax, and Kris Slater

Time: 39:00
Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

The way this scene is performed is incredibly authentic. The women almost ignore him at first, and there is a certain nervousness that runs through the beginning, too. They ask each other about what they are about to do, getting consent, which is, of course, very sexy. And there is a lot of communication, with the "partners" talking to each other in a way that is very believable, and their new friend talking about how sexy they are together, etc. The whole scene is just completely wonderful, and that makes it incredibly hot. It's amazing how that level of passion is sustained, on screen, for all of thirty-nine minutes.

The photography here is outstanding, with wide shots of everyone and nicely chosen closeups, though we do lose sight of him a bit when they start fucking, largely because he is buried by the two women. But the sex is totally realistic. There may have been some editing or direction, but one does not sense it at all.

An absolutely amazing scene, with who knows how many orgasms from the two women. He cums on Liz's stomach, and a bit on Voila, which Liz licks off her before Voila masturbates her to one last orgasm.


Tony (Kris Slater) lies between Liz (Penny Pax) and Voila (Veruca James), and they kiss above him as he watches. Liz reaches over him and starts kissing Voila's tits above her dress. Voila takes off her dress and asks if she can touch Voila's pussy, and then Liz takes off her dress as well. Voila sucks Liz's tits, and Liz then sucks Voila's. Tony then sucks on Voila's tits, and they undo his shirt and rub his cock through his pants. Voila turns around, and Liz takes off Voila's panties, so she is naked. Liz then starts to kiss Voila's stomach and goes down on her from the side as Tony kisses her. Voila reaches around and pulls down Liz's panties, then sits up and pulls them off. Liz lies back on the bed, with Tony next to her, and Voila goes down on her as Tony sucks her tits and undoes his pants. Voila then puts a finger into Liz and starts sucking on her clit as well, and Liz has at least a small orgasm at about 40:25, after which Tony tastes Liz's juices from Voila's finger.

Voila then leans over Liz's face as Tony eats Liz's pussy. Voila starts bucking hard and cums at about 41:40. Liz then takes off Tony's pants and sucks him, and Voila then takes over. Liz kisses Tony and tells him, "She's sucking your cock, baby". The women then suck him together, playfully. Liz then gets astride him, reverse, on her knees, and Voila reaches down and rubs her clit. Liz cums at about 46:25, turning to kiss Voila. She then gets off and gets astride Tony's face while Voila sucks his cock again. Liz then gets back atop him as Voila straddles his face, looking the other way. She turns around so she is able to grab Liz's tits while she bounces on Tony's cock, then reaches around to rub her clit, and Liz may cum again, but it is not clear. Voila then gets a turn, riding him reverse, as well, as Liz sucks her tits, then kisses Tony, then holds Voila's hips as she grinds. They disengage and Liz sucks him briefly before they go back to fucking. Liz reaches down and rubs Voila's clit, and she cums at about 51:45.

Liz then gets on her hands and knees, and Voila and Tony lick her from behind before he fucks her. Voila turns around and gets on her hands and knees in front of Liz, who licks her from behind. Voila then flips over so Liz can eat her better, and Tony licks Liz's ass for a bit, then re-enters her. Voila then gets a turn, with Tony fucking her from behind as Liz licks her ass. Voila then asks if she can flip over, and Tony fucks her while kneeling in front of her, with Liz leaning over her so Voila can suck her tits, and then she crouches over Voila's face. She may cum again at about 59:15.

The women then suck his cock together again, taking turns, and Liz then gets astride him, on her knees, but facing him this time. Voila squats over his face and kisses Liz, then sucks her tits. They switch to spooning, and Voila kisses Liz, then reaches down and rubs her clit. Liz cums again at about 1:03:20. Tony then pulls out, and Voila starts to suck him again. Then two women then lie side by side, with their legs pulled up and together, and he fingers them both at the same time, then kisses their feet. Liz grabs him and gets her to fuck him again, as Voila lies next to her, putting her feet in his face to kiss. (They have all confessed a bit of a foot fetish.) She then sucks Liz's tits again, and Tony cums on Liz's stomach, though he shoots up almost as far as her face and gets some on Voila. The girls kiss, and Liz licks his cum off Voila. Voila then masturbates Liz, rubbing her clit hard until, maybe, she cums one more time. They kiss softly.

Scene 3: Penny Pax

Time: 4:00
Features: Orgasm

Liz masturbates in the shower as she remembers the night with Voila. It is hardly long enough to count as a scene, but it is wonderfully shot and fits perfectly into the story.


Liz is in the shower, rubbing her clit as she sits on a little bench as she remembers the night with Voila. She puts a couple fingers into her self as she sprays water over her clit, then starts to rub herself again. She cums fairly quickly and rests a bit, then starts to spray water on her clit again and goes back to stroking herself, but she does not try to cum again.

Scene 4: Dana DeArmond, Kris Slater, and Earl Slate

Time: 22:00
Features: Footjob
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Amy (Dana DeArmond) is Tony's kissing cousin, with whom he has a history from when they were younger. She comes over on his birthday, teases him with memories of their youth, and then offers to give him a footjob as a present. But her husband Richard (Earl Slate), who is with her, wakes up, and Tony disappears, leaving them to have sex on the couch.

The photography here is excellent, with a great mix of shots. We lose him a bit once they start fucking, though, as he ends up kind of in a shadow, and she is a bit more the focus than he is, but not overly so.

The sex is pretty good, too, but not quite as convincing as in the second scene. The bit with Slater is excellent, but there is not as much of a connection between DeArmond and Slate. DeArmond is fantastic, though, teasing Kris and talking to him before Slate wakes up, then telling him that he is having a dream and should go back to sleep.

She seems to have a reasonably good time, but never seems all that aroused. Still, overall, it is a pretty good scene.


Amy starts by teasing Tony's cock through his jeans with her foot, and then he undoes his pants so she can stroke his bare cock directly. He lifts her foot and sucks her toes as he strokes his cock, and she then starts rubbing his cock more seriously with both her feet.

Amy's husband Richard (Earl Slate) then wakes up, and Tony heads out. Amy undoes his pants and starts sucking his cock. She stands up and takes off her dress as she leans over to suck him, and he wriggles out of his pants. She kneels on the couch and leans over him to suck him, and he reaches around and takes off her panties, which she wraps tightly around the base of his cock. Richard reaches over and fingers Amy as she sucks him. She then squats over him, reverse, as he reclines on the couch and rubs her pussy all over his cock before putting him into her and gyrating her hips. She gets off him and starts to give him a footjob, too, stuffing her whole hand into her mouth, as well, then rubbing his glans while she jerks him with both feet. She then gets astride him again, the other way around, on her knees. They switch to spooning, and she reaches around and rubs her clit. He then does that for her, and they switch positions so that she is on her back. He cums on her stomach, and she tastes him off the tip.

Scene 5: Dana DeArmond and Dani Daniels

Time: 18:00
Features: Analingus, Tribadism
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀

Amy (Dana DeArmond) comes over with her friend Gina (Dani Daniels), offering to have sex with Tony (Kris Slater). He more or less puts them off, though, so they have sex on his couch.

Unfortunately, this scene does not fit the story very well at all and feels a bit gratuitous. But the sex is reasonably authentic, and the women seem to have a pretty good time, though neither of them cums. They seem to spend much of their time waiting for Tony to re-appear, which he never does.

The photography, though, is excellent again, with a great mix of shots.


Amy (Dana DeArmond) and Gina (Dani Daniels) are kissing on the couch, and they take off their dresses, revealing that Gina was not wearing a bra. Gina then takes Amy's bra off and squeezes her tits from behind, then puts her hand into her panties. Amy stands up, and Gina takes off her panties, then licks her pussy from behind as she kneels on the edge of the couch. Gina then stands up and Amy sucks her tits, then removes Gina's panties, tosses her on the couch, and goes down on her. She inserts a finger, squeezing Gina's clit between two of her other fingers, then puts three fingers into her while rubbing her clit with her other hand. Gina then sits on Amy's lap, facing her, and Amy reaches underneath to finger her, and then they more or less trib. Gina then reaches around and puts two fingers into Amy, fucking her as Amy falls back on the couch. Amy then sits up, and Gina sucks her tits. Gina stands up, and Amy eats her from underneath, and then Gina falls back onto the couch again, lifting her legs as Amy sucks her clit. Amy rolls Gina onto her side and licks her anus, then puts her thumb into her pussy and rubs her clit as she licks her. Amy then squats over Gina's face, bucking her hips onto her mouth, then falls down onto Gina's lap, and Gina reaches down and rubs her clit. Tony then reappears with the drinks, and the scene comes to an abrupt end.

Scene 6: Veruca James and Kris Slater

Time: 24:00
Features: Analingus, Deepthroat, Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Voila (Veruca James) shows up to apologize to Tony (Kris Slater) for stealing Liz away from him, but it turns out she is really looking for Liz, who has left her, too. They end up having sex.

The sex is reasonably authentic, and there is a pretty good connection between them, with some excellent communication and a generally playful attitude. She seems to have a great time and cums hard, masturbating as he fucks her. He cums on her stomach.

The photography here is again excellent, too, with a great mix of shots.


They start kissing while sitting in bar stools in his house. He lifts her skirt and starts to rub her pussy, then drops her top and sucks her tits. She takes off the shirt and undoes the towel he was wearing. He then gets on the floor in front of her and eats her pussy. He inserts a finger, then goes back to eating her. He stands up and kisses her, then takes off her skirt and kisses her ass, then licks her from behind. He fingers her again while licking her anus, and she then sucks him as he stands in front of her, taking him deep into her mouth as he reaches over and strokes her back.

She asks if he is ready, then stands up and puts one knee on a stool as he prepares to fuck her from behind. She squeezes her tits as he does, and he pulls out and licks her briefly again before re-entering her. She says she wants to suck him again, so he sits in one of the stools, and she does. She then turns around and squats over him, moving a couple more stools into position to support herself. She reaches down to rub her clit and seems as if she might cum, but doesn't. She then stands over him, with one leg up on a stool. He falls out of her, and she sucks him again. He then sits her on the stool and rubs her pussy while sucking her tits, then lifts one of her legs over his shoulder and enters her again. He pulls out and licks her pussy again, then re-enters her. She reaches down and rubs her clit, and he pulls out and rubs his cock on her clit a bit. She then rubs her clit again as he fucks her, and she cums at about 2:32:35. They keep fucking, slow then fast again, and he cums on her stomach.