March 1, 2014

Eyes of Desire 1, from Femme Productions

Time: 1:33, Director: Candida Royale, Date: 1998
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Cast: Sharon Mitchell (42yo), Hershel Savage (46yo), Missy (31yo), Tony Tedeschi (34yo), Chloe Nichole (27yo), Tom Byron (37yo), and Mickey G (39yo)


Lisa (Missy) is a photographer who is staying at the house of a friend, Amy (Sharon Mitchell), because she needs some time away to figure out what to do about her relationship with Jamie (Tony Tedeschi). Amy has a telescope she uses to spy on her neighbors, and she tells Lisa that she is planning to have sex with her boyfriend, Tim (Hershel Savage), that night, which could be seen from the telescope, secretly inviting Lisa to watch. So Lisa goes to the telescope and watches.

The rest of the story revolves around Lisa's use of the telescope and her growing interest in voyeurism, which leads to an interesting interaction with the mysterious Daniel (Mickey G), who turns out to have been watching her, as well.

It's really a terrific movie. The sex is wonderfully shot, and the story is tense and hot. The first two scenes are merely good, but the later ones are great.

Despite the date, the movie was shot in 4:3 at DVD resolution. It's definitely better than VHS, though.

Scene 1: Sharon Mitchell and Hershel Savage

Time: 12:00
Features: Internal, Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Amy (Sharon Mitchell) has sex with her boyfriend Tim (Hershel Savage) as Lisa watches through the telescope, so Amy puts on a bit of a show, for both of them. The sex is quite varied, and it there is a lot of touching and kissing as they slowly get naked.

The scene is wonderfully shot, but the sex is not as passionate as I would wish. Mitchell does have at least one orgasm, however, at about 19:00, rubbing her clit as they fuck. Indeed, they seem to cum together at the end, which is pretty unusual. She may also cum earlier, when he is eating her. What is usual, for Royale's movies, is that he cums inside her.


Amy is wearing a latex dress and thigh highs when Tim comes home, and she seduces him with a couple drinks, then does a sort of strip tease as he sits and watches. He takes off her dress, and she lies over him and kisses him as she grinds her pussy on his leg. She lies across his lap, and he rubs her ass, and then they kneel up together. She rubs his cock through his pants, and he takes off her bra, and she his shirt, and he then licks her pussy through her panties before taking them off. She may cum here, but it's not clear. He then lies on the couch, and she straddles his foot, rubbing her pussy on his boots as she takes them off. She leans over him and kisses him, then takes off the other boot the same way. She kisses his stomach and undoes his pants, pulling them down and then sucking him. She then gets astride him on her knees and bounces on his cock. He lifts her and lies her on her back on the floor, leaning over her as she rubs her pussy. She cums at about 19:00, and him with her, it would seem.

Scene 2: Missy and Tony Tedeschi

Time: 9:00
Features: Internal
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Lisa (Missy) has sex with her boyfriend Jamie (Tony Tedeschi) when he visits her at Amy's house. The sex is playful and varied, and there is some pretty good communication between them. His talk is a bit nasty, but in a way that is fairly realistic. She seems to have a reasonable time, but she never seems very aroused.

Once again, the camera work is fantastic, with outstanding gender balance.


Naked, the two of them fall into bed, and he kisses her as he lies over her, then kisses her body. He licks her thighs, then her pussy, as they hold hands. They roll over, and she sucks his cock. She sucks his balls as he strokes himself, then takes him into her mouth again. She lies atop him, and they kiss, and he rolls them over and enters her. He falls onto his back, pulling her with him, and she rides him as they kiss. He then rolls them over again and thrusts hard into her, and he cums inside her.

Scene 3: Chloe Nichole and Tom Byron

Time: 9:00
Features: Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Missy watches a couple across the way have sex. The male partner has been cross-dressing as if for a "formal" occasion, and, after a bit of an argument, it leads to great, and very creative, sex. She certainly seems to enjoy herself, cumming as she rides his cock. Unusually, for Royale's movies, he does not cum inside her, but pulls out and cums on her pussy. But this is a natural part of their play, and she gets off and sucks him so she can taste his cum.

The camera work, as usual, is fantastic.


He is wearing a dress for some "formal" occasion, and they struggle and argue, as he pulls off his dress, and she complains that he is stretching her favorite panties. He then becomes quite dominant, pulling her mouth onto his cock as he holds her hair. He pulls her up and takes off her panties, then kneels over her and fucks her. He rolls onto his back, pulling her with him, and she squats over him, bouncing hard on his cock. She cums and then falls back along his body. He says he wants to cum and then, with great preparation, pulls out and cums on her pussy. She asks him if she can taste it, then gets off him and sucks him.

Scene 4: Missy

Time: 7:00

In this short scene, Daniel (Mickey G) directs Lisa (Missy) through a session of self-pleasure as he watches her through the telescope. It's fantastic, full of erotic tension, and probably should be thought of as a lead-in to the final scene.

Scene 5: Missy and Mickey G

Time: 14:00
Features: Internal

Daniel (Mickey G) invites Lisa (Missy) to come over to his house. When she does, he continues to direct her, in a very dominant way. It's a fantastic scene, full of passion. She clearly has a great time, even though she does not seem to orgasm.


She arrives at his house, and he tells her to stand before him, and then to take off her dress, kneel down, etc. They make out on the floor, and she kisses his chest and bites his cock through his pants. He licks her pussy from behind as he pulls her panties aside, then fingers her. She lies on her back and invites him "to slide that inside [her]", but he says he wants to be in her mouth, so she sits up and sucks him. He pushes her onto her back and puts a few fingers into her, then lies over her and enters her. He eventually cums inside her.

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