May 20, 2014

Torn, from New Sensations Couples

Time: 1:51, Director: Jacky St James, Eddie Powell, Date: 2012
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Raylene (35yo), Samantha Ryan (34yo), Tom Byron (51yo), India Summer (37yo), Steven St Croix (44yo), Remy LaCroix (24yo), and Chad Alva (27yo)


Drew (Steven St Croix) is having a midlife crisis of sorts, bored with his life and his marriage to Christine (India Summers). At an anniversary party for one of his co-workers, Vicky (Raylene), and her husband Roy (Tom Byron), Drew meets Vicky's niece, Mimi (Remy LaCroix), who is a photography student. The evolution of his affair with her, and how it affects his life, is the focus of the story.

I avoided watching this movie for a long time. I had heard so many good things about it that I was worried I'd be disappointed. The plot line is not one I'd expect to be well-handled in porn. But wow, was I wrong. The entire story is handled with a subtlety and tenderness for everyone involved that would be notable even in a mainstream movie. The gender stereotypes that one might worry would be built into the story are addressed directly and forthrightly. Christine is in no sense portrayed as a helpless, clueless victim, but is in fact a very strong woman, and Mimi steadfastly resists being cast as "the other woman". In fact, it is when she realizes she has, unwittingly, been playing that role that she breaks off the affair.

As for the sex, well, the sex is amazing, as is the way it is shot. My only complaint would be that the third scene feels slightly implausible, but it is hot anyway, and the camera work in that scene is particularly interesting.

All in all, this one of the best pornos I have ever seen. It is richly deserving of all the awards it won in 2013: Couples-Themed Release of the Year, Screenplay of the Year (Jacky St James), Best Actor in a Feature Movie (Steven St Croix), and Best Actress in a Couples-Themed Release (Remy LaCroix) at the XBiz Awards; and Best Actor, for St Croix, at the XRCO awards and the AVN awards, where Torn was also named Best Romance Movie and where LaCroix was nominated for Best Actress.

Scene 1: Raylene, Samantha Ryan, and Tom Byron

Time: 14:30
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

The first scene is a recounting by Christine of something she saw at an anniversary party for one of Drew's co-workers, Vicky (Raylene), and her husband Roy (Tom Byron). While coming out of the master bath, she saw Roy making out in the bedroom with one of the other guests (Samantha Ryan). They are soon joined, in the bathroom, by Vicky, while Christine hides in the shower. The women take turns fucking Roy, while kissing, eating, and touching each other and themselves.

Porn threesomes are so often disappointing, but this one...this one is smoking hot. The sex is passionate and extremely natural, and all three of them seem totally into each other. Ryan is the first to cum, having a leg-shaking orgasm as Raylene eats her pussy. She rubs herself to another orgasm with Byron fucking her as she sits on the sink. Raylene has her first orgasm while Ryan eats her and finger-fucks her, then cums again with Ryan rubbing her clit as Byron fucks her. He only gets to have one orgasm, cumming on Raylene's neck and tits as Samantha kisses him, after which the women then lick his cock clean.

The photography, too, is excellent, with lots of facial closeups as well as wider, whole body shots. We see quite a bit of his face, as well.


Tom and Samantha are making out in the bedroom, but then move into the bathroom. He turns her around, lifts her dress, and kisses her ass, then buries his face between her cheeks and licks her pussy. Raylene walks in on them, and Tom stands up and kisses her. The two women then make out, and Raylene takes off her top so Samantha can suck her tits. She unzips Tom's pants, takes out his cock, and sucks him, and then Samantha kneels down and takes a turn as well. They suck him together a bit, and Samantha then stands up and backs onto his cock as Raylene stands in front of her, kisses her, and plays with her tits as Samantha reaches under and rubs her pussy. She turns around and sucks him again as he undoes his pants, and Raylene then leans over the sink as Tom fucks her from behind. Samantha sits on the sink so Raylene can eat her pussy, and Raylene puts two fingers into Samantha, eating her to a leg-shaking orgasm. Tom pulls out of Raylene and starts fucking Samantha again, as she sits on the sink. Samantha rubs her pussy to another orgasm, and then Raylene sits on the sink as Samantha eats her, and Tom licks Samantha's pussy from behind, then stands up and fucks her again. Samantha puts a finger into Raylene while rubbing her clit, and Raylene seems to cum, as well. Samantha reaches back and rubs her clit again, and then Tom goes back to fucking Raylene as Samantha rubs both of their clits, and Raylene may cum again. Tom then pulls out and cums on Raylene's neck and tits as Samantha kisses him.

Amusingly, India Summer is trapped in the shower as this all happens.

Scene 2: India Summer and Steven St Croix

Time: 16:30
Features: Orgasm?
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

In the second scene, Drew more or less begs Christine to have sex with him, so he can assuage his guilt over his developing feelings for Mimi. Both of them seem to enjoy themselves quite a bit. She cums while he is going down on her, and he cums on her stomach.

The sex itself is more passionate than one might expect, given the state of the relationship between these two in the story, but it seems in the end to reflect the very real affection they have for each other. Still, there is a sense of sadness to it, probably because of the music, which is a quiet piano line.

The photography here is again fantastic.


He lies her back on the bed and pulls down her camisole to suck her tits, licking up her body and kissing her. He kneels down at the edge of the bed and kisses her feet, then pulls off her bottoms. He lies over her and kisses her, and she pulls his t-shirt over his head. He kisses her torso again, reaching down to stroke her pussy. He kisses his way between her legs and then goes down on her. She gets quite aroused and may cum. He then sits up, pulling her with him, and lifts her camisole over her head, then takes off his pajama bottoms. She then sucks his cock, first as he kneels and then as he lies back on the bed. He pulls her up onto his lap, and she slips him into her, and he then lies back on the bed as she leans over him. She grinds onto him, then leans back on her hands as he thrusts up into her. She leans over him again, grinding and kissing him, and he then turns them over, throwing her onto her back. He kneels up in front of her as she reaches down and rubs her clit, and he then pulls her legs up and back, together, sucking her toes as he fucks her. She spreads her legs again and goes back to rubbing her clit, and he then pulls out and cums on her stomach.

It seems likely that India cums somewhere along the way, but we are not sure exactly when.

Scene 3: Remy LaCroix and Chad Alva

Time: 13:00
Features: Rough Sex
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

In the third scene, Mimi (Remy LaCroix) has sex with her roommate (Chad Alva), who is "helping her forget" after her breakup with Drew. The sex itself has a desperate, passionate feeling, befitting this part of the story, and they never do any single thing for very long, moving quickly from one position to another. She never seems very near orgasm, but she does seems to enjoy herself, and she is very active. He cums on her tits.

The "rough sex" marker is because she gags when sucking him.

Once again, the photography is amazing, but it is very different in this scene, having a voyeuristic, almost amateurish quality that perfectly fits the story. The lighting is extremely dark throughout, and we never get a really good look at what is happening.


They kiss in the kitchen, and she quickly pulls down his pajamas and kneels down to suck his cock. She then sits on a chair, and he eats her pussy as he puts a finger into her. She leans over the counter, and he kneels behind her and licks her pussy, but she tells him, "Just fuck me", which he does. She reaches back and rubs her pussy. She then hops off the counter and sucks him again, with him holding her head and fucking her mouth. He then lies on the floor, and she squats over him, bouncing on his cock. They stand up, and he leans her over the counter again, reaching around to rub her clit. She turns around, lifting one leg in the air, and they fuck standing. She then turns back around, and he grabs ahold of her hair. She sucks him again, and he sits on the chair as she kind of sits on his leg but also bounces on his cock. They then lie on the floor again, spooning, as she reaches down and rubs her clit. He then kneels up in front of her, and she pulls her legs way back. He pulls out and cums on her tits.

Scene 4: Remy LaCroix and Steven St Croix

Time: 15:00
Features: I'm Gonna Cum, Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

The last scene is the sexual reunion of Mimi and Drew, who have sex in her studio. The beginning of the scene is really amazing, as they kiss and hold each other softly, yet passionately, in a way that very convincingly fits the story. The rest of the sex is passionate, as well. She cums while squatting over him, cowgirl-style, first bent over, looking into his eyes, and then sitting up as she approaches orgasm. He cums on her stomach.

The photography is not quite as good as in the first two scenes, nor as striking as in the third. It's not bad, by any means. In fact, it is much better than usual. But there are a few more porn clichés here than in the other scenes, and more of an exclusive focus on her sometimes.


They kiss, standing, in her studio, softly but passionately. She pulls off his shirt, and they just kind of hold each other. They kiss again, and he lifts off her shirt, then lifts her up into his arms as she wraps her legs around him. She jumps down, pulls down his pants, and kisses his cock through his boxers before lowering them and sucking him, pulling him deep into her mouth. She sits him back on a couch and takes off both his pants and hers as she sucks him. He sits up and kisses her, and she then gets astride him on her knees. She gets up on her feet and bounces on his cock as she leans over, touching her forehead to his and looking into his eyes. She sits up and announces an orgasm, then leans over to kiss him. He picks her up and lies her gently on the couch, then kneels in front of her, one leg on the floor and one on the couch. He pulls out and cums on her stomach.