July 18, 2014

Our Father, from Tabu Tales

Time: 2:03, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2014
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Penny Pax (24yo), Alec Knight (42yo), Dakota Skye (20yo), Ryan McLane, Carter Cruise (23yo), Steven St Croix (46yo), Ava Taylor (19yo), and John Strong (45yo)


Our Father was the first movie in the Tabu Tales series that we saw. It is a collection of four vignettes, all involving a man having sex with his step-daughter. There is something of a story that precedes the sex in each of the scenes, and several minutes are devoted to it each time. The story makes a real difference to the first two scenes, and one really has the sense that the performers are getting into the fantasy themselves, as a role play.

The first scene is, in our opinion, the best, but that is probably because (a) we love Penny Pax and (b) we love anal sex. And, as absurd as the story is, it is also the most convincing somehow, because Pax and Alec Knight are so into what they are doing. The second scene is also terrific, and the third is very good, though the story is a bit seedier, and the sex a bit rougher, than we would prefer. The last scene is the weak point, partly because it is just too long, and partly because the camera work is not as good as in the previous scenes.

Scene 1: My Anal Teacher (Penny Pax and Alec Knight)

Time: 28:11
Features: Anal, Ass to Mouth, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Penny has a great relationship with her step-dad, Alec, so she can talk to him about anything, including whether she should have anal sex with her boyfriend as a means of birth control. He is a doctor, and he offers to help her by introducing her to an anal vibrator, which he follows with his cock. To make it more realistic. Of course.

The acting is fantastic, and they talk to each other throughout the scene. He directs her, as the student she is. It is as if they are doing some hot role play, and they are both totally into it. Indeed, they do seem to be totally into the fantasy, and her pussy is incredibly swollen.

She has at least four orgasms, and he cums on her ass.

The camera work overall is excellent, though we do lose him a bit when she gets on her back and at other, similar points.


Penny lies on the bed in just a towel, and he sits behind her holding an anal vibrator, then puts coconut oil on her anus and puts the vibrator into her. She says it tickles, but she takes it all, and he suggests they try something bigger. He takes off his pants and lubes his cock, then gets behind her and puts the "bigger toy" into her ass. She is a bit troubled when she realizes what he is doing, but she decides she does not want him to stop, so he starts fucking her ass properly. He asks her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks, which "looks really good". She turns onto her back and reaches down to rub her clit as he continues fucking her, and she cums at about 15:45.

He then gets on his back, and she squats over him, reverse. She cums again at about 19:25, and then again not long afterwards. She then gets off him and sucks his cock, and they switch to doggy style, with him in her ass again. She falls onto her chest, reaching back to rub her clit, and she cums again at about 24:55. He cums on her ass.

Scene 2: Daddy Knows Best (Dakota Skye and Ryan McLane)

Time: 24:15
Features: Deepthroat, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Dakota wants to get breast implants, but Ryan thinks she shouldn't, even though her mother did. Dakota ends up showing him her tits and asking him what he thinks. He says that her tits are gorgeous and that she is very beautiful. He also says he should leave before he says something he would regret, but she asks him what he was going to say, and he says he wishes he could prove to her how sexy she is. She asks him to do so, and they have sex on her bed.

It's a really sexy premise, one that makes what follows an expression of his love for her, even if a questionable one.

The sex is fantastic, and she seems to have a great time. She cums several times, and he cums on her stomach.

Unfortunately, the camera work in this scene is not as well balanced as in the previous one. We do not see much of him when she is sucking him. When they start fucking, there are some wider shots, but the camera is mostly tight on her, and there is even something close to a POV shot. We lose him a bit, too, when she is on top of him, as he is behind her, espcially when she is reverse.

They exchange a lot of familial language, but it feels more forced than in the first scene. They do not really stay within the role play when they are fucking.


They kiss, standing in her bedroom, and he lifts her shirt and sucks her tits. He takes off her shirt, and she unbuttons his, then pulls down his pants and sucks his cock, taking him all the way into her mouth several times. He stands her up and then lies her on the edge of the bed, taking off her panties. She pulls her legs back and apart, and he enters her. She pulls her legs up and together for a time, then spreads them again and reaches down to rub her clit.

They disengage, and he lies on the bed as she sucks his cock again briefly. She then gets atop him on her knees, and they fuck hard and fast, which seems to get her very aroused. She may even cum. They slow down, then speed up again as she lies down over him. She reaches back and digs her nails into her ass and seems as if she is about to cum, but then she gets off him and sucks him again. She turns around and gets on him, reverse. She seems to cum at about 15:45. She reaches down to rub her clit, and she cums again at about 16:45 and maybe again at about 17:30.

They switch to spooning, and she is so aroused that she is basically purring. She reaches down to rub her clit, and she cums yet again at about 19:30. He then gets up and pulls her to the edge of the bed again, standing up in front of her, and she pulls her legs up and together. She rubs her clit a bit, and he pulls out and cums on her stomach, and a little bit on her right tit.

"You made me feel so beautiful, Daddy", she says.

Scene 3: The Price of Admission (Carter Cruise and Steven St Croix)

Time: 33:53
Features: Analingus, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Carter is in trouble for blowing a guy in the back of calculus. Her step-father, Steven, says he'd spank her if she were his daughter, so she stands up, turns around, and pulls down her shorts. He ignores her, and she teases him about whether he's thought about fucking her. She threatens to tell everyone he assaulted her unless he spanks her. So he does.

This scene is a lot nastier than the other ones. It is not at all romantic, as she basically blackmails him into fucking her. The sex gets quite rough, with lots of slapping and spitting, and some choking. Neither of them is a particularly sympathetic character, either, but the "naughty schoolgirl" fantasy is a pretty common one, and I suppose that's what this is. They do both seem very into the role play, as well, and to be very aroused by it. They also seem very into each other. She cums a couple times, and he cums on her ass.

The camera work is generally excellent, though the focus is more on her than on him. It also has a dark quality that fits the scene very well.

The only problem with the scene, really, is just how long it is. The sex, though hot, isn't varied enough to justify 27 minutes of it.


He throws her on his desk and starts slapping her ass, and she then rolls over and pulls him to her, kissing him. He keeps spanking her, then starts rubbing her pussy as he lifts her shirt and sucks her tits. He lifts her legs and starts spanking her again, then spreads her legs and slaps her pussy, though not terribly hard. He then kneels at the end of the desk, spreads her legs, and eats her pussy. He gets up and kisses her again, and she asks him to spit into her mouth, which he does. He then bites her neck, and she asks him to slap her, as well. He stands up and undoes his shirt and pants, and she hops on the floor and says she wants to suck his cock. But he makes her wait and "ask nicely" as he holds her hair.

She puts him into her mouth and starts sucking him, and he holds her by the hair and fucks her mouth, then leans over to kiss her. He kneels down with her and sucks her tits and kisses her as she masturbates him, and he squeezes her tits hard, then reaches down and fingers her pussy. He stands up, and she sucks him again, and he then sits down in his chair. She takes off his shoes and pants with one hand as she strokes his cock with the other. He guides her mouth to his cock again, and she breaks to kiss his stomach and chest.

He stands up and spits into her mouth again, then stands her up and takes off her panties. He leans her over the desk and eats her pussy from behind, slapping her ass a few more times, as well. He stands up and kisses her neck, and she asks him "please" to fuck her. He enters her from behind and fucks her slowly, turning her face toward his so he can kiss her, then pushing her down onto the desk. He pulls her up to him and puts his arm around her neck, then pushes her down again, disengages, and licks her ass. He picks her up and moves her to a different part of the desk, lifting one of her legs onto it, and her licks her ass again, with her asking him to spit on her pussy and ass. He then starts fucking her from behind, and he puts his hand over her mouth, telling her they have to be quiet. He spits on her face and slaps her again, then pulls her up and holds her arms behind her back.

He picks her up and lies her on the desk, fucking her as he stands in front of it and squeezing her tits hard. She reaches down and rubs her clit, then cums hard at about 23:40, going completely silent and rigid when she does. They keep fucking, a bit more slowly now, with him leaning over her and kissing her. He then lies on the desk himself, pulling her on top of him. She squats and bounces on his cock, and he thrusts hard up into her. She then grinds onto him, and she cums again at about 27:15, then leans over to kiss him as they pause. He starts to fuck her again, slowly, and she then gets off him and sucks his cock again. He sits up and kisses her as she strokes his cock, and he then lies her over the desk again, holding her arms behind her back, and fucks her, putting himself into her and then pulling all the way out, several times. He then starts fucking her faster, and she asks him to spank her. He pulls out and cums on her ass.

Scene 4: The List (Ava Taylor and John Strong)

Time: 36:41
Features: Bondage, Cum in Mouth, Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

John is having sex with everyone except his wife, but what he'd really like to do is have sex with his step-daughter, Ava. They end up talking about his sex life, and she asks him if he's ever had sex with a virgin. He says he hasn't, and she asks if he'd like to do so. He says he would, and she then says she's still a virgin, and that she'd like him to be her first. "If you weren't my daughter, you'd be naked by now", he says, so she stands up and takes off her clothes, except for her panties. "Please", she says.

She stays very much in character, acting as if it is her first time, but suspension of disbelief is kind of difficult in this case, and she is not terribly convincing. It is also a bit ridiculous how, when she cums, she acs as if she has no idea what just happened—as if she's never masturbated? And the positions she gets into are not very believable. The pornish ending doesn't help, either.

And, unfortunately, the camera work is not great here. The focus is very tightly on her for much of the time, and we barely see him when they start fucking. It's quite pornish, in short.

But the real problem, even more so than with the previous scene, is that this one is simply too long—and it would be too long even if were quite a lot better than it is.


They kiss, standing, as he rubs her tits, then takes off her panties, so she is naked. He rubs her pussy, putting a finger between her labia, then into her pussy, which (she pretends) is difficult. She lies back on the couch, and he continues to finger her (and she continues to pretend). He takes off his shirt and goes down on her, and he stands up and takes off his pants, then goes back to eating her. He stands in front of her, and she says she doesn't know if she can do it, but he slides his cock into her, then fucks her slowly, then more quickly. She reaches down to rub her pussy, and she cums at about 13:20. They switch to spooning, and he then lies back on the couch as she sucks his cock, wanting to "learn". He stands, and she continues sucking him as she kneels in front of him. She then leans over the couch, and he fucks her from behind, slapping her ass from time to time. He then reclines on the couch, and she gets atop him on her knees, then turns around and squats over him, reverse. She gets off him and sucks him again, then lies on the couch with her legs spread and pulled back, and he fucks her as he stands in front of her. He then tells her he is going to teach her to taste cum, so she kneels in front of him and sucks him. He takes over and cums in her mouth and on her face.