August 29, 2014

Haunted Hearts, from Wicked Passions

Time: 1:32, Director: Stormy Daniels, Date: 2014
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: Wicked B2B, IAFD
Cast: Dana DeArmond (35yo), Michael Vegas, Aaliyah Love (33yo), India Summer (39yo), Steven St Croix (46yo), Dani Jensen (27yo), and Seth Gamble


For reasons he does not know, Blake (Michael Vegas) inherits the entire estate of an aunt he has not seen in years, even though her son Roger (Steven St Croix) is still alive. So he moves from New York to California, arriving to find a woman, Arabella (Aaliyah Love), who claims to have been his dead aunt's caretaker. The mystery deepens when Blake starts seeing the ghost of Roger's long-dead sister Anna (Dani Jensen). And the plot thickens when we learn that both Arabella and her sister Vivian (India Summer) are in fact working for Roger, which makes things all the more complciated for Arabella when she starts falling for Blake.

So what we have here is a mystery, and it's not a bad one. There are some nice twists and turns, and the resolution of the story—which involves a crucial intervention by Blake's friend and sometime lover, Mara (Dana DeArmond)---is satisfying enough. But the story does feel a bit over-written at times. And, though a good bit of time is spent on it, about thirty minutes or so, most of that time is at the beginning, so the end seems a bit rushed.

The more serious problem is that the acting is very inconsistent. It is sometimes very good. The initial interaction between Blake and Mara is terrific, which isn't all that surprising since it involves Dana DeArmond, who is herself so terrific. But Aaliyah Love is much less convincing as Arabella, and some of the dialogue between her and Blake feels forced. There are also some issues with the sound from time to time.

On the plus side, though, there are some fantastically good sex scenes here. The first is one of the best sex scenes we have ever seen, even though DeArmond doesn't orgasm. The third scene is not quite that good, but it is close. And, despite our compalints above, the story is enjoyable and reasonably well told. So we'd be perfectly happy to watch this one again.

Scene 1: Dana DeArmond and Michael Vegas

Time: 17:00
Features: Analingus
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Blake (Michael Vegas) and Mara (Dana DeArmond) have sex "for old times' sake" before he leaves for California.

In many ways, this is one of the best sex scenes we have ever seen. It is wonderfully playful and fun. You really have a sense of two friends just enjoying each other. They are very caring and gentle with each other, and the way they talk to each other throughout the scene is amazing, and very much in character. And they both seem to have a fantastic time, though she does not cum. She does seem very aroused through much of the scene, though.

The camera work is absolutely wonderful. The scene is shot from a wide variety of angles, with no shot lingering for very long. There are great views of both of them, including shots of his face as she rides him.


They start kissing on the bed, and they each take off their shirt. They kneel and kiss, and he takes off his shoes and tosses her on the bed, then kisses her chest and stomach. He takes off her pants and kisses her legs. They kiss again, and he takes off her panties and goes down on her. She bucks her hips at his mouth and really seems to get into it. He puts a couple fingers into her, then licks her asshole, as well.

They switch positions—they are both naked now—and she sucks his cock. He thrusts up into her mouth, and she stops and teases him, then sucks his balls. She then gets atop him on her knees, just after he reaches into his pants, as if to get a condom.

They switch to kneeling missionary, and she sits up on her elbows, then lies back. "Come and give me a kiss", she says. She reaches down and rubs her clit, and he leans over to kiss her as she puts her legs over his shoulders. They switch to doggy style, and she kneels up with him. He disengages and eats her from behind, then re-enters her. He cums on her ass.

"Wow, you saving this up for a while?" she asks.

Scene 2: Aaliyah Love and Michael Vegas

Time: 16:00
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Blake and Arabella (Aaliyah Love) have sex in front of a fire.

Like the first scene, this one is wonderfully shot, with a wide variety of angles and terrific gender balance. And, as in that scene, there is a great sense of connection between them, as they talk and giggle. But the sex itself isn't all that passionate, and her vocalizations seem a bit overdone. She seems to enjoy herself, but never seems terribly aroused.

There are some continuity issues here, too, especially when they start fucking.


They kiss in front of a fire and slowly lose their clothes, which leaves her in a pretty black bra and panty set and him in pants. He lowers her bra and sucks her tits, then reaches between her legs and rubs her pussy. She wriggles out of her panties, and he rubs her clit as he kisses her, then goes down on her as he fingers her.

He stands up and she drops his pants and sucks his cock as she kneels in front of him. They kneel down together and kiss, then start fucking in a spooning position. She then gets atop him on her knees and rides his cock. They then switch to kneeling missionary, and he disengages and goes down on her again before re-entering her.

"I want your cum all over me. Make me dirty!" she says, and he cums on her stomach.

Scene 3: India Summer and Steven St Croix

Time: 14:00
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Deepthroat, Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Roger (Steven St Croix) has sex with one of his accomplices, Vivian (India Summer).

There is a really intense connection between these two, and there is great communication between them, as well. The camera work is not quite as good as in the first two scenes, however. She is a bit more the focus here, but the balance is still very good, and the shots are very creative and varied.

We think she cums at least once, as he eats her, and maybe again later, rubbing her clit as they fuck, but it is hard to tell.


They make out on the couch, and she leads him to a bed. He pushes her back onto it, then pulls her panties aside and starts teasing her pussy. He pulls off her panties, then whips off her dress, and picks her up as he sucks her tits. He lies her back on the bed and goes down on her, then sits up and puts a finger into her. She cums at about 57:15, as he leans over and sucks her clit.

She reaches down and rubs her clit as he sucks her tits. He then stands up and teases her again, saying, "You can't have it yet". She then leans over and sucks his cock, taking him deep at his request, then bobbing on him.

They start fucking doggy style, and she reaches back to rub her clit. He disengages and eats her from behind, then re-enters her. They switch to spooning, and he squeezes her tits. She rubs her clit again, and he squeezes her nipples, then rolls her onto her side more and fucks her hard. They switch to missionary, with her legs back and up—though her shoes are still on—and she rubs her clit again, cumming, we think, at about 1:06:30. He lies over her and fucks her hard, then pulls out and cums on her torso, shooting up onto her neck.

Scene 4: Dani Jensen and Seth Gamble

Time: 12:00
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

This is a flashback: Anna (Dani Jensen) has sex with her boyfriend (Seth Gamble) in her room.

There is not as much foreplay in this scene as in the others, but it is supposed to be a bit desperate, and the sex is appropriately passionate. But she never seems all that aroused, though she does seem to enjoy herself.

They don't talk, or act, as much in this scene as in the others, either, and it is not really set up as well as it might have been.

Again, though, the scene is really well shot. There are great shots of his face as they fuck, though we lose him a bit as they are doggy style.


They kiss standing, and she falls onto the bed. She reaches down and undoes his pants as they kiss, then sits up and takes off her shirt. He kissses her stomach, then takes off her pants and panties. He gets between her legs and eats her pussy as she takes off her bra, and she reaches down to hold his hand.

He lies back and she sucks his cock. She then gets atop him on her knees as he thrusts up into her. They sit up together and bounce, and she then lies over onto him again and rides him. They switch to doggy style, and he cums on her ass.