September 9, 2014

Never Ending Love, from Erotica X

We want to draw special attention to the video "Never Ending Love", from Erotica X, featuring Tyler Nixon and Callie Calypso.
This video isn't perfect, but there are things about it that are truly amazing.
In many ways, it is one of the best porno videos we have ever seen. The story with which it opens is perhaps a little corny, but it is extremely romantic, and its provides a wonderful setting for what follows.
The sex is beyond passionate. Callie is fairly loud and expressive, so it is not always clear when she is cumming and when she is just having some other sort of peak of arousal. But she cums at least four or five times.
What's really amazing, though, is the last few minutes. Callie cums so hard that she cries, and she then starts telling Tyler how much she loves him. Whether it is acted or not, it is totally convincing, and it is really, really hot.
What keeps it from being the best video we've ever seen are two things. First, the camera work is mediocre. We don't see Tyler's face at all when Callie is sucking his cock, for example. Her face, and his cock, are almost at the very edge of the frame, with her body and his legs taking up the rest of it. We lose sight of him too much when they are fucking, as well. And that, as we've said in other reviews, tends to make the scene feel monotonous. There simply isn't enough variation in the shots.
Still, it is rare to see such passion in a porno.

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