September 24, 2014

The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee, from New Sensations Erotic Stories

Time: 2:08, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2014
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: India Summer (39yo), Johnny Castle (34yo), Natalia Starr (21yo), Xander Corvus (26yo), Maddy O'Reilly (24yo), Jessa Rhodes (21yo), and Steven St Croix (46yo)


This movie was much awarded at the 2015 XBiz Awards. The movie itself won the award for Couples-Themed Release of the Year, and Xander Corvus and Maddy O'Reilly won for Best Actor and Actress in a Couples-Themed Release. Anna Lee also the 2015 Feminist Porn Award for Steamiest Straight Movie.

Anna Lee (Maddy O'Reilly) grew up in a home with a single mother who was very sex-negative, and she struggles with her sexuality. Her doctor refers her to Whitney (India Summer) and Gaige (Steven St Croix), who practice an "unconventional" brand of sex therapy, and she checks into their retreat, the Variel House.

While there, she has to complete a series of "tasks" that are designed to unlock her sexuality. Eventually, she is paired with another "patient", Emmett (Xander Corvus), to do their tasks together. Profoundly attracted to him, Anne Lee finds herself fantasizing about, and falling for, Emmett. But he is terrified of any connection with another person and leaves suddenly, before their work is complete. When Anna Lee leaves Variel House, however, she asks that the video journal she was required to keep be sent to Emmett. He is so touched by what she shared with him that he goes to find her, and the film ends with them making love.

This is a great movie, and we do not just mean a great porno. It is a terrific story, even if the kind of work being done at "Variel House" seems a bit implausible. But the story is really about Anna Lee, her struggle with her sexuality, and her triumph over her past. Maddy O'Reilly does a wonderful job conveying the wide range of emotions that her character might have: scared, but determined; sexy, but constrained; then joyful and free. It's really quite incredible how we learn, through the movie, what exactly it is about Anna Lee's sexual desires that it is so hard for her to come to terms with. We're never told. We're shown and, to some extent, have to figure it out for ourselves.

Maybe our favorite part of the movie is a sequence is which we see snippets of the tasks that Anna Lee and Emmett perform together. It is extremely sexy and even beautiful, with so much being conveyed by the way the scenes are shot. Indeed, we really cannot say enough about what great work Eddie Powell does here, as Director of Photography. As was the case in Temptation of Eve and Submission of Emma Marx, the different sex scenes are shot in very different ways, and always in a way that adds something to the emotional and sexual content of the scene.

There are some great sex scenes here, too. The first, with India Summer and Johnny Castle, is incredibly hot, and it is a great example of how the story that surrounds the sex can heighten the erotic charge. And the last scene, when Anna Lee and Emmett finally have sex, is truly astonishing. Both of them do an amazing job of staying in character and conveying their mutual passion for what they are doing.

There is a lot of rough sex in this movie, much more than one would typically find in a "romance" or "couples" release. But, as we have said elsewhere, there is nothing wrong with rough sex, if that is what the performers, and characters, want to be doing. And, as the movie progresses, we learn, in effect, that the reason for Anna Lee's struggle is precisely her inability to accept the nature of her desires. Asking Emmett to spank her, to choke her, and to make her gag on his cock is her victory celebration.


See this post for some more thoughts about this great movie.

Scene 1: India Summer and Johnny Castle

Time: 15:00
Features: Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Whitney (Summer) and Michael (Castle) have sex while Anna Lee (Maddy O'Reilly) sits, blindfolded, and listens to them. It's an extremely sexy scene, and a great example of how the story that surrounds the sex can heighten the erotic charge.

They are both fairly vocal, and they talk quite a lot. But of course that fits the scene, since Anna Lee is supposed to be listening to them.

The camera work is generally very good. There are plenty of wide shots, and it is especially well shot as she sucks him. Overall, though, she feels a bit more the focus than he is, and the camera work becomes a bit more conventional when they are spooning and when they are doggy style. But there are also some very creative shots, from Anna Lee's perspective, more or less, even though she is blindfolded, as well as some silhouetted shots, suggesting that perhaps she can see, a bit, through the blindfold.


They kiss, standing, and she pushes him back onto a couch as he takes off his pants. She kneels next to him and sucks his cock, and he takes off her dress. She turns around and kisses him as she strokes his dick, then goes back to sucking him. "Your dick deserves to be worshipped", she says. She then gets between his legs and, at his request, sucks his balls while stroking his cock.

They switch positions, and he eats her pussy as she reclines on the couch. He then gets on the couch behind her, and they spoon. She reaches down and rubs her clit a bit, and they switch to a 69, with her atop him. He then sits on the couch, and she gets astride him on her knees, bouncing on his cock as he thrusts into her.

She gets off him and sucks him again, and they switch to doggy style. She announces an orgasm and may cum at about 20:00. He then reclines on the couch again, and she sucks him as he reaches over and slaps her ass a couple times. "What do you want to do to my pussy next?" she asks, then lies on the couch as he kneels over her and fucks her hard. She reaches down to rub her clit, and they switch to doggy style again. He then cums on her ass.

Scene 2: Natalia Starr and Xander Corvus

Time: 18:00
Features: Bondage, Rough Sex
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

This is a fantasy that Emmett (Xander Corvus) shares with his therapist. Marielle (Natalia Starr) has been tied to a bed all day, wearing fishnet lingerie and a mask. Emmett comes home after work, and they have sex.

She seems to enjoy herself, and she seems quite aroused, but she never seems very near orgasm. That may fit the scene, however, since she is supposed to be a prostitute.

Corvus does an amazing job of staying in character. Emmett is into having sex with Marielle, but he is in another way almost detached.

Our overall sense was that this scene went on a bit long. The lack of any real connection between the characters probably contributed to that.

The camera work is terrific, fitting the scene very well. There are a lot of wide shots, and a lot of very creative shots as well.


He sticks his finger in her pussy, then slaps her tit. He lowers his pants and leans over her, putting his cock into her and grabbing her big tits roughly, slapping them again. He stands up and takes off his pants, then kneels between her legs and re-enters her. He rips the lingerie off her tits and squeezes them, then takes off his shirt and tie as he fucks her. He leans over her again and puts his hand over her mouth to quiet her. He kneels up again and fucks her hard, then undoes one of her legs and puts it over his shoulder, then rolls her onto her side a bit.

They undo the rest of her restraints, and she sucks him as he lies on his back. She then gets astride him on her knees and bounces on his cock, then holds still as he thrusts up into her. She squats over him, and he fucks her hard, then tosses her back on the bed. He rolls her onto her stomach and enters her from behind as she lifts her ass in the air. He puts his tie around her face and into her mouth, like a bridle, and slaps her ass as he fucks her.

They then fall onto their sides and spoon. She turns back to look at him, but he looks away from her. He asks her to squeeze her "breasts" together, which she does, and she reaches down to rub her clit. He reaches over and grabs her throat, then reaches down and rubs her clit himself. He then kneels up between her legs, asking her to squeeze her "tits" together and grabbing her throat again. He pulls out and cums on her torso, shooting up onto her neck.

Scene 3: Maddy O'Reilly and Xander Corvus

Time: 3:00
Features: Orgasm?, Vibrator

This is a short scene in which Anna Lee masturbates with a vibrator while fantasizing about Emmett.

Scene 4: Jessa Rhodes and Steven St Croix

Time: 13:00
Features: Deepthroat
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

This is basically Anna Lee's fantasy about Elize (Jessa Rhodes) and Gaige.

There's great chemistry between them, and she seems to enjoy herself and to be reasonably aroused. But it surprised us that Anna Lee's fantasy wouldn't have included at least one orgasm for Elize.

The camera work is again fantastic, with a great mix of shots, including some that are not at all typical for porn. It becomes a little more conventional, though, when they are doggy style.


He puts his hand into her hose and rubs her pussy, then stands up as she undoes his pants and sucks him. He then reclines on the couch, and she gets atop him in a 69. She squats over him, reverse, as he reclines on the couch, reaching down to rub her clit. She turns around and gets astride him on her knees, riding his cock and putting a finger into his mouth. She squats over him, and he grabs her hips and helps her grind onto him.

He sits up and kisses her, and they switch to doggy style. They disengage, and she sucks him again as he kneels on the couch, taking him deep into her mouth. He then tosses her on the couch and goes down on her. He then between her legs and re-enters her, then pulls out and cums on her torso.

Scene 5: India Summer, Jessa Rhodes, Maddy O'Reilly, Johnny Castle, and Steven St Croix

Time: 7:30
Features: Bondage, Massage, Rough Sex

Anna Lee's final task is to "surrender" to being pleasured by Whitney, Gaige, Michael, and Elize. In fact, we learn in the Behind the Scenes section of the DVD that O'Reilly did not know exactly what would be done to her.

It's an incredibly intense scene for how short it is. There is, however, an extended scene on the DVD, which lasts 18:26. The overall structure of the scene is the same, but more time is devoted to each part.

The camera work here is fantastic, fitting perfectly.


Anan Lee is tied to an X while wearing a short zip dress. Whitney blindfolds her and kisses her and unzips the top of the dress, rubbing her tits and then pouring chocolate sauce over her chest before sucking her tits. Whitney leaves, and Gaige appears and kisses her, then rubs an ice cube over her nipples. Her dress lifted to her hips, he flogs her thighs and pussy, then pours wax over her torso. Michael then appears and feeds a large vibrator into her mouth, then teases her pussy with it. Elize then kisses Anna Lee and drips honey into her mouth, which she licks off her face. She strokes a feather over Anna Lee's body, then and all four of them appear together, pleasuring Anna Lee. Whitney reaches down and rubs Anna Lee's pussy, and she cums hard at about 1:39:15.

Scene 6: Maddy O'Reilly and Xander Corvus

Time: 21:00
Features: Bondage, Massage, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex

Wow. What an incredible scene, and what an amazing job they do staying in character. They do a great job conveying their mutual interest in what they are doing, especially hers. It's particularly interesting how he becomes more dominant even as he is handcuffed.

The sex is very rough, especially for a New Sensations Romance release. But it is obviously exactly what Anna Lee wants—and we see now that her struggle to come to terms with her sexuality had a lot to do with her inability to accept the nature of her desires.

The camera work is great again, though she is a bit more of the focus than he is, but not in a detrimental way.


She grabs him and kisses him at the door, then takes him to her bedroom and tosses him on the bed.

"I want you to be rough with me", she says.

"No problem", he responds.

"But first you have to earn it."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah", she breathes. "First, deprivation. Then reward. And then punishment", she says, handcuffing him to the bed.

She kisses him again, then straddles him. She takes off her dress and kisses him, then pulls off his pants and teases his cock, kissing it gently and stroking it with her tits. She straddles him again and kisses him, then rubs her panty-clad pussy over his cock. She gets off him and teases his cock again with her mouth, then goes up and kisses him, gently but passionately. She gets between his legs and licks his balls, then teases his cock yet more. She then sucks him more seriously, taking him as deep as she can, at his request.

She undoes the handcuffs, and he tosses her back on the bed. He kisses her roughly, then turns her on her side and enters her, fucking her hard as he holds her arms behind her back. He grabs a small paddle and spanks her a couple times, then lies over her.

He gets off her and pulls her to the edge of the bed, cuffing her hands behind her back. He stands at the edge of the bed and fucks her from behind. He takes off her panties and stuffs them in her mouth, then slapps her tits as she turns onto her side. He grabs her throat, and she says she is close, and he slaps her ass again, as she asks him spank her.

He pulls her off the bed, sits her on the floor, and fucks her mouth hard. "I love choking on it", she says. "I want you to make my eyes water". He forces his cock back into her mouth and gives her what she wants.

He lifts her back onto the bed and re-enters her, throwing her legs to one side. He slaps her tits again. "I'm so close", she says, then asks her to put his hands on her, which seems to mean choking her. He fucks her very hard, and she cums explosively at about 2:00:30.

He pulls out and rubs he clit, then takes off the handcuffs and pulls her on top of him on her knees. She rides him as he thrusts up into her, grabbing at her throat again. She squats over him, bouncing hard. She then goes still, and he thrusts hard up into her as she squats, and she cums again at about 2:02:30. He throws her onto her back and kneels between her legs as she puts one leg over his shoulder. He pulls out and cums on her torso. She reaches down and rubs it around, tasting him off her fingers.


  1. I stumbled into the middle of this movie tonight, and was prepared for the worst. As I watched it I started mumbling to myself "Hey, they actually can act!" Anna was adorable. As a psychologist who does sec therapy, I thought some of the "tasks" were pretty well designed as far as helping Anna and Emmett struggle through sexual inhibition and terror of intimacy, respectively. It was romantic seeing their love develop in the process. The final scene showing their sex/love connection was romantically satisfying, and erotic, but eventually I do get bored watching other people have sex.

    1. One criticism we have of Jacky St James's movies is that the sex scenes are sometimes too long. This is likely because the movie has been made to conform to certain conventions of mainstream pornography, namely, that there are supposed to be a certain number of sex scenes, and that these are supposed to be a certain sort of length. And that is probably because the movie is being made for a mainstream studio, and they have certain preconceptions about how it is supposed to be.

      This is ironic, since the market research New Sensations did before launching the Romance Series showed, among other things, that women generally wanted the sex scenes to be shorter, as well as better integrated into the stories. If you look at our reviews of those movies, you'll see that, indeed, they are at least shorter. The same is true of the movies in the Wicked Passions series. The sex scenes tend to run about 12-15 minutes there.

      Fortunately, many independent directors have started to get away from this paradigm. Erika Lust and, especially, Ovidie are good examples, and "Marriage 2.0" (review soon) breaks that mold, too.


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