November 17, 2014

Incestuous, from Tabu Tales

Time: 2:02, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2013
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Riley Reid (22yo), Alec Knight (41yo), Ariella Ferrera (34yo), Van Wylde (23yo), Adriana Chechik (21yo), Steven St Croix (45yo), Brandi Love (40yo), and Chad Alva (28yo)


Four vignettes focused on sex between steps. The first and third scenes involve a man and his step-daughter; the second and fourth, a woman and her step-son.

There are three great scenes here. The first features Riley Reid as a college cheerleader who satisfies a long-standing fantasy of her step-father (Alec Knight). She teases him mercilessly at the beginning as he struggles to resist her, but of course she wins in the end. The second has a woman training to be a massage therapist (Ariella Ferrera) practice on her injured son (Van Wylde), which leads to some very passionate sex. But it's the third scene that is the charm. Steven St Croix has been having a four-year affair with his step-daughter, and now she wants to fuck him on her mother's bed. He resists, uselessly, again, and the sex they have is intense.

The sex here is "dirtier", and rougher, than in the other movies in this series that we had seen at this time, and that includes one that was later (Our Father). But it is never degrading—except in a good way. And this generally tends to make the sex feel more natural and spontaneous.

The camera work throughout is terrific, with a great mix of shots. Our only complaint is that almost all of the scenes felt like they went on just a little bit too long.

Scene 1: Daddy's Little Cheerleader (Riley Reid and Alec Knight)

Time: 27:15
Features: Cum in Mouth, Mouth Fucking
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Riley made the cheerleading squad, and her step-father gets all hot and bothered when she shows him her outfit. He goes into the bathroom to masturbate, but she interrupts him and he can't finish. She starts teasing him and jumps on his back, and he starts tickling her and pins her to the bed. "I'll bet you've never been on top of a cheerlearder, have you?" she says. She then throws him to the floor and keeps teasing him. "I bet you never had your dicked sucked by a cheerleader, have you?" He tries to resist, but it is useless.

She is incredibly naughty, and convincingly so, and she does a great job carrying the story through the scene, continuing to tease him as she sucks him and then as they fuck.

There is really great chemistry between them, and the sex is passionate, but we had the feeling that the various sequences went on a little bit long and could have been edited a bit more. And, while she seems to have a fairly good time, she never seem all that aroused, and certainly nowhere near orgasm. Maybe she is just having too much fun teasing her step-dad. The ending is a bit pornish, as well, though it makes reasonable sense in the context of the scene.

The camera work is very good at the beginning, with a nice mix of shots, though she is a bit more the focus when they are fucking, and we lose him at times. There are also some POV-ish shots, though nothing too bad.

The rating is as much, then, for how hot the story is and for how well it is acted as for the quality of the sex.


She gets between his legs, undoes his pants, and starts sucking him. She kisses him, then stands up, stradding his legs, and takes off her panties, then slowly lifts her skirt over her hips. She kicks her panties on his face, then turns around. He sits up and lifts her skirt, licking her pussy from behind. "I knew you'd eat good pussy. I can always hear Mom moaning", she says. She leans over and rubs his cock, and he spanks her lightly a few times, at her request.

He asks her to sit on the couch, and he pulls her ass to the edge and goes down on her. He half-kneels in front of her and enters her, and she reaches down and rubs her clit, pulling her top over her tits. They switch positions, so he is sitting and she is astride him on her knees. She takes off her top and rides him as he sucks her tits. She reaches back and feels his cock, then rubs her asshole a bit.

She gets off him, kneels on the couch, and asks him to fuck her from behind. He licks her a bit and then does so. She reaches back and rubs her asshole again, and he pulls out for a moment and slaps her pussy with his cock. He puts his thumb into her anus just a bit and then slaps her ass again.

They disengage, and she turns around and sucks him again. He holds her hair and fucks her mouth, a bit roughly, but not too much so, and she slobbers all over him and onto her tits. She continues bobbing on his cock, then sucks his balls as he masturbates, and he cums into her mouth and onto her face.

Scene 2: Forbidden Touch (Ariella Ferrera and Van Wylde)

Time: 38:25
Features: Deepthroat, Tit Fuck
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

She has retired as an accountant and is training to be a massage therapist. As part of her training, she has to give 400 hours of massage, so she gives her step-son a massage when he gets injured at football practice. He turns over onto his back, then sits up and kisses her, then buries his face in her tits.

There is not as much sexual tension in this story as in the first scene. She does a good job continuing the story, but it is not as prominent as in the first scene.

The massage lasts about six minutes, which leaves over 32 minutes for sex, so the sex really needs to be good. And, to be honest, the various fucking sequences go on a bit too long and could have been edited a little bit more. But the way she teases him at the beginning is really terrific, and the rest of the sex is also very passionate, as well as more creative than one usually sees. It's extremely hot how aggressive and in charge she is, and the way they talk to each other at the end is really sexy.

She really does seem to enjoy herself, and we think she has a few orgasms, but it is hard to tell. She is very loud, generally speaking.

For the most part, the camera work is really terrific, with a great mix of closer and wider shots, including excellent shots of both their faces. We lose him a little bit when they are fucking, though, and there are some POV-ish shots as she is sucking him. So, in those ways, it might have been a bit better. But it is still very, very good.


They kiss on the massage table, with her lying over him. She kisses his neck as he rubs her ass, and she then says she needs to finish the massage. She kisses his chest, then makes her way down his body and sucks his cock. She sits up and kisses him, then takes off her shirt and rubs her huge tits on his cock, then goes back to sucking him. She then wraps her tits around his cock and tit-fucks him. She sits up and kisses him again, then continues sucking him, taking him all the way into her mouth.

She kneels up and starts to take off her pants, and he sets her on the massage table and finishes undressing her, then goes down on her. She seems as if she is about to cum, but then stops him. She says she wants him in her, and he kneels over her and enters her. She reaches down and rubs her clit and starts quivering. He pulls out and rubs his cock fast against her clit, then goes back to fucking her as she masturbates.

He pulls out and straddles her chest, and she sucks him again. He then slides his cock between her tits and fucks them. "Do you like having Mommy's tits around your cock?" she asks him, then takes him into her mouth.

They switch positions so he is lying on the table and she is squatting over him, reverse. She reaches down and rubs her clit a bit as she bounces on him hard, and she cums at about 21:25, then hops off him and sucks him again.

She gets astride him on her knees, facing him and riding him. She grinds onto him, then leans over to kiss him. She leans back on her hands, and he pulls out and slaps her pussy with his cock. He holds it along her labia, and she slides up and down on it. He re-enters her, and she bounces hard on him.

They switch to doggy style, with her on the table and him standing. She reaches underneath to rub her clit, and he spanks her lightly. He falls out, and she turns around and sucks him again, vigorously and sloppily. She then lies on the table, and he stands in front of her and fucks her, holding her legs up and together. He leans over, puts his face close to hers, and kisses her. They start talking softly about him cumming, and he pulls out and cums on her tits. She says she wants to taste him, so he puts the tip into her mouth for her to lick it.

Scene 3: The Sacred Place (Adriana Chechik and Steven St Croix)

Time: 23:39
Features: Deepthroat, Orgasm, Rough Sex
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Kimberly (Adriana Chechik) has been fucking her step-father Richard (Steven St Croix) for four years. But, she says, it is time to up the ante: She wants to fuck him on her mother's bed. He thinks that's a bad idea, but she takes off her shirt and lies on the bed, then reaches into her shorts and rubs her pussy. "No, Kimberly, it's not going to happen", he says, but she sits up and starts to unzip his pants.

There is not much to the story, which unfolds very quickly, but it at least establishes some context for the sex.

And the sex is extremely passionate and varied, as well as fairly rough. What is unusual (for porn) is that they take turns being dominant. They also talk to each other throughout, though often very quietly, and it is hard to hear what they are saying—which is nice, in a way, because it feels as if the talking is for them, not for us.

There is fantastic chemistry between them, and they both seem to have a great time. She seems incredibly aroused throughout, and she has at least one orgasm and probably more.

The camera work is really fantastic, with a dark quality that matches the story. There are some amazingly intimate shots.


She takes his cock out of his pants, then sucks him as she leans over on the bed, taking him all the way into her mouth. He holds her hair and fucks her mouth, talking dirty to her, then pulls her up to him and kisses her hard. He tosses her back on the bed and pulls off her shorts, then lies over her and enters her. He grabs her throat as he talks dirty to her, again, then pulls out and goes down on her. He leans over her again and fucks her hard, then eats her again, and continues to alternate those two activites, which drives her to a frenzy. She asks him to choke her again, which he does, and she begs him for his cock.

They sit up together, and he falls back on the bed and pulls her on top of him. She rides him hard, and she chokes him and slaps his face twice. He reaches around and puts two fingers into her ass, then thrusts hard up into her. She squats over him, and he chokes her again as she bounces on his cock. He sits up, pulling her onto his lap, and she keeps bouncing on his cock. He stops, and they rest a moment before starting again.

He pulls her off him, and she goes down on him, lying over him from the side. She takes him deep into her mouth, repeatedly, and slobbers all over his cock. He then pulls her on top of him again, and she rides him. He picks her up, stands up with her, and tosses her on the bed, leaning over her and fucking her hard as she pulls her legs back.

He pulls out and goes down on her, tongue-fucking her, then slaps her pussy lightly. He kneels up and puts two fingers into her, fucking her fast, and she cums at about 19:05. He then re-enters her, fucking her hard and fast. He pulls out and cums on her torso, though he shoots onto her face and hair, and even over her head onto the bed.

Scene 4: Swept Off Her Feet (Brandi Love and Chad Alva)

Time: 33:05
Features: Footjob
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Brandi is a shoe lover, and her step-son Chad is working at a shoe store. So she has him bring her a new pair of heels each week, which he puts on for her. She tricks him into giving her a foot massage and, while he is doing it, she tells him about a guy she once dated who was "obsessed" with her feet. She begs him to suck her toes, which he resists, but then does.

The story lasts about six minutes, and the way she seduces him is sexy. She makes an effort to carry the story through the scene, but the acting is not very good, from either of them.

They do continue the foot fetish theme, a bit, which some people of course will really like. But, while the sex isn't bad, it's a long scene, so it needed to be especially good. Unfortunately, though, there is not great chemistry between them, and the sex isn't as passionate as it should be. She has said that she really gets off from having her feet pleasured, but she doesn't really seem to do so. In fact, she never really seems very aroused.

The camera work is very good, again, with a good mix of wider and closer shots. She is a bit more the focus than he is, though, and there are a few more "medical" shots than we would prefer. There are also a couple continuity issues.


He licks and sucks her toes, and she slides her dress off her shoulders. He kisses her thighs, and she sits up. He pulls down her bra and sucks her tits. She pulls off his shirt and kisses him, He then lies her back on the bed, takes off her panties, and goes down on her. He sits up and kisses her again, and she asks him to stand up, then takes off his pants and sucks his cock.

He lies on the bed as she takes off the rest of her clothes. She then kneels on the bed and continues sucking him. She sits between his legs and strokes his cock with her feet, offering him one foot to suck while she rubs his cock with her other foot. She reaches down and rubs her clit a bit.

She sits up and gets astride him on her knees, and he reaches up and squeezes her tits. She grinds onto him, holding his hands above his head and leaning over to kiss him. She kneels up and grinds again, and then he thrusts up into her.

She gets off him and sucks him again, and then they switch to kneeling missionary. He lifts her right foot to his mouth and kisses it. She then sits up with him, and he bounces her up and down on his cock. She falls onto her back again, and he lifts her legs up and together and kisses her feet some more.

He pulls out and feeds her his cock as she lies on her back, then rolls her onto her side and spoons her. She reaches around to rub her clit a bit, and he reaches around to squeeze her tits. They switch to doggy style, and he slaps her ass a few times, hard enough to leave a little redness. He pulls out and cums on her feet.

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