January 23, 2015

A Mother Daughter Thing, from Tabu Tales

Time: 1:52, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2014
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Dani Daniels (25yo), Elexis Monroe (34yo), Ariella Ferrera (35yo), Sara Luvv (21yo), Adriana Chechik (22yo), Dana DeArmond (35yo), Dakota Skye (20yo), and Julia Ann (45yo)


If you like watching women fuck each other, then you have got to see this movie. We were dripping wet throughout, which is not all that common for us when we are reviewing porn.

It's a series of four vignettes, all about sex between a woman and her step-daughter. There is not a lot to the stories, which tend to be about three minutes, except for in the third scene, when the story is a little longer.

What makes the movie is how incredibly passionate and hot the sex scenes are. It's more or less impossible to keep track of all the orgasms in the first two scenes. And while there aren't as many orgasms in the third scene, the sex there is more creative and "dirty". The fourth scene was a bit of a letdown, by comparison, but it is still pretty good.

The camera work is terrific in all the scenes, with a fantastic mix of wider and closer shots, and a very intimate feel.

Here's something we'd like to know: If women can have this kind of passionate sex with each other on screen, without either of them having to say degrading or nasty things to the other, then why is it so damn hard for men and women to have passionate sex with each other on screen without that happening? Because, apparently, it's damn near impossible.

Scene 1: Dani Daniels and Elexis Monroe

Time: 27:05
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Footjob, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

The scene begins with Elexis reminiscing about the first time she and Dani had sex. Dani walks in on Elexis as she is masturbating and seduces her.

The intro lasts about three minutes, which leaves 24 minutes for sex. And the sex is very passionate and very hot. They each have several orgasms.

The camera work is intimate and varied, too, and it adds a lot to the interest of the scene. It's a lot easier to relax and watch these beautiful women fuck each other when you don't feel like you need to move so you can see something different from what you're being shown.


They kiss in the bathroom, standing, then make their way to the bed. Elexis sits and Dani kneels and kisses her, and Elexis reaches under Dani to rub her pussy. She lifts off Dani's shirt, and Dani tosses her on the bed and lies over her.

Dani makes her way down Elexis's body and takes off her panties, then goes down on her. She adds a finger, and Elexis seems as if she might cum but doesn't. Danie then straddles Elexis's thigh and grinds onto her as she sucks her toes. Dani may cum in there somewhere.

Dani straddles Elexis's face so she can eat her, but Elexis pushes her back on the bed and goes down on her. Dani masturbates a bit as Elexis watches her, and then she goes down on her again, putting a finger into her, as well, then another, as Dani holds her legs back. Dani cums hard at about 10:05. Elexis lies over Dani and grinds onto her, then reaches down and rubs Dani's pussy hard, fucking her with three or four fingers, and Dani cums again at about 12:00.

They kneel up together, with Dani behind Elexis, reaching around to rub her clit. Elexis falls over onto her hands, and Dani rubs her pussy. Elexis reaches back and rubs her clit as Dani fingers her from behind, and she cums at about 15:10, then again at about 15:40. Dani then straddles her thigh again, thrusting against Elexis's ass as she rides her.

Dani gets off Elexis and dives back into her pussy. She then sits between her legs and feeds her one of her feet while she rubs her own pussy with one of Elexis's feet. She gets herself off at about 19:35 and starts rubbing Elexis's pussy with her foot, as well. Elexis hops up and starts eating her again, and Dani starts shivering, she is so aroused. Elexis puts three fingers into her, fucking her as Dani rubs her clit, and Dani cums yet again at about 21:30.

Elexis turns over onto her stomach, and Dani grinds her pussy onto Elexis's ass. Elexis then kneels up and rubs her clit as Dani fingers her from behind, and she cums hard at about 23:05. They then finger each other, and Dani cums one more time at about 25:05, with three fingers in her pussy.

They kiss and cuddle.

Scene 2: Ariella Ferrera and Sara Luvv

Time: 28:34
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Sara's father has married Ariella, although she doesn't speak a word of English. But Ariella totally has the hots for Sara, so she gets into the shower with her one day and "attacks" her.

The intro takes about three minutes, which leaves over 25 minutes for sex. And Ariella, in particular, does a great job carrying the story into the sex. She talks to Sara lot, though only in Spanish, which allows those of us who can understand what she is saying to be in on the joke.

The sex is again passionate and hot, and both women cum several times. The camera work is again fantastic, as well.


They kiss in the showerm, and Ariella turns Sara around and washes her back, then kneels down and kisses her butt. Ariella stands up and pulls Sara's hand back between her legs. Sara keeps saying "I can't", "We shouldn't", but she isn't very convincing.

The women make their way to a couch, where Ariella lies over Sara and kisses her. She rubs and squeezes her pussy, then goes down on her. She eats her with a fierce enthusiasm, and Sara cums hard at about 8:30.

Ariella straddles Sara and grinds their pussies together as Sara leans up to suck her tits. Sara reaches down to rub Ariella's pussy, and Ariella cums at about 11:45. Lying back on the couch now, Sara feeds on her pussy and eats her to a quivering orgasm at about 12:40. Sara sucks Ariella's tits again and goes back down on her, and Ariella shudders through another orgasm at about 14:55.

Ariella lies with her head at the edge of the couch, and Sara straddles her face so she can eat her pussy, and Sara reaches back and rubs Ariella's clit. Ariella gets Sara right to the edge then stops, teasing her. She starts again, rubbing circles on her clit, and Sara explodes at about 18:50.

Ariella lies on the couch, and Sara lies over her, fucking their pussies together, slowly as they relax a bit. They stop and just kiss, and then Sara starts fucking again, still slowly. They sit up, with Sara astride Ariella's lap, and start fucking again, a bit faster now. They switch to scissoring and speed up, and Ariella starts laughing, possibly cumming again.

They each stroke their wet, swollen, satisfied pussies softly, and kiss.

Scene 3: Adriana Chechik and Dana DeArmond

Time: 29:57
Features: Anal, Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Adriana and Dana are really good friends, and Dana has bought her a new dress and heels. She helps her undress to try it all on, and she looks really great. As they are having a "moment", Adriana leans forward and kisses her, and then they stop, but Dana kisses her back. "I shouldn't have let my feelings get in the way of my being a good parent", she says, getting up to leave. But Adriana hops up and asks her "What feelings!?" and they start to go at it.

The story takes about five minutes, which leaves about 25 minutes for sex.

The sex is again extremely hot and passionate, as well as a little rough. As a result, the sex doesn't feel quite as natural as in the first two scenes. It's a point we've made before: There's nothing wrong with rough sex, but if the characters are having sex for the first time, as they are here, then we really would like to see it negotiated, as it should be.

The camera work is once again terrific.


They fall onto the couch, with Dana lying over Adriana and kissing her. Adriana sits up and pulls down Dana's dress and sucks her tits. Dana undoes Adriana's dress again, as well, pushes her back on the couch, and sucks her tits.

Dana pulls off Adriana's dress, licking her legs and shoes (!), then gets between her legs and inhales her pussy, pressing the fabric into her slit, then pulling it aside and eating her. Dana kneels up and fingers Adriana hard with two, then three, then four fingers, while rubbing her clit with her other hand. She reaches up and chokes her a bit, then leans over to kiss her. Adriana slaps Dana several times as she fucks her, asking her to make her cum, and Dana kneels up and fucks her hard. Dana dives back into her pussy, tongue-fucking her, then pulss off Adriana's panties and stuffs them in her mouth as she goes back to eating her. She slaps Adriana's ass, then spits out her panties.

Adriana sits up and throws Dana onto all fours on the couch, She gets behind her and licks her asshole, then puts a couple fingers into Dana's pussy as Dana slaps it. She fucks her with three fingers as she leans over to lick Dana's ass again, then adds a fourth finger. Dana turns onto her back, and Adriana starts eating her pussy and tongue-fucking her ass, as well. She slaps her butt as Dana puts four fingers into herself, then licks her ass again. Adriana puts four fingers back into Dana as she rubs her clit and slaps her pussy.

Adriana straddles Dana's face and rides her mouth, and Dana starts playing with her butthole a bit with a finger, putting a couple fingers into her ass. Adriana cums hard at about 19:05 and falls back onto Dana's stomach. She keeps eating her pussy and fingering her ass, then squeezes Adriana's clit while putting her thumb into her butt, and Adriana may cum again.

Adriana turns around and goes back down on Dana. Dana spreads her hole with her fingers so Adriana can stick her tongue deep into her, then starts bucking on her face. Dana asks Adriana to lick her ass again, which she does, and Dana cums at about 23:55, reaching down at the end to rub her clit.

Adriana then straddles Dana's pussy and starts grinding onto her, taking one of her feet into her mouth as Dana slaps her ass. Adriana cums again at about 25:55, almost crying with the intensity of it.

Dana tosses Adriana back onto the couch and slaps her pussy, then fingers her hard and tells her to cum again. She plays with her clit, then eats her again. She puts about six fingers into her, fucking her hard, then fingering her and rubbing her clit, and Adriana does cum again at about 28:50, dripping a long white stream of cum.

Scene 4: Dakota Skye and Julia Ann

Time: 22:34
Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Julia has "stolen" Dakota's father away from her mother. To get revenge, she uses her makeup, steals her jewelry, and rubs her pussy all over her pillow. But Julia likes it and seduces her—or convinces her, anyway, to fuck her.

The story lasts about three minutes, so there is a little less then 20 minutes for sex.

The sex here is not as passionate as in the other three scenes, and it did not really work for us how "in charge" Julia Ann was, and how she kept up a constant commentary throughout the scene. But they both seem to have a very good time, and we always love the incredibly cute Dakota Skye.

The camera work is once again excellent.


Julia straddles Dakota's face, and Dakota slowly gets into eating her as she reaches down and masturbates. Julia gets off her and kisses her, then gets between her legs and rubs her pussy. "Your pussy is so pink", she says, then goes down on her. Dakota says she is going to cum, so Julia stops, telling her it is too soon.

Julia stands up and undresses as Dakota rubs her pussy lightly. She puts her panties on Dakota's face and asks her to smell them, then lies next to Dakota and starts fingering her again. Julia then pulls Dakota up so she is sitting back against her, and she reaches around and puts two fingers into her, rubbing her clit with her other hand.

Dakota gets between Julia's legs and eats her again as Julia guides her. Julia then asks Dakota to trib her, so Dakota gets above her in a scissoring position and grinds onto her. Dakota may cum at about 15:10. She then straddles Julia's face, and Julia eats her to an orgasm at about 17:20.

Dakota gets off Julia and starts sucking her tits. She rolls her onto her stomach, lifts her ass, and starts eating her from behind, licking her anus a bit, as well. She puts a finger into her as Julia reaches back to rub her clit. Julia cums at about 21:25.

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