January 10, 2015

Waiting On Love, from Wicked Passions

Time: 1:32, Director: Stormy Daniels, Date: 2014
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Cast: Nikki Daniels (32yo), Steven St Croix (46yo), Carter Cruise (23yo), Michael Vegas, Karlie Montana (28yo), and Chad White (26yo)


The main plot revolves around Ally (Carter Cruise) and her love life. She has been pining after the bartender (Michael Vegas) where she works, but, after having sex with him, finds out he has a girlfriend. After moving into a friend's house, though, she becomes friends with the next door neighbor, Mason (Chad White), whose wife has been in New York City for a long time without him. He is struggling to decide what to do about that and eventually realizes that he has fallen in love with Ally—just in time for his wife (Stormy Daniels) to reappear.

About thirty-one minutes are spent on this story, which is more complex than one might suppose from that description. We very much liked the way the relationship between Ally and Mason unfolds. Honestly, we expected them to hop into bed together much sooner than they did. (It's porn, right?) But, in fact, they become friends first, and it is only through their developing friendship that they fall in love. So it's a nice, if not particularly deep, story—though, as we have said elsewhere, there are plenty of Hollywood films with no more of a story. And those don't have nearly as much sex in them.

Our main problem with the movie, really, was the sex. In none of the scenes, except the last one, do the women seem to get anywhere near orgasm. And in neither the first nor the third scene do the women even seem very aroused.

The camera work in the sex scenes, though, is very, very good. There is a great mix of shots, wider and closer, and there are really some amazing closeups of couples kissing and so forth. There is also a terrific set of shots in the second scene, where the camera pans slowly over both their bodies.

Unfortunately, the sound in some parts of the movie is terrible. It is very hard to hear anyone but Carter Cruise and Steven St Croix in the first scene, and there are similar problems in other scenes. It seems as if the microphones were not placed properly, or else some of them weren't working properly. The acting is a bit inconsistent, too. Steven St Croix is usually terrific, but he is not terrific in the first scene.

We liked the music, though, which is sexy, sax-heavy, and jazz-ish, and so very different from most music you find in porn. Especially during the third sex scene, though, the music was too loud, masking the sounds of the performers. We also liked the fact that the condoms do not magically appear, and clothes do not tend magically to disappear.

Scene 1: Nikki Daniels and Steven St Croix

Time: 19:15
Features: 69
Pleasure ❌, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Newly engaged couple have sex on their bed.

There is very good communication between them, from the very beginning of the scene, and there is good chemistry throughout. Some of the positions are unusually acrobatic, but they also seem fairly natural, since she is so fit. And he really seems to get into eating her pussy. Unfortunately, though, while the sex feels spontaneous, it is just not very passionate. They almost seem to have a hard time deciding what to do. And they just don't seem that into it. The main problem is that she never seems terribly aroused. As a result, the scene just felt too long.

The camera work is very good, with a great mix of shots. There are some amazing closeups as he sucks her tits, and there are great angles when he is eating her. We lose him a little bit at times when they start fucking, but not very much.


They kiss while standing at the edge of the bed, with him fully clothed and her in lingerie. He picks her up and tosses her on the bed, then sucks her toes and kisses her feet. He then kisses her stomach, up to her breasts, and lowers her bra so he can suck her tits. He kneels up and takes off her panties, then goes down on her.

She gets up and tosses him onto his back, then lies over him. He stands up and takes off his clothes, and she sucks him quickly, then lies on the bed, and he lies over her and kisses her. He kneels on the bed, and she sucks him, and then they get into a 69 with her on top. They disengage, and he gets up to get a condom, as she gets into position on her knees.

He fucks her from behind, then lies on his back as she squats over him. She lies on her back, and he kneels in front of her while sucking her toes, and she reaches down and rubs her clit. He fucks her hard, then pulls out and eats her, then goes back to fucking her. He pulls out and cums on her stomach.

Scene 2: Carter Cruise and Michael Vegas

Time: 13:00
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Ally (Carter Cruise) more or less attacks the bartender (Michael Vegas) after they close up the bar.

The sex is very passionate, and they both seem to have a pretty good time. But she never seems all that aroused, and you'd expect her to be. This is a guy she's been wanting to have sex with for a very long time. As a result, the sex does feel a little bit like a performance.

There is again a great mix of shots, close and wide. There are, in particular, some great panned sequences, as the camera traces both of their bodies, and some wonderful closeups of them kissing.


They kiss and take off each other's shirt, and he sucks her tits, then kneels down and kisses her stomach. He stands up and puts his hand into her shorts as they continue kissing, and she then gets on her knees in front of him, pulls down his pants, and sucks his cock.

She stands up, with her back to him, and he drops her shorts, then rubs her pussy. He then sits her up on the bar and goes down on her, rubbing her pussy hard and eating her again. He puts a couple fingers into her and goes up to kiss her, then adds another finger.

He hops onto the counter, and she gets astride him on her knees, riding and grinding, then squatting over him as he thrusts up into her. She then lies on her side on a couple of barstools, and he fucks her from behind. She rolls onto her back a bit, and he eats her pussy, then stands in front of her and fucks her again. He pulls out and cums on her stomach.

Scene 3: Karlie Montana and Chad White

Time: 12:00
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Jade (Karlie Montana) tries to distract Mason (Chad White) after his dog goes missing.

The sex has some passion but not a lot, and some of the changes of position seem pre-planned. And, while she seems to enjoy herself a bit, she never seems terribly aroused.

The camera work is again very good, though, similar to the earlier scenes.


She rubs his cock through his shorts as he sits on the couch, and they kiss. She takes off her shirt, then her bra, and he sucks her tits. She takes off his shirt, then his pants, and sucks his cock.

He grabs a condom and puts it on, and she gets astride him on her knees. She then gets off him and turns around, squatting over him and riding him reverse. They switch to doggy style, and he pulls out and cums on her ass.

Scene 4: Carter Cruise and Chad White

Time: 14:30
Features: 69, Orgasm?
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Having become close friends first, Ally and Mason have now fallen in love, and they have sex for the first time. We really liked how she asks him, once they are inside her house, "Are you sure about this?" And he responds, "I've never been more sure in my entire life." It's a sweet expression of her love for him.

She seems to enjoy herself a good deal, and we think she cums while riding him.

The camera work is again very good. She may be a bit more the focus in this scene than the women were in the other scenes, but it is still more than acceptable. There are some terrific closeups of both of them, too.


They kiss in the rain, then make their way to a couch. He takes off her shirt, and then she takes off his shirt as he lowers her pants and undoes her bra. He strokes her body, takes off her panties and sits her on the couch, then goes down on her.

They switch positions, and she undoes his pants and sucks his cock, from the side. They move into a 69, with her on top. She then gets astride him on her knees, riding and grinding. She may cum at about 1:26:10. They switch to spooning, and she reaches down and rubs her clit. She then reclines on the couch, and he kneels in front of her and re-enters her as she lifts her legs over his shoulders. He pulls out and cums on her tits, shooting a bit onto her chin.

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