March 2, 2015

Boss Fantasies, from New Sensations Tales from the Edge

Time: 2:00, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2014
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: Official Site, IAFD
Cast: A.J. Applegate (25yo), Richie Calhoun, Skin Diamond (27yo), Steven St Croix (46yo), Karla Kush (23yo), Otto Bauer (39yo), Chanel Preston (29yo), and Anthony Rosano (37yo)


A series of four vignettes, focused on sex between employees and their bosses. The boss is male in the first three scenes and female in the last. And, unsurprisingly, most of the scenes focus on power relationships between the characters, with the boss, unsurprisingly, assuming the more dominant role. The first scene, however, pays more attention to the social aspects of a working relationship.

The first scene is by far the best. A J Applegate and Richie Calhoun are very convincing as workmates who've had a thing for each other for a while finally getting it on. But the sex, while fairly passionate, feels somewhat predictable—at least until, almost out of nowhere, she ejaculates three times in rapid succession. Unfortunately, however, those were the only female orgasms in the movie.

The last scene is also pretty good. But the other two scenes did nothing for us. The sex was too rough for our tastes without some kind of context that would make the female characters' (not the actresses!) interest in, and consent to, that kind of sex a lot more obvious than it is here. Instead, it feels very much like a man imposing his will on a woman. Yes, it's supposed to be a fantasy, we know, and there's nothing wrong with playing with power in a sexual way. But what we're missing here is any sense for the "playing" part.

Our main problem, though, was with the photography, which, for the most part, is extremely male-gaze and pornish. It is extremely common for the camera to be very tightly framed on the female performer. Perhaps the best (worst?) example of this comes in the fourth scene. Near the beginning, Chanel Preston orders Anthony Rosano to stop eating her pussy and get up and strip for her while she watches him and masturbates. We do not see him at all as he undresses, but the camera stays completely focused on her.

That is not at all what the photography is like in the earlier movies in this series, though we have seen some similar problems in some of the movies in the Tabu Tales series, especially All in the Family.

The problem with this sort of thing is that it serves as a bright signal about who the intended (or at least expected) audience is. We're not saying that no woman could possibly enjoy this movie. We're sure some would and will. We are saying that many women are likely to feel like unwelcome guests.

To be blunt, then, we found this movie disappointing. Jacky St James has set a very high standard, and she simply doesn't live up to it in Boss Fantasies.

Scene 1: Dangerous (A.J. Applegate and Richie Calhoun)

Time: 27:33
Features: Female Ejaculation, Gagging, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

AJ is seeking refuge from a party, and she wanders into a room where her boss happens to be. They dance around their attraction to each other, with her expressing concerns about her job, and they end up having sex.

The story lasts about three minutes, which leaves 24 minutes or so for sex. It is well-acted and establishes at least some context for the sex. She especially does a great job of carrying the story into the sex.

There is excellent chemisty between them, but the sex feels quite pornish, though not planned or performed. It just feels predictable in some other way, like: this is what people do in porn. But she does seem to enjoy herself, and she squirts three times in rapid succession.

The camera work is not bad, by any means, but she seems to be much more the focus than he is. The camera is tight on her face for most of the time she is sucking him, for example, and then is very close to their genitals once they start fucking. There are better shots, too, to be sure. When she is sitting on the desk, for example, there is a great shot where we see his face in the mirror. But the photography overall is a lot more pornish than in most of the Tales From the Heart movies.


They kiss, standing, and he lifts her dress and rubs her pussy through her panties. He pulls her panties off and sits her on a desk, then fingers her. He gets between her legs and eats her, pulling off his shirt and pants as he does.

She hops off the desk and sucks his cock, taking him deep enough that she gags a bit. She sucks his balls while stroking him, and he then thrusts in and out of her mouth.

He leans her over the desk, and she puts him into her as he stands behind her. She then hops down and sucks him again, and he sits her on the desk and eats her briefly before re-entering her.

They disengage, and he lies in a chair with his feet on the ground, and she squats over him, reverse. She reaches down and rubs her clit. He stands her up and tells her she needs to be more quiet—they're supposed to be in a room off from a party—and she squats down and sucks his cock again.

She kneels on the chair, and he fucks her from behind. She rubs her clit again, and starts moaning, and he puts his hand over her mouth to quiet her again. She ejaculates at 24:55, then again at 25:05, and yet again at 25:30. He pulls out and cums on her ass.

Scene 2: Work, Life, Indiscretions (Skin Diamond and Steven St Croix)

Time: 30:49
Features: Analingus, Deepthroat, Double Penetration, Gagging, Mouth Fucking, Rough Sex
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ❌

Skin is about to head home, but wants to talk to Steven first about "the party", where they kissed. She asks him if he told his wife, and he says he did not: that work stays at work. She says "good", she doesn't like entanglements, and slithers out of her lace panties as he watches her. She tosses them onto his desk, and he sniffs them, then she asks him to come over to her. He tells her that he is still in charge, and insists that she come over to him.

The story lasts about three and a half minutes, so the sex lasts about 27 minutes, which makes it a very long scene. They do a great job of carrying the story into the sex: both as a power play, and as a secret from the others in the office. But, while the sex is convincingly passionate, it is also fairly pornish, especially in the way she sucks him. The rougnness also isn't that convincing, given who these two characters are suppose to be. There at least needs to be a bit more communication about what they are doing. In the end, then, the scene felt way too long.

The camera work is again quite a bit more pornish than it has been in the other movies in this series. As with the first scene, there are some nice shots, but she is much more the focus than he is—we lose him almost completely when they are fucking—and there are way too many genital closeups.


She sits on the desk in front of him, and he tells her to spread her legs. He reaches under her dress and rubs her pussy. He stands up and kisses her, then sits in his chair as she undresses and rubs his cock through his pants with her foot. He stands again and takes off his shirt, then pulls her to him and kisses her.

He walks around the desk, and she gets onto her hands and knees and sucks him. He lies on the desk, and she lies over him and takes his cock all the way into her mouth, as he presses her head onto him. He says he wants to suck her tits, so she disengages and feeds them to him, then sucks hkm again, and he thrusts hard into her mouth.

He leans her over the desk and licks her ass, then fucks her from behind. He lifts her up and lies her on her back, then goes down on her, licking her ass again. He stands up and slaps her pussy wth his cock, then re-enters her, then eats her again, then fucks her again. She then turns around so they are doggy style, and she asks him to choke her, which he does.

He lies her on her back again, re-enters her, and then eats her pussy and ass, then fucks her, and back and forth. He climbs onto the desk with her, squatting between her legs, and chokes her with both hands as she asks him to fuck her harder.

She gets off the desk and kneels in front of him to suck his cock again. He fucks her mouth hard, and she gags on his cock again. He leans her back over the desk and fucks her again, covering her mouth with his hand to keep her quiet. He then lies on the desk as she squats over him, reverse. She reaches down and rubs her clit, and it seems as if she might cum, but we don't think she does.

She hops off him and deepthroats him again, and then he lies her back on the desk and enters her again. He pulls out and cums on her pussy.

Scene 3: The Little Bitch (Karla Kush and Otto Bauer)

Time: 25:21
Features: Deepthroat, Facial, Massage, Mutual Masturbation, Rough Sex
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ❌

Karla works in the mailroom at Otto's company, but she wants to transfer to sales and work for Otto. So she sits on the desk and starts rubbing his cock with her foot. He says he doesn't want an assitant, and that if he did have one she's have to suck his cock all day. So she then hops down asks him to stand up. He says she's bluffing, but she tells him again: Stand up.

The story lasts a little over three minutes, so there is about 22 minutes for sex. They do a great job carrying the story into the sex, continuing to talk to each other as boss and wannabe employee.

There is decent chemistry between them, but the sex feels very pornish. It is also fairly rough, especially when she is sucking him. That doesn't not fit the story, but it doesn't feel very natural, either. And she never really seems very aroused.

The photography is similar to that in the second scene: more pornish and less varied than we would expect for this series, with a lot more closeups, in particular. We see very little of him while they are fucking.


She gets on her knees, undoes his pants, and sucks his cock, then stands up and asks how else she can be of assistance. He tells her to bend over, and she loosens her bra, raises her skirt, and leans over his desk. He gets behind her and slaps her ass as he lowers her panties, then licks her pussy from behind. He stands up and enters her, slapping her ass again hard enough to leave a handprint. She asks him what his wife would think of what they are doing.

He turns her around and lies her on the desk, then re-enters her. She then hops up and sucks his cock again, taking him almost all the way into her mouth. He then grabs her head and bounces it up and down forcefully on his cock.

He lies on the desk and she straddles him, reverse and squatting, then falls beside him so they are spooning, then gets back up on top of him. She gets off him and sucks him and deepthroats him again. She gets back on top of him again, bouncing hard on his cock.

She then lies on the desk again, and he stands in front of her. He pulls her legs up and together and wraps his tie around her legs, telling her to pull them back and to pull her asscheeks apart. She then rolls onto her side, and he fucks her from behind.

She gets off him and sucks him again, taking it down her throat and gagging several times. He then tells her to lie on her back again, and he re-enters her. He pulls out, and she spins around so he can cum on her face.

Scene 4: The Woman On Top (Chanel Preston and Anthony Rosano)

Time: 33:31
Features: Analingus, Footjob, Massage, Mouth Fucking
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ❌

Anthony works for Chanel as her assistant, which apparently involves giving her backrubs at her house. She tells him to take off his clothes, but he says that they need to stop having sex, since he has just gotten engaged. She then tells him to call his finance, and while he is doing so she starts undoing his pants and sucking his cock.

It's not much of a story, but it is quite funny, and they do a good job carrying it into the sex. It is a little over five minutes before he is off the phone, so the sex lasts about 28 minutes. That makes it a very long scene, so it needs to be really good. And the sex is fairly good. There's terrific chemistry between them. And she is very dominant, but not in a cartoonish way, and she really seems to enjoy herself.

The camera work is again not very good. When he stands up to strip, for example, we do not see him at all, but only see her masturbating; we hardly see what he is doing when they are 69; and we do not see much of him when they are fucking.


While he is talking to his fianceé, she starts undoing his pants and sucking his cock. She then stands up and takes off her panties, then lies down and pushes his face into her pussy. She tells him to stand up and strip for her while she watches him, fingering her pussy while he does. He then gets between her legs and eats her. He then licks and sucks her feet for a bit before diving back into her pussy. He drools onto her clit and rubs it hard with two fingers.

She then pulls him onto the bed and strokes his cock, then leans over from the side and sucks him. She climbs atop him in a 69, sucking him and then asking him to fuck her mouth. She starts bucking on his face, then asks him to spank her and tell her what a mean boss she is. She leans up on his face and slaps his chest.

She gets off him, and he asks her to spit in his mouth. She then leans over and kisses him while stroking his cock. She gets astride him on her knees and rides him, asking him to scratch her and punish her "for being such a bossy bitch".

She gets off him and sucks him again, then squats over him reverse. He reaches around and rubs her clit, and she seems as if she might cum but doesn't. She reaches down and rubs her own clit, and then she hops off him and gets on all fours. He licks her anus and strokes her pussy, then fucks her from behind.

He rolls her onto her side and spoons her, and then pulls off his cock and gives him a footjob. They resume spooning, and she rubs her clit, saying she is going to cum, but we do not think she does so. She then lies on her back and he kneels over her, pulling one of her legs back and up. She rubs her clit again, then tells him to drench her with cum, and he pulls out and cums on her tits.

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