March 12, 2015

More Thoughts About "The Submission of Emma Marx"

In preparation for watching The Submission of Emma Marx 2: Boundaries, which we've not yet been able to do because of the horrific New England winter, we did finally find time to re-watch the first one. It had been quite a while since we'd seen it, so it seemed like a good idea to remind ourselves of the story, but also of the more cinematic aspects of the movie. Was it as good as we remembered it being?

Absolutely. We might even have enjoyed it more this time than we did the first time, and there were bits and pieces here and there that we had missed. The most important of these was at the end, when Mr Frederick finally relents and carries Emma up the stairs. We had not realized before that he carries her into his bedroom. He had told Emma previously that his bedroom was "off-limits", and that when she was there, she was to sleep in one of the guest rooms. As he lies her on his bed, he leans over and whispers into her ear, "You've earned this". One wonders whether this signals a change in his attitude towards Emma, and maybe even a concession to her expressed needs. Perhaps that question will be answered in the sequel.

Otherwise, the movie was much as we remembered it. The first scene, with Riley Reid and Van Wylde, was still enjoyable to watch, but knowing what was to come, we felt a bit impatient watching it. It does add something to the story—it represents the "normal" side of things—but it lasts much longer than it needs to do to make its contribution. As a result, it feels as if the story itself doesn't really start until almost 20 minutes into the movie.

We were once again struck by what excellent work Penny Pax does as an actress. She does an incredible job in her first sexual encounter with Mr Frederick of conveying all the hesitancy and nervousness that is entangled with her excitement. And in the anal scene in his office, she seems every bit the neophyte, again conveying a mix of excitement and apprehension, and even initial discomfort, but without overdoing it to the point that it's not believable.

Speaking of the anal scene, we enjoyed it a bit more this time than the first time. Once the actual anal sex starts, it does become a little bit routine, and we are still bothered by the fact that we do not see as much of him during this scene as we do in the others. That, as we have said before, tends to make us feel as if a scene goes on too long, because it is visually monotonous. But the first seven minutes of the scene, during which Mr Frederick mostly teases Emma, licking her pussy and ass, builds some wonderful tension, and it nearly had us begging for him to fuck our asses.

We also had the same complaint this time that we did before: There is too much narration. There may be times when this is essential, but most of the time it seemed as if it was not. For example, after Emma has met Mr Frederick and had her message from him, we really do not need her to tell us how she's feeling about him. That's clear enough from all the masturbation we get to see, and it'd be even clearer if we were shown fragments of her fantasies. Similarly, in what is in some ways the crucial scene, as Nadia gets ready for her wedding and talks about how what really matters to her is her own sense for what makes her happy, we don't need Emma to tell us how she reacted to that. She might instead have something to Nadia, such as, "Yes, Nadia, you're right. You are so right." Then, when she re-appeared at Mr Frederick's house, we'd know well enough why.

Still, let us not finish this without saying again something we said in the original review: This remains one of the best pornos we have ever seen. Indeed, like The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee, it is not just a great porno. It is a great movie.

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