April 15, 2015

Portrait of a Call Girl, from Elegant Angel

Time: 2:27, Director: Graham Travis, Date: 2011
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Jessie Andrews (19yo), Eric John (41yo), Manuel Ferrara (36yo), Jay Crew (54yo), Mick Blue (35yo), Ramon Nomar (37yo), Alex Gonz (32yo), Bill Bailey (31yo), Danny Mountain (27yo), Johnny Fender (42yo), and Tommy Pistol (35yo)


Gabrielle (Jessie Andrews), whom her friends call Elle, is a high-priced call girl with a sad past, and she is now in therapy to try to recover. The film tells the story of how she got to where she is. It turns out to be a story of redemption—though she must pay a steep price for what she did to the one man, Sam (Alec Knight), who truly loved her.

One of the most interesting aspects of the movie concerns Elle's conflicted feelings about her work. We first see her having sex with a businessman whose deepest desire, apparently, is to cum on a woman's face. We then see her masturbating, afterwards, in the back of a limo while remembering her encounter with him. She tells her therapist that she "wanted it to be gross", not to be something she enjoyed. And even as her paid sexual encounters become more and more extreme, she continues to enjoy them. Something about this is empowering to her.

The saddest point in the movie is when she tells her friend that she is a callgirl, and the friend reacts not sympathetically but judgementally. At the end of the movie, though, she tells her whole story to that same friend—and it turns out that Elle herself has been every bit as manipulative as her step-father was. It's an absolutely shocking revelation, one that forces the viewer completely to re-evaluate everything that has gone before. It was so shocking that we had to re-watch the entire movie, and it really did have a very different feeling for us the second time.

And we'll add that we could perfectly well watch this movie a third time. It's beautifully shot and wonderfully acted, and the story is well-told and engaging.

The sex is generally very rough, but we wouldn't necessarily call it "pornish", since it so completely fits the story, and it is clear that Elle enjoys it (which is largely the point). Still, potential viewers should be warned that, in many of the scenes, the men are extremely dominant and that Andrews comes in for some pretty rough treatment. It gets a little too rough in places for our taste and is somewhat disturbing—although, again, it's really meant to be.

The one complaint we have about this movie is that some of the sex scenes are too long. The scene with Manuel Ferrera is passionate and hot, and Andrews cums several times. But it is over 30 minutes long—so long that it feels as if it interrupts the story. We have similar complaints about the scene with Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar, even though that one is not as long (about 20 minutes). We think the movie would have been better had these scenes been edited so that we got just enough of a sense for the sex to move the story forward, as was the case with Wasteland. Perhaps that was something Travis learned from making this movie?

Speaking of Wasteland (which we saw first), there are weird echoes here of that movie. For example, the masks in the final scene here are reminiscent of the masks worn by men in the audience in the final scene of Wasteland. Here, Elle frequently refers to sex to a drug, all but confessing her addiction; in Wasteland, we learn of Jacky's addiction through the course of the movie, though she is blissfully unaware of what her life has become. And "wasteland" is both one of the first one of the last words spoken in this movie, as part of a monologue that also occurs in Elle's first meeting with her therapist. We're not sure what to make of that, if anything, but it is an intriguing connection.

This film was richly, and rightfully, awarded. It won the 2013 AVN Award for Movie of the Year as well as the 2013 XBiz Award for Feature Movie of the Year; Graham Travis won both of those awards for Best Director; Jessie Andrews won the AVN Award and XBiz Awards for Best Actress; and Alec Knight won the XBiz Award for best non-sex performance.

The movie can be downloaded from the Elegant Angel subscription site, and also from Lust Cinema, at up to 1920×1080.

Scene 1: Jessie Andrews and Eric John

Time: 6:30
Features: Facial, Handjob

Elle has sex with a client who is "new at this" and who wants to cum on her face—which she says will cost him extra.

It's a short, but very realistic scene. We do not see much of him at all, but that fits the story: This not about him.


As they sit on a couch, she strokes his legs through his pants and lingers over his cock. She takes him to the bedroom and sits him on the bed, then undoes his pants and gets him to recline on the bed. She asks him to take out his cock and stroke it as she takes off her shirt, and she leans over and sucks his balls. She takes him into her mouth and sucks him, pulling off his pants as she does. She takes him quite deep, then sucks his balls as she jerks him. She tells him to tell her what he wants, and he does so, repeating his desire. and he does cum on her face.

Scene 2: Jessie Andrews

Time: 2:00

Elle masturbates in the back of a limousine as she remembers her encounter with the businessman.

Scene 3: Jessie Andrews and Manuel Ferrara

Time: 32:00
Features: Analingus, Cum in Mouth, Massage, Mouth Fucking, Multiple Female Orgasms, Penis Masturbation, Rough Sex

He has asked her to do a role play, for $2500, so she goes to his house and dresses up in rubber stockings, long rubber gloves, and heels. She walks down to his kitchen and finds him at his computer, working, and is apparently supposed to try to distract him.

It's a very long scene. It is also very rough, though that is clearly part of what she has been paid extra to do. Elle seems to enjoy the role she is playing—she has at least a few orgasms—which continues the conflict of which she spoke before. So the sex is pretty hot, and reasonably varied, but whatever this scene contributes to the story, it doesn't need to be nearly as long as it is to do that.

The camera work here is much better than one might expect. There are times that it is more focused on her than on him, but there is a great mix of shots, and we do see a fair bit of him.


She sits in a chair and starts to masturbate, and he says he can't concentrate, so he gets up and puts a bit in her mouth. She walks through the house, then crawls back to him on all fours. She sits on the floor near him, drooling, and starts masturbating again. He stands up and rolls up his sleeves, then sits down to work again.

She gets up and starts breaking things, and he gets up and drags her over to a couch, telling her she is making too much noise. He slaps her ass, then starts licking her pussy from behind. He sits her up roughly and tells her to play with her pussy and make herself cum, which she does.

He throws her onto her stomach and eats her from behind, slapping her ass hard again. He turns her onto her back and continues eating her. He stands up, pulling her with him, and kisses her, then settles her onto the couch again, slapping her face a few times. She reaches out an undoes his pants, then sucks his cock. She spits on his balls and sucks them as she strokes his huge dick, and he then fucks her face very forcefully. He sits on the couch and she continues sucking him, and she then gets between his legs and licks his ass as she strokes him.

They sit up together and kiss, and he then guides her onto his cock as she straddles him. She leans over onto him, and he thrusts hard up into her. She sits up and grinds hard onto him, then hops off him and sucks him again. He pulls her back onto him, and she starts grinding on him again. He sits up, taking her with him, and lies her on her back, laying over her and fucking her hard. She reaches under herself and rubs her asshole, and he pushes her knees back by her ears and lies over her.

He takes off the rubber stockings, then lies on his back, and she sucks him again. He tells her just to stroke him, then puts his foot into her mouth, then puts his feet around her neck. He then throws her onto all fours and fucks her from behind, slapping her ass again, hard enough to leave marks. She reaches back and rubs her clit, and he then pulls out of her and tells her to make herself cum again. She puts a couple of fingers into herself and rubs her clit with her other hand, and she does get herself off as he presses on her throat with his foot.

He leans over and strokes her face, kissing her softly. He tosses her onto her back and lies over her, kissing her body, then lies behind her and spoons her, whipsering something into her ear, to which she nods. He reaches down and rubs her clit, and she cums yet again. They kiss hard, and he rubs her pussy again, and she cums again.

He stands up, pulling her with him onto her knees, and she sucks him again. She licks his balls while he masturbates, and he cums onto her face and into her mouth.

Scene 4: Jessie Andrews and Jay Crew

Time: 4:00
Features: Cum in Mouth

Elle has sex in a hotel room with a regular client after they share lunch.

He pulls out and cums in her mouth.

Scene 5: Jessie Andrews, Mick Blue, and Ramon Nomar

Time: 20:00
Features: Cum in Mouth, Double Penetration, Female Ejaculation, Gagging, Massage, Mouth Fucking, Multiple Female Orgasms, Penis Masturbation, Rough Sex

Elle has sex with a pair of very wealthy clients.

The sex is once again pretty rough. She seems to enjoy herself quite a lot, and she has several orgasms. But it is not clear to us exactly what this scene adds to the story, unlike the third scene. Perhaps the point is to show us just how addicted she has now become to this "drug", but that could have been shown more briefly.

The camera work is not bad, but she is very much the focus.


Ramon walks over to Elle as she dances and kisses her. He unzips her dress and unbuttons his shirt, and Mick comes up behind her and kisses her, too. He massages her tits and lifts her dress over her ass, then reaches around her and rubs her pussy. Ramon takes his cock out through his zipper, and Elle leans over and sucks it. Mick then drops his pants, and she kneels between them and sucks them alternately, stroking the other one.

They move to a couch, and Elle sucks Ramon while Mick spoons her. Ramon fucks Elle's mouth, quite forcefully, and Mick reaches around to rub her clit. They switch positions, and Elle sucks Mick while Ramon fucks her from behind. She seems to cum in there somewhere, as she get a very pronounced sex flush. Mick then gets on his knees in front of her and fucks her mouth hard, and Ramon slaps her ass hard enough to leave a mark. Mick slaps her face several times, quite hard, then fucks her mouth again.

They toss Elle on her back, and Mick fingers her hard while Ramon fucks her mouth. He moves to her pussy, then back to her mouth, then back to her pussy, and then he fingers her hard, and she squirts. He moves back to her mouth, and Mick starts fucking her pussy. She reaches down and rubs her clit, and she cums again.

Ramon sits on the couch, and Elle straddles him, reverse, while Mick fucks her mouth. Elle and Ramon fuck by themselves for a while, and then Mick re-appears and he and Ramon fuck her pussy at the same time. Mick backs away again, and Elle bounces on Ramon's cock. Mick puts his cock back into her as well, and she then gets off Ramon and lies on her back so Mick can fuck her. She rubs her clit and probably cums again.

Mick then picks her up and sits her on the floor, and the two guys jerk off onto her face and into her mouth.

Scene 6: Jessie Andrews, Alex Gonz, Bill Bailey, Danny Mountain, Johnny Fender, and Tommy Pistol

Time: 14:30
Features: Deepthroat, Facial, Orgasm, Rough Sex

Elle has sex with six men in an abandoned warehouse.

This is primarily a "blow bang", and the sex is every bit as rough and pornish as one would expect. It does fit the story fairly well, though. All six of the guys cum on her face as she masturbates. She then asks someone to choke her and cums hard on the floor as she continues masturbating.

The men are all wearing masks during this scene, and we rarely see much above their waists. But, again, none of this has anything to do with them, really—until, all of a sudden, and very surprisigly, it does have something to do with one of them.

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