August 8, 2015

Art of Romance 1, from Erotica X

Time: 1:37, Director: Mason, Date: 2013
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: Official Site, IAFD
Cast: Anna Morna (23yo), James Deen (27yo), Mia Malkova (21yo), Seth Gamble, Lia Lor (23yo), Giovanni Francisco, Capri Anderson (25yo), and Logan Pierce (22yo)
Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the Erotica X subscription site


As with all the DVDs we have seen from Erotica X, this one features four unrelated videos. It's a solid piece of work. There is one really fantastic scene here, and two of the others are very, very good.

The best scene is the second, with Mia Malkova and Seth Gamble. The little story with which it begins—they walk along the beach and toss a Valentine into the sea in a bottle—is romantic. They are very convincing as a couple, and the sex is both loving and passionate. This is not one of those orgasm marathons where the woman cums ten times, but of course it doesn't need to be. She certainly does seem to enjoy herself a great deal and, in fact, reach orgasm (as of course does he), but what's wonderful here is the great chemistry between them. We would not be at all surprised to learn that they were a real-life couple. (We're not saying they are, just that they're so great together....)

The first and third scenes are also very good. The first begins with Anna Morna getting ready for her lover, James Deen, to return to their home. Like many scenes about which we have complained, this part of the video is entirely focused on her, but in this case it makes some kind of sense, at least. What matters here, though is how passionate and hot the sex is, and the excellent chemistry. Both of them seem to enjoy themsevles a great deal, and he has a somewhat unusual orgasm, while she cums several times.

The third scene is perhaps the sweetest. Lia Lor is dancing around her home in white panties and a camisole, wearing earbuds to provide music, so she is unaware of the fact that Giovanni Francisco is watching her. She is somewhat embarrassed when she realizes he has been doing so, but in fact it is clear that he has treasured the opportunity to see her as herself, and that leads naturally into love-making that is both passionate and convincing. So, here again, the introductory sequence is very focused in her, but it has a point. And, while she never quite reaches orgasm, so far as we were able to tell, she never seems frustranted, and she does seem aroused throughout much of the scene, and to be enjoying herself.

The final scene is not bad, but it is not nearly as good as the first three. The beginning to this one involves no more than Capri Anderson wandering around half-dressed, and that, so far as we can tell, has no point. The sex that follows isn't very passionate, either, and she never seems very aroused.

The camera work is about as usual for these videos, meaning: very good in places, but somewhat inconsistent. The problem, as usual, is that the male performer is often out of frame, especially when they are fucking.

Scene 1: Anna's Secret (Anna Morna and James Deen)

Time: 27:10
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

She is in the bathroom in a white robe, checking her hair and such, then goes out onto the balcony and slips the robe off her shoulders, so she is standing naked outside. She walks back into the house and puts on black stockings, sheer bikinis, a push-up demi bra, and a garter belt. She walks down a hallway, then sees her lover arriving home below, and she pauses to tease him before walking downstairs to meet him.

The beginning, which lasts about four mintues, is almost exclusively focused on her. But in this case, it has some kind of point: It shows us the preparations she is making, presumably as a surprise, for her lover's return home, and it does provide at least some context for the sex.

The sex is passionate and hot, while still being realistic, and there is excellent chemistry between them. She seems to enjoy herself a great deal—we think she cums several times—and why not, since James Deen is making such fabulous love to her. He too seems to have enjoyed himself a lot, and he has a somewhat unusual orgasm. But some of the sequences seemed to us to go on just a bit too long, especially when she was on top of him. There just wasn't that much variety then.

The camera work is inconsistent. She is more the focus than he is, and he is too often out of frame. This was especially annoying when she was sucking him, as we would have liked to see his enjoyment on his face. Instead, his cock and her head are at the edge of the screen, which is filled with the rest of her body. But there are some wonderfully intimate shots of their faces as they fuck, as well.


They lie on a large ottoman and kiss, and she rolls onto her back and pulls him to her, continuing to kiss him as he strokes her body and removes her bra. He leans over and sucks her tits as she slowly unbuttons his shirt. He kneels up a bit and continues sucking her tits, then kisses her and rolls her onto her side.

He gets between her legs and pulls off her panties, garter belt, and stockings, all in one go, then leans over and kisses her again as she reaches up to undo his pants. He leans over and sucks her tits, then puts his hand between her legs and rubs her pussy. He sucks her tits again, hard, and makes his way down her body to her pussy as he wriggles out of his pants. She leans up on her elbows so she can see him, then reaches down to hold his hands as he clamps his mouth onto her pussy. He pulls her to him a bit and licks hard at her clit, seemingly trying to get her to cum, but she doesn't quite get there.

He leans over her and kisses her again, slipping his cock into her and fucking her very slowly. He rolls slightly onto his side and speeds up a bit, then slows down again and kneels over her. He fucks her harder, holding her face close to his and kissing her, then reaches down and rubs her clit. He rolls her onto her side a bit, so he is partly behind her, and fucks her more rhythmically. He kneels up again, then stops to rub her clit again.

He pulls out of her and lies next to her, rubbing her clit as she strokes his cock. He then lies on his back, and she gets between his legs and sucks him. She then scoots up on top of him and gets astride him on her knees. She rides him slowly, then leans over onto him as he thrusts into her. They switch to spooning, holding hands in front of her chest, and she leans back to kiss him as she cums. He resumes fucking her, looking intently at her, then pulls out and, without stroking himself at all, cums all over her pussy, stomach, and tits, shooting up as far as her neck.

Scene 2: Message In a Bottle (Mia Malkova and Seth Gamble)

Time: 23:32
Features: Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

They are walking along the beach, holding hands, both in swimwear. They stop to kiss, and he sort of teases her, which makes her laugh. He picks her up and twirls her around a few times. She has brought a kind of valentine, "Mia Loves Seth Forever", which they put into a bottle and toss into the sea. They run along the beach, playing, and then we join them back at their house, on the balcony.

It's a very romantic little story, one that establishes a great context for what follows. The connection between them is quite strong, as well, with giggling and laughing, at the beginning, and some excellent communication while they are having sex. They seem very into fucking each other, too.

The camera work is generally excellent. When he is eating her, we mostly see her body from behind him, though the shot includes him. There are no genital closeups in that sequence, and there are hardly any of those, actually. When she sucks him, though, the shot tightens on her head, so we do not see much of him, other than his cock. But the shots when they are spooning are from a position that does allow us to see him, for the most part, so that is good, though we do lose him just a bit when she is on her back.

What's most interesting, in a way, is how the shots become more explicit and close as the sex proceeds, and as they both become more aroused. It's as if the camera becomes more aroused with them.


They are standing, with her back to him, and he takes off her top, turns her around, and sucks her tits. He then kneels in front of her, takes off her bottoms, and kisses her stomach before licking her pussy. He turns her around and licks her from behind, then turns her back around, eating her enthusiastically. He then stands up and takes off his pants, and she kisses her way down his body, kneels in front of him, and sucks him.

She lies on a blanket, and he lies next to her, spooning her. He then puts a leg over hers, so they are in a sort of scissors position. He turns her towards him, with her legs pulled back, and he then rolls onto his back as she gets astride him on her knees. She bounces hard on his cock, and she cums at about 18:05.

She leans over and kisses him, and they start fucking again. He sits up, holding her to him, and they turn over so she is on her back, and he is kneeling over her and kissing her. He kneels up as he gets close, reaching down to rub her clit again, and he pulls out and cums on her stomach, shooting up onto her chest and even her face.

He leans over and kisses her, then turns her onto her side and holds her from behind.

Scene 3: Just the Way You Are (Lia Lor and Giovanni Francisco)

Time: 19:25
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Lia is wearing white panties and a camisole, and she puts an iPod into the waistband of her panties and dances around in front of a mirror and then across the floor of the living room. She then lies on her stomach on a couch, drinking an orange soda, then dances as she sits on the couch. Giovanni comes into the room in jeans and a tank top, and she is embarrassed when she realizes he has been watching her. But he sits with her and kisses her, and they move naturally into love-making.

The beginning is a bit male-gaze, but it does at least celebrate her freedom, and his reaction to seeing her is sweet. She continues to be very active throughout the scene, and they touch each other sweetly as they fuck.

She really seems to enjoy herself, and there are several occasions when it seems as if she might cum, but we don't think she ever quite does. He does have an orgasm, of course, and cums on her stomach.

The camera work is overall excellent, with a great mix of shots, though we do lose him a bit in the usual sorts of places.


He sits with her and kisses her, and she sits on his lap and grinds into him. She takes off his shirt, and he takes off her cami, and he lies back on the couch as she lies over him. She kisses her way down his body, then undoes his pants and sucks his cock.

She gets up and takes off her panties, then kneels over him and puts him into her. She leans over to kiss him, and he thrusts up into her. She sits up and grinds hard into him, then collapses onto his chest again.

They switch positions, so she is on her back with one leg over his shoulder, and she reaches down to rub her clit a bit. He then leans over her, and kisses her, then kneels up again. They switch to spooning, and she reaches down and rubs her clit again, but doesn't quite get there. He gets on his knees in front of her again, and she grabs her tits hard. He cums on her stomach.

Scene 4: A Sensual Tryst (Capri Anderson and Logan Pierce)

Time: 27:02
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

She is in undies and high wedges, looking at herself in a large mirror in the dining room, and sort of dancing around. She goes out onto the balcony, looking several times at the camera, and then goes back into the house and up the stairs, where she finds him in the hallway, dressed in jeans and a white shirt.

The beginning here is way too focused on her. There also isn't great chemistry between them. The kissing does not feel very passionate, and the sex, for the most part, feels routine. And, while she seems to enjoy herself, she never very aroused, let alone close to cumming.

The camera work is pretty good, but we do lose him a bit in some of the positions.


They kiss, then move to the bed, where they kneel together, and she removes his shirt. He takes off her camisole, as well, then lies her back on the bed and kisses her body. He sucks her tits, then takes off her panties and goes down on her.

They switch positions, and she takes off his jeans and sucks his cock briefly. She then lies next to him, and they spoon as she reaches down to rub her clit. He kneels up in front of her, and she spreads her legs wide. He then pulls her up into a sitting position with him, and they sort of rock together.

He falls onto his back, so she is atop him on her knees, grinding against him. She gets up into a squatting position, grinding hard and then bouncing with her legs together. He sits up and lies her on her back again, kneeling in front of her and cumming on her stomach.

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