November 10, 2015

Eternal Passion 1, from Erotica X

Time: 1:50, Director: Mason, Date: 2013
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: Official Site, IAFD
Cast: Mia Malkova (21yo), Danny Mountain (29yo), Chloe Foster (19yo), Logan Pierce (22yo), Jaslene Jade, James Deen (27yo), Dillion Harper (22yo), and Tyler Nixon (26yo)
Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the Erotica X subscription site


As with all the DVDs we have seen from Erotica X so far, this one features four unrelated videos.

Unfortunately, only one of the scenes here is particuarly good, though it really is very good. We're talking about the third scene, with Jaslene Jade and James Deen. The sex is passionate and convincing, and there is real chemistry between them. Deen really seems to get off on helping his partner get off, and Jaslene definitely does get off, having at least four orgasms.

The other scenes are mediocre, though not bad. The sex in all of these scenes feels a bit routine—not planned or performed, but just lacking in genuine passion. And, as in Pure Desire 1, the introductory stories are disappointing. In the first, for example, Mia Malkova wanders around her house in white lingerie and very high red heels, posing and looking at the camera, then strips and makes her way, naked, out to a heliport on the roof. The third scene, as good as it is in other respects, is about as bad in this one. The second is a bit better—Chloe Foster does a striptease for her lover, Logan Pierce—but of course that has its own gender issues. And the fourth, though it starts out promising—Tyler Nixon gives Dillion Harper a massage—she overacts this part of the scene. We're sure it feels good, but it can't possibly feel that good that fast.

As with the other early DVDs from Erotica X, then, there is promise here. Even the scenes we've complained about have their moments, and the camera work, though inconsistent, can be very, very good. Still, to see why it's worth getting excited about Mason's work for Erotica X, one has to look at some of the later DVDs, reviews of which are on the way.

Scene 1: Lost In the Clouds (Mia Malkova and Danny Mountain, ⚤)

Time: 28:35
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

The beginning of this video features Malkova in white lingerie and very high red heels, wandering around the house and posing, then stripping and walking outside onto the roof. She eventually finds her way back inside, where she meets her lover. We doubt the entire sequence will have much appeal for female viewers or, to be honest, male ones. So we tried to ignore that part and start the review at 5:00 or so.

Unfortunately, however, the sex that follows isn't terribly passionate, either. It doesn't feel planned or performed, and there are moments of spontaneity, but overall there is not much feeling of connection between them, at least none that makes it off the screen.

The camera work is about as usual for these: very, very good, but not great.


He is wearing black jeans and a black shirt, and she walks up behind him, naked except for a scarf and red pumps, turning him around and kissing him. She unbuttons his shirt as he kisses her neck. They fall onto a bed, and she rolls on top of him, kissing him. She then squats over his face so he can lick her pussy.

He kneels up, and they kiss, and she undoes his pants and leans over to suck his cock. She pauses to kiss him as she strokes him, which he seems to like, then goes back to sucking him. He falls onto his back, and she continues to suck him, then gets astride him on her knees as they kiss.

They switch to spooning, and he reaches around to rub her clit, then she does it, then he does it again. He then kneels up next to her, and they masturbate each other briefly. She then lies on her back, and he kneels over her to fuck her as she rubs her clit. She then pulls her legs back and together, and he reaches down and rubs her clit again, then leans over to kiss her. She reaches down to rub her clit again, but she never quite gets there. He cums on her stomach.

Scene 2: An Intimate Embrace (Chloe Foster and Logan Pierce, ⚤)

Time: 20:26
Features: Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

He is in the living room, in dress clothes, drinking a glass of whiskey, and she appears in lingerie and heels. She walks over by a fireplace and strips, taking off her panties, then her bra. She squeezes her tits, then walks over to him and kisses him as he stands to meet her.

There isn't much to that story, though the striptease she does for him is sexy. But it doesn't provide much context for the sex, and we missed that. The sex is itself nowhere near as natural or convincing, either, as it usually is in Erotica X videos, and the "CMNF" aspect felt is a bit routine. They do both seem to enjoy themselves, however.

The camera work is pretty good, but not as good as with many of these videos. Some of the shots as she sucks him are close to "POV", which we find problematic, if not balanced by shots from her point of view. We lose him a bit in the usual sorts of places, as well, though not too badly.


She straddles his thigh and rubs her pussy on his pants. He picks her up and carries her to their bed, where we find them kneeling together as he kisses her neck. She reaches down and rubs his cock through his pants, ane he reaches down and rubs her pussy. He takes off his tie, then pulls her onto his lap, and she grinds against his crotch. (There actually seems to be a wet spot on his pants, from where she was riding him.)

He takes off his shirt, and she lies back on the bed as he also drops his pants. She sits him up and sucks him, then strokes him as she kisses him, then pushes him back on the bed and sucks him further.

He sits up, pushes her back on the bed, and goes down on her. He then kneels up in front of her and enters her. They switch to spooning, and then he rolls onto his back as she gets astride him on her knees, grinding against his pelvis. She cums at about 15:55. They then thrust at each other, and he sits up with her. She leans over onto him, and he rolls her onto her back and fucks her from beside her as they kiss. He pulls out and cums on her stomach.

Scene 3: Poolside Allure (Jaslene Jade and James Deen, ⚤)

Time: 22:59
Features: I'm Gonna Cum, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

She is walking around in a black swimsuit, or something of the sort, kind of posing. We then see him on the other side of a pool, watching her. He walks over to her and kisses her, and they make their way to an outdoor bed.

The initial sequence seems a bit gratuitous, and it did nothing for us. But it only lasts about two and a half minutes, and you can always skip over it. We kept with it because we have seen before how James Deen makes love to a woman.

And once they start having sex, things improve a great deal. There is excellent chemistry between them, and the sex is passionate and convincing. As usual, Deen seems to care quite a lot about his partner's pleasure, and he really seems to enjoy helping Jaslene cum, which she does at least four times.

The camera work is very good, a bit better than is usual for these videos.


He lies over her and kisses her body, pulling her swimsuit aside. He takes it off her as she undoes his shirt, and he kisses her feet, legs, stomach, and tits. He kneels up again, and she strokes his cock through his pants as he strokes her pussy. She then sits up and undoes his pants, sucking his cock as he stands on the bed. He lies her on the bed and goes down on her.

He lies next to her and enters her, reaching around to rub her clit as he holds her other hand. She announces an orgasm and cums at about 10:50. They continue spooning, then roll over so she is on top of him on her knees. He holds her tight and thrusts up into her, and she then lifts off him a bit and bounces on his cock as he holds her tits. She reaches down to rub her clit and cums again at about 14:55.

She gets off him and sucks his cock, then lies on her stomach, and he enters her from behind. He reaches around to rub her clit again, encouraging her, and she cums a third time at about 19:10. He tosses her onto her back and lies over her, kissing her sweetly, then kneels in front and fucks her hard, and she announces yet another orgasm and cums at about 21:40. He then pulls out and cums on her stomach and chest.

Scene 4: A Touch of Romance (Dillion Harper and Tyler Nixon, ⚤)

Time: 28:08
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

She is on the balcony in just a towel, and he is below, in shorts, calling her down for a massage. She overacts a bit during this part. We're sure it feels good, but it can't possibly feel that good that fast.

There is a decent but not great connection between them, and the sex feels a bit routine. She seems to enjoy herself, but never seems terribly aroused.

The camera work is pretty good. She is more the focus at times, but not overall.


They kiss, and she lies naked on the massage table as he spreads oil over her body and massages her. She rolls onto her back, and he massages her front, finding his way to her pussy and clit.

He kisses her—this is about five minutes into the video—and carries her to their bedroom, where they continue to make out. (All the oil has magically disappeared.) He sucks her tits as they kneel together on the bed, then lifts her onto his lap and kisses her neck. He lies her back on the bed and kisses her body, sucking her tits again and making his way to her pussy. He goes down on her for a bit, which she seems to enjoy.

They kiss again, and she takes off his pants and sucks his cock as he lies back on the bed. She then gets astride him on her knees and rides his cock, leaning over to kiss him and then kneeling up over him. She then rolls onto her back, and he eats her again, briefly, then rolls her onto her side and spoons her. He is then atop her, and he cums on her stomach.

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