November 30, 2015

Le Baiser [The Kiss], from Ovidie


Time: 1:17, Director: Ovidie, Date: 2015

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Cast: Tiffany Doll (29yo), Madison Young (35yo), Rodolph Antrim (44yo), and Jean Diane

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Lust Cinema

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance


This is really an incredible movie. Female bisexuality is of course a common theme in porn, but it is almost never really explored in any serious way. Indeed, we struggle to think of any movie—porn or mainstream—that really tries to get inside the head of someone who is experiencing her first serious attraction to another woman. That's what this movie is about, and it is both inspiring and disturbing.

Claire (Tiffany Doll) lives with her long-time boyfriend Pierre (Rico Simmons). On the way to work one day, she sees an American tourist Jolene (Madison Young) get mugged. Her purse is stolen and with it her passport, money, credit cards, everything. Taking pity on her, Claire gets Jolene back to her hotel and even guarantees her room. And then, just as they are about to part, Jolene kisses Claire—and not in a friendly "thank you" sort of way, either.

What follows is the story of Claire's struggles with the feelings that single kiss generates. She becomes almost obsessed with Jolene, waiting for her to call, as she had promised she would, when she has had the money wired to cover her hotel. Claire is so distracted that she forgets her tenth anniversary with Pierre, who is already getting suspicious, but the two of them decide they will celebrate their tenth anniversay by getting married. Eventually, Jolene does call, and she and Claire begin a torrid affair that leads Claire to have doubts about her future with Pierre. She has been with him since she was 19 and is now wondering what she might have missed. The ups and downs of the affair are brutal. Claire escapes to the countryside, ostensibly to have some time for herself, but actually to spend time with Jolene and two gay male friends of hers. Pierre, out of desperation, turns to an old girlfriend for comfort.

Jolene's confusion reaches such a pitch that, when she returns and discovers Pierre's transgression, she purposely insults and hurts him. He storms out of the house and, that night, does not return. A touching and confusing exchange of text messages ensues. "Where are you?" Pierre asks her. "I'm sorry :-(" she replies. "Come back", he says. She seems not to know what he means. She is the one at home. "?" is her first response, and "???????" her next. "Respond", she insists, but he does not reply.

The next day, Claire and Jolene say a very emotional goodbye. Back home now, Jolene is walking through the house alone when she hears Pierre turning his key in the lock. She turns and smiles...and that is the end of the film. Is he back? How will her feelings for and experience with Jolene affect their plans to marry? As so often, Ovidie does not give us answers. For what it's worth, the way Claire smiles at the end made us believe that she and Pierre would be staying together, and what Pierre meant by his text, of course, was that he wanted her to come back to him emotionally. But we take Ovidie's point to be that there are really no final answers in such cases. Whatever the future may hold for Pierre and Claire, her life, and their life, will forever be changed by what Claire has now discovered about herself.

The other movies of Ovidie's that we have seen have always explored serious topics, but there has always been something light-hearted, and even humorous, about them, as well. There is absolutely nothing light-hearted or humourous about this movie, even if there are some funny moments. It is, in many ways, deeply disturbing. Claire's anger at Pierre, whose only sin seems to be that he is now too familiar to be exciting, almost makes her unsympathetic. What it really makes her, of course, is just human. She obviously loves Pierre, even if we do not see, in the short period of their lives we are shown, quite why that is.

The sense of impending doom that dominates the film even continues into the sex scenes, where the music is foreboding. As much fun as everyone is having sexually, one worries from the outset about where it is leading. That, perhaps, is the one theme that does connect this movie with Ovidie's earlier ones: A concern with the power of sexual desire and how it shapes people's lives.

As usual with Ovidie's movies, the cinematography is stunningly beautiful. Paris provides a wonderful backdrop for the emerging passion between Jolene and Claire. And the sex scenes, again as usual, are shot in a way that makes one aware of the people involved, and what they are feeling, not just of their bodies. The emotional intensity of all the scenes with Claire and Jolene is amazing, and the last of these is among the best sex scenes we have ever had the joy of watching. Not only does Jolene make it clear to Claire just how intense her feelings for her really are, but she opens Claire's sexual world even further, taking her to places she didn't even realize she wanted, and needed, to go.

What more is there to say? Watch it.

Scene 1: Tiffany Doll and Madison Young (♀♀)


Time: 6:00

Female Orgasm: Yes

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

This is Jolene's first sexual experience with another woman. It's extremely sexy, and the sex is natural and realistic. As one would expect, Jolene largely takes the lead, eventually tonguing and fingering Claire to orgasm.

Tiffany Doll does an amazing job conveying the excitement someone in this situation would have, and Ovidie does an even more amazing job capturing those emotions on film.

Scene 2: Tiffany Doll, Madison Young, Rodolph Antrim, and Jean Diane (♀♀♂♂)


Time: 7:00

Female Orgasm: Yes

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Claire and Jolene have sex with Jolene's two gay friends, at least one of whom is actually bisexual. There is something incredibly relaxed and playful about the partner swapping here. Maybe what's most striking about this scene, though, is how naturally male bisexuality is portrayed: a true rarity in porn.

Both women orgasm from oral stimulation: Jolene, from one of the men, and then Claire, floating in the pool, supported by the men, as Jolene goes down on her.

Scene 3: Madison Young and Rodolph Antrim (♀♂)


Time: 5:00

Cumshot: On Himself

Features: Female Ejaculation, Penis Masturbation

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Jolene has sex with Thomas, who turns out not to be gay, but to be bisexual. It's a very hot scene, full of passion and fun. Thomas masturbates Jolene to a squirting orgasm, then masturbates himself as he licks her pussy.

Scene 4: Tiffany Doll and Madison Young (♀♀)


Time: 13:00

Features: Anal, Dildo, Female Ejaculation, Spanking, Strap On

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

This is one of the hottest sex scenes we have ever watched. As jaded as we are at this point, it had us extremely aroused by the time it was over.

Claire is jealous and angry, and when Jolene tries to talk to her, she slaps her. But Jolene will not be dissuaded, and she seduces Claire, both to show her how much she really does care about her, but also to introduce her to a side of her own sexuality she may not have known existed.

Jolene is very dominant throughout. She "forces" Claire to suck her cock, then fucks her, then lubricates and massages her asshole until Claire is all but begging Jolene to fuck her there. Claire masturbates Jolene to orgasm while fucking her ass with the dildo part of her strap-on, then masturbates herself to a squirting orgasm.

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