December 6, 2015

Eternal Passion 2, from Erotica X

Time: 1:30, Director: Mason, Date: 2013
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: Official Site, IAFD
Cast: Dani Daniels (24yo), Ryan Driller (31yo), Casey Calvert (23yo), Logan Pierce (22yo), Allie Haze (26yo), Johnny Castle (33yo), Maddy O'Reilly (23yo), and Seth Gamble
Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the Erotica X subscription site


The practice at Erotica X is to post individual scenes on the subscription website and then collect them, in groups of four, for DVDs. Generally, there is not much of a common theme to the scenes collected, and that is true here, as well. How good the DVD is tends, therefore, to be a simple matter of how good the various scenes are. And, in this case, the various scenes are all excellent.

The first and last scenes are the best.

The beginning to the first, with Dani Daniels and Ryan Driller, is not so promising. She wanders around the balcony half naked in riduiculous shoes—that felt a bit 'male gaze' to us—but then she leaves a trail of rose petals for him to find when he gets home. They lead him to a big, beautiful shower, where she is waiting for him, and they make love. The chemistry between them is fantastic, and the sex is intense and passionate.

In the last scene, Maddy O'Reilly brings Seth Gamble breakfast in bed, which they share playfully, though not much before they start making love. Once again, the chemistry between them is fantastic, and it's easy to imagine they are a couple sharing a lazy weekend morning. The sex, too, is loving and yet passionate, and they both seem really to enjoy fucking each other.

The other two scenes are very good, just not stellar.

In the second scene, Logan Pierce has prepared a special dinner on the rooftop for Casey Calvert. They eat together and dance under the moonlight, and yes it is every bit as romantic as it sounds. Eventually, they make their way to the bedroom to make love. Unfortunately, the sex is mildly disappointing, just not being as passionate as we would have liked, but they certainly do seem to enjoy themselves.

In the third, Johnny Castle has for some reason we are not told to leave the home he shares with Allie Haze for six months. He leaves her a card, which she finds, and we watch her wander around their apartment sadly. Then, suddenly, he is back—probably we should read this as her fantasy—and she runs to him and kisses him. It's a total tearjerker, and Haze does an amazing job expressing her character's emotions, even without words. We were a bit puzzled, though, why he'd only leave a card, and we were hoping for a bit more resolution to the story at the end. But the sex is quite good—we've seen these two have sex before, and it is obvious that they are very into each other—even if it could have been a bit more varied.

Generally speaking, the photography here is excellent, as is usually the case with videos from Erotica X. Overall, the woman is more the focus than the man, who is out of frame from time to time, especially when they are fucking. But there are plenty of wider shots, too, and it is not as if the man is just absent. The camera work in the first scene, though, shows you what is really possible here. It is about as good as we have ever seen in a mainstream release.

Highly recommended.

Scene 1: He Loves Me (Dani Daniels and Ryan Driller, ⚤)

Time: 18:23
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Dani is out on the balcony in a black satin robe and high heels, sniffing a rose. Ryan arrives home, seeing a trail of rose petals leading up the stairs. He finds Dani naked in the shower and she pulls him into it with her, still clothed, taking off his jacket and ripping off his shirt.

Yeah, it's a bit corny, but it's romantic and sexy, as well. One has the sense that we are watching someone's fantasy. Probably hers.

There's a great connection between them. She often looks at him very intently, even looking back over her shoulder when he is behind her.

The sex is ridiculously passionate, and it seems like, once she starts cumming, she can't stop. She has somewhere between five and ten orgasms.

The camera work is fantastic, some of the best we have ever seen. Our only complaint is that the outro is a bit short. It would have been nice had they cuddled a bit longer.

Note that there is sort of related video, a masturbation scene titled "My Intimacy", with Dani Daniels. There's no explicit connection between these, but that scene takes place in the same shower as this one.


They kiss, and he kisses the top of her chest. She then kneels, undoes his pants, and sucks his cock. He thrusts into her mouth a bit, but gently. He stands up and rubs her pussy as he sucks her tits, then fingers her as he kneels down and licks her pussy. She cums at about 7:30.

They start fucking standing up, with him behind her. She rubs her clit and has at least a minigasm at 9:20, then cums hard at 10:00. He falls onto the floor, pulling her with him into a squatting position. She cums again at 10:50.

He sits up, and she has a series of orgasms over the next few minutes, culminating with a truly huge orgasm at about 14:10 as they fuck in the X position. She kisses him hard. They hold each other tight, and she bucks hard into him, cumming yet again at about 15:25. All he can do is laugh lightly.

They switch to a spooning position, and she has one last orgasm at about 16:45. He pulls out and cums on her hip.

Scene 2: The Night Is Ours (Casey Calvert and Logan Pierce, ⚤)

Time: 23:02
Features: Orgasm
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Casey and Logan share dinner on the rooftop, then make love in the bedroom.

This entire scene is wonderfully romantic, especially the beginning, and there is a lot of smiling and kissing. There is certainly a genuineness to the sex, too, but it isn't quite as passionate as one might want, though it does not feel "planned" in any way. They both seem to enjoy themselves a great deal, and she cums, we are pretty sure, rubbing her clit as he spoons her. When he has his orgasm, he cums on her stomach.

The camera work is as usual with these: very good, with only a handful of well chosen closeups. We lose him a bit when he is kneeling over her, but otherwise the balance is excellent.

It is hard to decide on a rating for this one. Based just upon the sex, we probably would have given it four stars, but we went with four and a half because we like the beginning so much.


She rides in a taxi, or a limo, wearing a long black dress, then walks to meet him at his penthouse apartment. Wearing a tux, he greets her at the door, and they kiss as he blindfolds her, then walks her out onto the roof, where he removes the blindfold, showing her a table set for two. They sit and share a meal, then stand and kiss while slowly dancing.

We rejoin them in his bedroom, kissing as they stand, and she takes off his jacket, then his bowtie, unbuttoning his shirt as well. He pulls down her dress, taking it off completely—she has nothing underneath it—then lies her on the bed, kisses her body, and goes down on her. He lifts up and kisses her, she pushes him onto his back, takes off his pants, then sucks his cock.

She turns onto her side, with him behind her, and they start fucking. She reaches down and rubs her clit, and she cums, we think, at about 16:20. She then gets astride him on her knees. They sit up together, and he rolls her onto her back and fucks her hard. He cums on her stomach.

Scene 3: The Heart Grows Fonder (Allie Haze and Johnny Castle, ⚤)

Time: 27:38
Features: Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Allie is asleep in bed, in panties and a camisole, and Johnny is sitting on the side away from her, in jeans and a tank top, with his suitcase. He leaves a card for her, then leaves the room. She awakes, finds the card, and reads it: He has had to leave for six months, for reasons we do not know. She walks through their apartment sadly, going to his closet to touch his clothes. She takes out a tie and wraps it around her, then takes out one of his shirts, and puts that on, and sprays some of his cologne onto her wrists. She drops the cologne as she sees him, holding a single rose. She runs to him, shaking her head, and kisses him.

The five minutes of setup at the beginning is amazing. It is enough to make you cry, and it provides a wonderful context for what follows. The outro is a bit short, though. We were expecting some resolution to the story.

We've seen these two have sex before, and it is obvious that they are very into each other. There's great chemistry between them, with some nice, though very quiet, communication.

The sex could be a little more varied—the "He eats her, she sucks him, now they fuck" formula needs updating—but it is very natural, and they obviously enjoy themselves. Allie cums at least once, at the end, rubbing her clit as Johnny spoons her, and she may cum earlier, as well. He cums on her ass.

The photography is generally excellent. The shots tend to be fairly wide, with a good view of both of them. She she is sucking him, for example, there are some closeups, but mostly the shot is from below his feet or beside him, and his face is included in the frame. We lose him a little bit toward the end, but not too badly.


On the bed together, they take off their shirts. He lies her back on the bed and kisses her chest as he rubs her pussy through her panties. He moves between her legs and kisses her thighs, then her pussy, again through her panties. He takes them off and goes down on her. They kneel up together and kiss, and she lies him back on the bed, takes off his pants, and sucks his cock.

She gets astride him on her knees, rocking on his cock and grinding against him. They roll over, so he is atop her, and she reaches down to rub her clit. She may cum at about 15:55. He leans over to kiss her, then kneels up and starts fucking her again. He gets between her legs and eats her briefly, then rolls her onto her side and kisses her ass, then lies beside her and kisses her lips as he fingers her pussy.

They spoon, with her turning her head back to kiss him. She reaches down to rub her clit, and she cums at about 21:15. He rolls her onto her side, with her legs pulled up to her chest, and kneels up behind her. He pulls out and cums on her ass.

Scene 4: Breakfast in Bed (Maddy O'Reilly and Seth Gamble, ⚤)

Time: 23:10
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

He is asleep in bed, and she is in the kitchen making breakfast for him: waffles with strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. (Yum!) She carries it to him on a tray, and he wakes, smiling, and kisses her. She feeds it to him slowly, and he feeds her some whipped cream from his finger, then sets the tray on the floor and kisses her.

It's a short—just three minutes—and simple little story, but it's a wonderful little glimpse into the relationship of these two characters.

There is excellent chemistry between them, with lots of giggling and kissing and quiet talking, and they both seem really into what they are doing. The sex is passionate, too, and we really appreciated the little variation at the beginning. Both of them seem to enjoy themselves a great deal. She has several orgasms and, at the end, it seems as if she is all but exhausted by them.

One of the striking things about his video is that O'Reilly seems to be wearing little if any makeup. Presumably she is wearing some—it's a movie, after all—but if so it is very subtle. In any event, the point is that, unlike in many movies, she is not wearing evening makeup the minute she gets out of bed. And that makes it feel a lot more realistic.

The camera work here is very good. As usual, the focus is more on her than on him, but he is very much present, and there are some wonderful shots of both of them.


They kiss on the bed, and he pulls down her camisole and sucks her tits. She then gets up and runs to the kitchen to get the whipped cream and chocoloate, and he sprays the whippped cream on her tits and licks it off, feeding a bit of it to her as well. With a naughty look on her face, she grabs the chocolate sauce and straddles his legs, then drizzles it along his chest and licks it from his body.

He rolls them over and wriggles out of his pajamas, then pulls off her panties and strokes her pussy while leaning over to kiss her. He then gets between her legs and goes down on her. She sits up and pulls her to him, seemingly needing him inside her, and he obliges, leaning over onto her and fucking her firmly as she pulls her legs back. They look intently into each other's eyes, talking quietly—so much so that we cannot really hear them—and she starts to get very close.

They switch positions so she is astride him on her knees and he is leaning up with her. She bounces on his cock, reaching back to pull her cheeks apart, then holds him close to her, and she cums hard at about 14:35. He falls onto his back, pulling her with him, continuing to thrust into her, and then they slow for a moment. She kneels up on him again and rides him.

She gets off him and sucks his cock, kneeling over him from the side. She kisses him as she strokes him, then goes back to sucking him, then gets back on top of him and rides him a little more. She gets off him and lies on her side, and he kneels over her and re-enters her. She asks him not to stop and says she is going to cum again, and she does at about 19:00. He starts fucking her harder, kneeling up and then leaning over her again. She cums again at about 21:30, saying "again" as if she is almost exhausted, rolling onto her side and forcing him out of her. He pulls her to him and lies her back on the bed, leans over her and kisses her, and then re-enters her. He pulls out and cums on her stomach and chest.

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