March 12, 2016

Love, Anonymous, from Adam and Eve


Time: 2:15, Director: Skye Blue, Date: 2015

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Cast: Jade Nile (23yo), Tyler Nixon (28yo), Julia Ann (46yo), Britney Amber (29yo), Van Wylde (25yo), Bianca Breeze (33yo), Charlotte Stokely (29yo), and Ryan McLane

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Gamelink


The main characters here are Emily (Julia Ann), who runs a small bakery and cafe, Sweet Dixie, and a variety of people who work for her: Randy (Tyler Nixon), Jessica (Jade Nile), and Shannon (Britney Amber). Also around are Link (Ryan McLane), the local police chief, who is more importantly an old flame of Emily's, and Doug (Van Wylde), a delivery boy who turns out also to be an amazing photographer. Just as important to the story, however, though we do not see as much of them, are Emily's younger sister (Charlotte Stokely) and her lover (Bianca Breeze), neither of whom seems to be named in the movie.

The movie is a comedy of errors. The story revolves around a love poem that Emily finds in an art book she is intending to return to her sister, and which she thinks was intended for her. Barious other people keep finding it, too, and think it was intended for them. If it sounds corny, it is a bit, but it's actually a really great story, and it is very well told. A good deal of time is spent developing it, too: about 40 minutes. There are all kinds of subplots, and there are several moments when one is forced to remember (along with the characters) that one shouldn't make assumptions about people. The acting, too, is really terrific, on all sides. We were especially impressed by the climactic scene in which all is revealed. It could easily have been over-acted, but it is not, and as a result it is wonderfully touching.

Unfortunately, though, the sex scenes are generally mediocre. There is one exception: the fourth scene, in which Charlotte Stokely and Bianca Breeze celebrate Charlotte's return from Europe by having passionate sex on the couch. It's one of the best "lesbian" scenes in an otherwise "straight" movie that we have ever had the privilege of watching.

There's nothing really bad about any of the sex scenes, and the camera work is pretty good, too. There are no particularly striking shots, though, and there are times the male performers are out of frame. But, generally speaking, the scenes are shot from wider angles that allow us to see the performers as people and not just as parts. The real problem is that almost all the sex scenes seemed to be too long. There just isn't enough variation in the sex to justify the time. In a way, the scenes are even longer than they seem, since much of the undressing, etc, is edited out, and there is less kissing, etc, than we'd prefer.

So it would have been a better movie, we think, had the sex scenes been edited down a bit so that more time was spent, proportionally, on the story. As we said, it's a pretty good story, and the sex scenes end up feeling like they interrupt it too much.

Nonetheless, we are giving this movie four and half stars, because the story and acting are so good.

Scene 1: Jade Nile and Tyler Nixon (⚤)


Time: 19:00

Features: Orgasm?, Tit Fuck

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

Randy (Tyler Nixon) and Jessica (Jade Nile) have sex in the bakery just before it opens. Apparently, they have not seen each other for a while, though we are not told why.

There is a nice sense of genuine passion between them, and they do a good job carrying the story into the sex. We liked how much they talked to each other, and smiled at each other, at the beginning. But much of the talking once they started fucking felt gratuitous. And the sex itself did not feel entirely natural. She gets much too aroused much too fast, and while there clearly is some genuine pleasure, and she may well cum, they both try too hard to seem like they are enjoying themselves.

The camera work is generally pretty good, and there are plenty of wider shots where we see both of them. But the camera is too focused on her when she is sucking him. It would have been easy to back the camera up a bit so we could see him, but instead much of the scene is shot from under a table, so his entire upper body is obscured. There are some similar problems elsewhere, e.g., when she is on her back.


They kiss, standing, and he parts her shirt and strokes her tits. She kneels down, undoes his pants, and sucks him while reaching down to rub her pussy. She put his cock between her tits for a bit, and he then eats her pussy as she lies on the counter.

They start fucking standing, with him behind her and her leaning onto the counter. He then sits on a chair, and she squats over him and bounces on his cock, reaching down to rub her clit . She then lies on a couple chairs, and he stands in front of her and re-enters her. She says she is going to cum, and she may, but we were not sure. She reaches down to rub her clit, and he pulls out and cums on her pussy.

Scene 2: Julia Ann and Tyler Nixon (⚤)


Time: 19:30

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

Emily (Julia Ann), the boss, has sex with Randy (Tyler Nixon), her employee, on a couch at her sister's home after she has found a love poem she thinks he wrote her.

There is again a sense of genuine passion between them, but not as much as one might expect, given the story. She's actually a bit dominant, too—without seeming silly, which it is nice to see. But in the end it all feels a bit predictable, and even a bit restrained. And she never really seems that aroused.

The camera work is again pretty good, but with shortcomings similar to those in the first scene. It is too focused on her when she is sucking him, and there are a few too many medical shots for our taste, though they do not last very long.


They kiss while sitting on the couch, and she unbuttons his shirt, quoting the poem she read earlier. He pushes her dress and bra aside and strokes her tits as they keep kissing, and she rubs and kisses his cock through his pants.

They kiss again, and then he eats her pussy as she reclines on the couch. He puts a finger into her, then another, and she reaches down and rubs her clit, then pulls his face back onto her. He stands up, and she kneels in front of him and sucks his cock as he steps out of his pants. She stands up and takes off her dress, then kneels down and keeps sucking him.

They start fucking with him sitting on the couch and her squatting over him reverse and bouncing on his cock. They switch to spooning, and then he kneels over her. He pulls out and cums on her pussy and stomach.

There's really a great little bit of cuddling afterwards.

Scene 3: Britney Amber and Van Wylde (⚤)


Time: 21:00

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Shannon (Britney Amber) and Doug (Van Wylde) have sex on his couch—but in part under false pretenses, since she thinks he wrote her a love poem.

The sex is natural and fairly passionate, but we found her vocalizations very distracting. How many times does anyone need to say "Oh my God"? It's possible that's just how she is, but it doesn't feel at all natural. To the contrary, it feels like typical porn over-acting.

The camera work is in some ways a bit better than in the previous scenes. When she is sucking him, the view alternates between a closeup and a much wider shot that shows both of them, for example. But, on the other hand, there are more medical shots in this scene than in the first two, though again they do not tend to linger.


They kiss, sitting, and he strokes her chest and legs. She then reclines, and he rubs her pussy through her panties, then goes down on her. She cums and then sucks him as he reclines, fingering her pussy as she does.

They start fucking with him on his back and her astride him on her knees. He then sits up, and she squats over him and rides his cock. He reaches around and rubs her clit, then thrusts up into her hard, and she seems to cum again.

They switch to spooning, and he pulls out and cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: Bianca Breeze and Charlotte Stokely (⚢)


Time: 16:30

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

This is one of the best "lesbian" scenes we can recall seeing in an otherwise "straight" movie.

This entire scene has a much more relaxed and realistic feel than any of the first three. There's a quiet, slow passion to it that is very sexy, and they seem very into fucking each other.

The camera work is really good, too. It's amazing what happens when there aren't gender expectations to shape everything.


They kiss while sitting on the couch, and Bianca takes off Charlotte's top as Charlotte reaches under her skirt. Bianca takes off Charlotte's bra and sucks her tits, and then Charlotte sits up and drops the top of her dress as Charlotte sits behind her and kisses her neck, reaching around to massage her tits through her bra. Charlotte pushes down Bianca's bra and sucks her tits, ten reaches between her legs and rubs Bianca's pussy through her panties.

Charlotte leans over the back of the couch, and Bianca takes off her skirt (and panties, we suppose). Bianca then goes down on Charlotte as she reclines, adding two fingers after a bit and going at Charlotte's g-spot, and Charlotte cums hard.

They switch positions, and Charlotte goes down on Bianca, also adding a couple fingers, and Bianca cums herself. Charlotte then sits up and fingers Bianca hard as they kiss, grinding her pussy on Bianca's thigh as well. She then rolls Bianca onto all fours---"I've missed this ass for way too long", she says—and she licks Bianca's anus before getting under her to eat her pussy again, which gets Bianca to cum again.

Scene 5: Julia Ann and Ryan McLane (⚤)


Time: 22:00

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Emily (Julia Ann) and Link (Ryan McLane) finally have sex. And the sex is very natural and convincing, with plenty of smiling, some very sweet talking, and a real sense of passion that is appropriate to the story. But we really would have liked more kissing and 'foreplay' than we get in this scene. He is going down on her within about a minute, and that did not feel appropriate to what was happening between them.

In the end, though, the main problem is just that the scene is too long.

The camera work is comparable to that in the first two scenes: Pretty good but not great. We lose him when she is sucking him, and also when she is on her back.


They fall together onto the bed, naked but for undies, and he sucks her tits and kisses her. He goes down on her, then kneels up and fingers her as they kiss. She then goes down on him, as he lies on the bed.

She gets astride him on her knees and rides him. She then squats up, holding still as he thrusts up into her, then bouncing on him. She gets back onto her knees, and then they flip over, so she is on her back. She rubs her clit, then pulls her legs way back. They switch to spooning, and she rubs her clit again. He pulls out and cums on her pussy and stomach.

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