November 11, 2016

Cherry, from Kay Brandt and Digital Playground


Time: 2:50, Director: Kay Brandt, Date: 2011

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Cast: Lux Cassidy (26yo), Riley Steele (24yo), Judy Thompson, Celeste Star (26yo), Sinn Sage (28yo), Nina Mercedez (32yo), Ash Hollywood (22yo), Raylene (34yo), Ann Marie Rios (30yo), and Vicki Chase (26yo)

Source: 1280×720 MP4 downloaded from Digital Playground subscription site


The first movie from Kay Brandt, Cherry is largely set in a strip club run the by epponymous Cherry (Judy Thompson). The story revolves around Cherry's failing relationship with one of the women who works there, Harlow (Riley Steele), and the "new girl" Winterlynn (Sinn Sage). It seems to everyone as if Winterlynn might be about to replace Harlow, but it ends up seeming as if the most likely successor is actually Winterlynn's roommate and lover Devon (Celeste Star).

A reasonable amount of time is spent on the story, about forty minutes, but the plot line we just mentioned is not really developed. In fact, we are not sure the movie really has a coherent plot. There are, however, some truly fantastic sex scenes. The best are the third, with Sinn Sage and Celeste Star, and the last, with Ann Marie Rios and Vicki Chase, but the fourth, with Nina Mercedez and Ash Hollywood, is also very good. The last two are both "first times", and the women all do an outstanding job staying in role, which adds a lot to the scenes. A lot of the sex is slow and soft and playful, but it is no less hot for that. In fact, there's a lot of slow buildup and anticipation that really had us squirming.

There is great camera work throughout, with a terrific mix of closer and wider shots that keeps it varied and interesting.

Overall, then, we very much enjoyed this movie and strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching women who love to have sex with other women have sex with other women.

This film was nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay at the 2012 AVN Awards, where Kay Brandt was also nominated for Best Director. She was nominated for the same award at the 2012 XBiz Awards, where the film itself won for All-Girl Release of the Year.

Scene 1: Lux Cassidy and Riley Steele (♀♀)


Time: 19:00

Features: Orgasm?

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓

They have sex in a bathroom. The sex at the beginning of the scene is very stylized, almost as one would expect from an Andrew Blake movie. It gets better once the two of them sit down on the edge of the tub and start kissing, but there wasn't all that much passion in this scene, and we found our minds wandering. It does have its moments, though, and we appreciated how much they kissed, and how sexy that kissing was. But it's not until the very end that either of them seems very aroused.

The photography is quite good, however, with lots of shots of the women's faces, and mostly wider shots that give us a sense for their whole bodies and not just their genitals.


Harlow rubs Jennifer's pussy from behind as she sort of bends over while standing. Harlow then assumes a similar position, and Jennifer rubs her pussy while sort of hugging her legs. They then sit down together and kiss, and Jennifer reaches over and plays with Harlow's pussy. Jennifer leans over to suck Harlow's tits before going down on her then sits on the edge of the tub, and Harlow goes down on her. Jennifer may cum, but we are not sure.

Scene 2: Riley Steele and Judy Thompson (♀♀)


Time: 5:00

Features: Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Harlow takes a shower, using the showerhead to stimulate her pussy while Cherry watches her. Cherry reaches out and slaps Harlow's ass, then stands behind her and strokes her back, then her legs and ass, as Harlow continues to masturbate with the showerhead.

There's a wonderful sense of intimacy to this scene. It's very sexy how Cherry more or less dominates Harlow without saying very much at all. It's very, very hot.

The photography is once again fantatsic.

Scene 3: Celeste Star and Sinn Sage (♀♀)


Time: 31:00

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex, Spanking, Tribadism

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Winterlynn is trying to get ready for her first night at the club, but Devon seduces her.

This is a very hot scene, and the extended teasing that leads into it sets a great mood. It's fun and playful and natural, and there's great communication between them. The sex is varied and interesting, too, which is a large part of what makes the scene so enjoyable, even though it is very long.

As in the first two scenes, the camera work is again wonderful. They make good use, for example, of a mirror that is in the room.


They kiss intently as Devon sits on the couch and Winterlynn leans over her. They switch positions, and Devon sits on Winterlynn's lap as they grope at each other, and Devon starts grinding her crotch against Winterlynn. Devon takes off Winterlynn's top and slaps her tits, then sucks and bites her nipples. Winterlynn then pulls down Devon's top and sucks and slaps and bites her tits as Devon grinds against her stomach. Devon leans back on her hands, bucking her hips at Winterlynn, who leans over and rubs her tits on Devon's pussy.

They move onto a bed and wrestle for a bit before Devon turns Winterlynn onto her stomach and dives between her cheeks. Winterlynn kneels up, and Devon reaches around her and rubs her clit under her panties. Winterlynn finally takes off her panties, then gets onto all fours, and Devon gets behind her and licks and rubs her pussy and ass. Devon then flops onto her back, and Winterlynn staddles her face as Devon masturbates. Winterlynn cums hard, gasping, then slides down to lie over Devon and kiss her.

Winterlynn sucks Devon's tits again and takes off her top, then spreads her legs and licks her pussy through her panties. She takes them off and goes down on Devon, teasingly at first until Devon can barely stand it. She clamps down on Devon's clit and drives her to orgasm, and then to another and another. Winterlynn gets up and lies over Devon, kissing her and fucking her. She then turns Devon onto all fours and spanks her before licking her asshole and fingering her while Devon masturbates to another orgasm.

Devon then throws Winterlynn onto the bed and gets back between her legs, sucking her clit and squeezing her labia. She puts a finger into Winterlynn, and Winterlynn cums again, as well. Winterlynn picks Devon up and throws her onto her back again, pushing her legs back and then squatting over her so their pussies are rubbing together, and Winterlynn fucks her hard. Devon reaches up and slaps Winterlynn's tits again, and Winterlynn asks her to do it harder. Devon cums, and then Winterlynn moves into move of a scissors position. Winterlynn fucks Devon again, and they seem to cum more or less together.

Scene 4: Nina Mercedez and Ash Hollywood (♀♀)


Time: 20:00

Features: Orgasm?, Tribadism

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

This is Eternity's retelling of how she had sex with Sara the previous night while Sara's stepmother (Veronica Hart) watched.

It is really quite amazing how sensuous this scene is. Eternity is extremely gentle with Sara, making very effort to put her at ease and make her first time memorable. It is soft and slow yet hot, and we felt as desparate for Eternity to kiss Sara's pussy as she must have been.

Both women play their roles really well, with Ash Hollywood doing an especially great job of playing the nervous neophyte.

The camera work is again excellent.


Back in a private room, Eternity and Sara sit together on a couch, and Eternity slowly seduces her, touching her softly and then kissing her lightly. Eternity kisses Sara's hand and wrist, then makes her way down her arm and kisses her neck. Eternity then strokes Sara's legs, gently pushing them apart to get at her inner thighs.

Eternity kneels on the floor and takes off Sara's right shoe, then kisses her leg and foot. She sits Sara up and gets behind her, kissing her neck as she unzips her dress, then lowers her top and strokes her tits.

Eternity lies Sara on the couch, then lies next to her and kisses her as she strokes her chest. She sucks Sara's tits, then kneels up and pulls off Sara's dress. She undoes her own top and leans over Sara to rub their tits together, then moves between Sara's legs again, kissing her thighs, but then sucking her tits again. She kisses Sara's pussy through her panties, teasing her, then pulling her panties aside and stroking her labia softly before going down on her.

Eternity takes off Sara's panties and her own, then lies over Sara and kisses her again before moving into a scissors position. She fucks Sara slowly but firmly, then leans over and kisses her again.

Scene 5: Sinn Sage, Nina Mercedez, and Riley Steele (♀♀)


Time: 7:00

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm, Rough Sex, Spanking, Tribadism

Eternity and Harlow "initiate" Winterlynn with a bit of hazing that involves forced pussy eating and the like. It's sexual harrassment and sexual assault all wrapped into one. It's not a particularly sexy scene, but we doubt it is meant to be. Given that, the scene is appropriately short, maybe just a bit longer than it needs to be to make its point and advance the story.

Scene 6: Sinn Sage and Raylene (♀♀)


Time: 12:00

Raylene is a regular customer at the club, and she has requested a special dance from Winterlynn, right in the middle of the club. It's all an extended lap dance, and as sex it doesn't really go anywhere. But it has its role in the story and again doesn't go on too long for its purpose.

Scene 7: Ann Marie Rios and Vicki Chase (♀♀)


Time: 33:00

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Marina has been brought to the club by her friends. In fantasy, she gets onto the stage with Nixie. They dance slowly, and then we find them in bed together. Marina is extremely nervous and seems unsure whether she really wants to do this, so the first several minutes of the scene are devoted to Nixie's trying to put her at ease.

It's an incredibly sexy scene, the anticipation building for a long time. It's almost twenty minutes into the scene before there is any genital contact. It is really hot how Marina both wants and doesn't want what is happening, and how intensely she looks at Nixie much of the time. Once they do start having sex, there is a great sense of connection between them, with some very sweet, quiet talking and a lot of kissing. So, despite the fact that it is again a very long scene, it is also a really great one.

Both women do a great job with their roles, especially Rios, who seems as if she might at any minute call a halt to the proceedings until her arousal takes over.


They are in bed together, both in bra and panty sets, with Nixie lying over Marina, and with Marina seemingly trying to avoid her. Nixie then lies next to Marina, taking her hand and stroking it softly while looking into her eyes, trying to put her at ease. Marina shakes with nervousness and, possibly, arousal. Nixie then starts stroking Marina's arm and chest, encouraging Marina to touch her, too.

Nixie kneels up as Marina sort of covers up, putting her arms over her chest. Nixie gently pulls down her hands and starts stroking her stomach, then pulls the blanket off her, which Marina pulls right back up. Nixie moves back next to Marina, slowing down again and sucking her finger while touching her arm.

Nixie rolls Marina onto her side a bit and pulls the blanket off her, then lies over her and kisses her torso. She then kisses Marina's face while stroking her chest as Marina starts to gasp with some combination of fear and arousal. Nixie takes off Marina's bra and sucks her tits, then kisses her mouth. Finally signalling her commitment to what is happening, Marina reaches around Nixie and undoes her bra. Nixie kneels up and removes it, then leans over and kisses Marina again.

Nixie kisses Marina's torso again and sucks her tits, then strokes her legs and sucks her toes, which seems to have Marina quivering with excitement. She then leans over and kisses Marina's thighs before licking her torso and taking off her panties. Nixie then kisses Marina's pussy softly before going down on her.

Marina sits up, and they kiss passionately before falling back onto the bed. Marina reaches around to take off Nixie's panties, then rolls her over and gets between her legs. She kisses Nixie's torso, tits, and mouth, taking her time exploring her new lover's body. Marina then lies over Nixie and grinds her mound onto Nixie's pussy. She falls next to Nixie and rubs her clit while kissing her, obviously wanting to get her off. And Nixie does cum for her.

Marina then lies on her stomach and Nixie kisses her back, then licks her pussy from behind. She rubs Marina's clit while licking her labia and asshole, and Marina starts to beg Nixie to make her cum, which she eventually does. She then rolls onto her back, and Nixie kisses her while grinding slowly but firmly on her thigh, and one or both of them cums again.

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