August 10, 2017

Gone, from Angie Rowntree and


Time: 33:23, Director: Angie Rowntree, Date: 2015

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Cast: Madeline Blue and Gee Richards

Source: 1920×1080 downloaded from


Todd, Rebecca's husband, is "gone", and she is in deep mourning. We do not find out what has happened until the end—and no, we will not tell you.

The film begins with romantic scenes of them together, going about their daily lives. Rebecca then recounts the beginning of their relationship—and how there came to be a dungeon in their basement. We watch them share New Year's Eve in bed together—once, and then again, through the years, the sex being relatively conventional. Todd then reappears, down in their dungeon, which she is unsuccessfully trying to make herself pack. It has been her dream to see him one more time, to make love to him one more time, and so she does. What happens at the end is extremely powerful and moving, and it allows her finally to move on.

The story is perhaps a bit on the corny side, but no more so than a lot of "romantic porn". And it is a deeply touching tribute to...well, make sure you watch through all the credits if you want to know to whom.

The sex scenes are wonderful, and the camera work is fantastic. The sex is shot intimately, but without the usual medical shots. We see plenty of both of them, too, and we are offered a real sense of the love they share, and how it is expressed through their love-making. But it is not a perfect film. The music is sometimes too loud, obscuring their own sounds. And there are places in which the acting is wooden, and just not very good.

Nonetheless, this movie pushes the boundaries of what porn can be, and even with its flaws it is a work of genius. Watch it.

Scene 1: Madeline Blue and Gee Richards (♀♂)



Female Orgasm: Yes

They have sex on their bed on New Year's Eve. He kisses her breasts, and then she rolls them over and sucks his cock. He teases her with an ice cube, running it along her body, then leaving it to melt on her stomach. He goes down on her, then kneels over her and enters her. He then lies beside her and fucks her harder. She gets astride him on her knees, then straddles him, sitting on his lap and riding him. She cums hard at about 12:15.

The scene is wonderfully presented. The sex itself, which is joyous and playful, is inter-mixed with what precedes it, all of which gives a great sense for the connection between them.

Scene 2: Madeline Blue and Gee Richards (♀♂)


Time: 9:30

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Stomach

Features: Bondage, Spanking

It has been Rebecca's dream to make love with Todd one more time, and so she does, in their dungeon.

It's a powerful scene, and it is presented less in the 'documentary' sort of way that most porn is presented. You have enough of a sense for what is happening, but the focus is not on the mechanics but on the significance of their love-making for them as people.

There is not a lot of BDSM-type content, though he does tie her hands above her head, stroking and kissing her from behind. He also spanks her with a crop, then reaches around her and masturbates her to orgasm.

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