March 12, 2018

XGirl vs Supermacho, from Ovidie and Lust Cinema


Time: 1:01, Director: Ovidie, Dist De Kaerth, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: Official Site

Cast: Stoya (29yo), Anna Polina (26yo), Ricky Mancini, and Josh

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Lust Cinema


This is a fascinating project. Ovidie wrote and directed a short film, then invited a male director, Dist De Kaerth, to direct the same script, on the same sets, and mostly with the same cast. Both films feature the inimitable Stoya as the female lead, with Anna Polina as the other woman. The male leads are different: Ricky Mancini, in Ovidie's version, and Josh in De Kaerth's. Neither film reveals who plays the role of the second guy. We think we have seen him in other films, though.

De Kaerth's version is full of porn cliches, and that is entirey the point. This is not just true of the sex, but of the way the story unfolds, and everything else. Maybe what's most striking is the lack of subjectivity in De Kaerth's version, not just for Stoya, but for her male partner, too. The whole thing is clearly a send-up.

The sex in Ovidie's version is natural and seemingly unscripted. As usual, Stoya herself is fantastic, and wonderfully expressive, though in a way that is completely natural. In De Kaerth's version, of course, all the sex is much more pornish, with facials and anal in the first threesome, then POV and dual cock sucking in the second.

The photography in Ovidie's version is intimate, focused on their faces and details of their bodies, though there are some wider shots, too. In De Kaerth's, it is of course much more pornish, again.

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