December 28, 2012

The Exchange Student 2, from Sweet Sinner

Time: 1:42, Director: Nica Noelle, Date: 2010
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Nicole Ray (21yo), Manuel Ferrara (35yo), Chayse Evans (24yo), David Perry (40yo), Elexis Monroe (30yo), and Marco Banderas (43yo)


This is a continuation of Exchange Student 1. Manuel shows up looking for Chayse, and Nicole tells him that she has left him a 'surprise', which turns out to be Nicole, on her bed, confessing her love for Manuel, her father's best friend. Chayse discovers them together and, in revenge, seduces David. Elexis discovers them together and talks to Marco about it, telling him that they are both being cheated on. So, of course, they have sex. Finally, just as Chayse is about to go home for the holidays, Elexis confronts her, and they have a fight that turns into sex, as well.

Here again, there isn't much focus on the story, which is just framing and consumes all of thirteen minutes:. But the sex is good, and the camera work is non-intrusive. The second scene is kind of rough, but really passionate, with great chemistry between them. The third scene is even better, though much more loving and gentle. The last scene was not so appealing to me, as it just didn't make a lot of sense. It was also too rough for my tastes, at least, without more context. So, overall, I didn't like this movie as much as the first one.

Scene 1: Nicole Ray and Manuel Ferrara

Time: 18:30
Features: Analingus, Footjob, I'm Gonna Cum, Orgasm

Nicole seduces her father's friend Manuel, who resists a bit but not much.

The sex is passionate, and there is good talking between them, especially from Nicole. But it doesn't really seem to click between them. Nicole seems almost intimidated by Manuel's huge dick and doesn't really take it all the way until they've been fucking for a while, occasionally telling him 'easy' or something of the sort. That's realistic, though, which is nice, and she definitely does seem to enjoy the experience, cumming near the end as they fuck. And Manuel is great, and caring.


They kiss and start to undress, and he kisses down her body, flips her over and licks her ass, then flips her back over and licks her pussy. He climbs up to kiss her, and she pulls off his pants. He kneels in front of her and starts fucking her slowly, and she rubs his dick with her foot a bit as he fucks her. She then sucks him, sloppily, and jerks him while kissing him. She pushes him back and climbs on top of him, and they alternate between him thrusting hard up into her and her riding him. They switch to spooning, and he rubs her clit a bit, then she gets on her knees on the edge of the bed and he fucks her from behind. He flips her onto her back, and she announces an orgasm. He stops to lick her pussy and ass again, then goes back to fucking her, and cums on her stomach.

Scene 2: Chayse Evans and David Perry

Time: 20:00
Features: Analingus, Deepthroat, Female Ejaculation, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex

Chayse seduces Nicole's father David, in revenge for her fucking Manuel, whom Chayse had seduced in the first episode.

This all feels a bit rushed at the beginning, which perhaps makes sense in context, and it then turns into quite rough sex. That's not a thing for me, but she so clearly enjoys it that it is very exciting, and there is great communication between them. She has several orgasms, as well, including one squirting orgasm as he fingers her. He cums on her stomach.


After he helps her out of her dress, they make out in her room, and he kisses her tits and body, then her feet and legs, before going down on her. He gets naked, and she sucks him, then licks his balls while he wanks. She then gets atop him and grinds herself into him, then goes back to sucking him, taking him deep into her throat before getting on her side and spooning with him. She rubs her clit while he holds her neck, and she cums hard. He then rubs her clit for her, and she slaps her own face as she gets close again, and he slaps her, too, then grabs her neck again.

She gets on her knees, and he licks her ass, then fingers her ass as she rubs her clit, and fucks her doggy style while scratching his fingers down her back, at her request. She asks him, 'Tell me to cum right now', and he does, and she does. He then throws her on her back and fingers her pussy really hard, bringing her to a squirting orgasm. He then fucks her again, with her bucking back at him, her head thrown back as she grabs her own neck, and she cums hard yet again. He pulls her to the edge of the bed and licks her pussy again, and they then fuck on their sides, face to face, as she slaps her own ass. They roll over, and he lies atop her. They hold each other tight, and he finally cums on her stomach. She rubs it around and tastes it.

Scene 3: Elexis Monroe and Marco Banderas

Time: 27:00
Features: Orgasm

Elexis has discovered David fucking Chayse, and she knows about Nicole and Manuel, too. So, since both she and Manuel are being cheated on, they decide to have sex.

This scene is more gentle and loving than the others, with a lot of kissing at the beginning. There is very affectionate oral, as well, by both of them, before they fuck, which does not happen until about fourteen minutes into the scene. They look and smile at each other a lot, too, and kiss throughout. He really encourages her as she gets close to orgasm, which is sweet and caring.

What really makes the scene, then, is the obvious connection, and fantastic communication, between them. They clearly enjoy fucking each other.


This begins very tenderly, with him kissing her gently and touching her face in the kitchen. They start to kiss more deeply as she unbuttons his shirt and strokes his chest. They continue kissing on her bed, and he slips her dress down and then off. They grind together, and she rolls him over as they keep kissing. Still wearing her panties, and with him still in his pants, she grinds herself on his cock, kisses him and his chest, and rubs his cock through his pants, which then come off. She sucks him for quite a while. He then takes her panties off and goes down on her, licking her fairly gently at first, but then really sucking her clit and at least getting her very close to orgasm.

He gets on top of her, and they fuck fairly gently. He lies back, and she sucks him some more, then gets on top of him, moving up and down his cock and grinding herself against him, getting herself close, and getting him so close, it seems, that he needs to pause. They switch to spooning, kissing, and then to doggy style, which is again sort of gentle. She flips over at the end, and he cums on her tits, at her choice, and she tastes his cum off his cock.

Scene 4: Chayse Evans and Elexis Monroe

Time: 21:30
Features: Orgasm, Rough Sex

Chayse and Elexis have it out, their fight turning into rough sex.

The sex is kind of hot, but it is very rough. But my main problem with this scene is just that it doesn't make much sense in the context of the movie. Chayse's constant commentary sometimes feels a bit forced and pornish, as well.


Chayse lies on top of Elexis and grinds against her, then pulls off her panties and goes down on her. Elexis then sucks Chayse's tits, and they rub each other's pussies. Chayse sits on Elexis's face while Elexis masturbates, slapping her own tits. Chayse then gets on her knees and Elexis rubs her from behind until she cums. Elexis then bites her neck hard on both sides, and Elexis gets on her knees, with Chayse grinding into her from behind as she masturbates, slapping her ass. Chayse then lies Elexis back, sucks her tits, kisses her legs and feet, lies down on her and grinds into her again. Chayse then eats Elexis, who cums hard on her tounge. Chayse slaps her pussy a few times afterwards, and Elexis gets on top of her and bites her tits, stomach, and legs. She then fingers Chayse as Chayse chokes herself, and Elexis slaps her face while Chayse slaps her own tits. Elexis then grinds into Chayse, and suddenly everything slows down and they are kissing.

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