January 3, 2013

A Little Part of Me, from New Sensations Romance

Time: 2:24, Director: James Avalon, Date: 2011
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: The Romance Series, IAFD
Cast: Kimberly Kane (28yo), Danny Mountain (27yo), Zoe Voss (21yo), Michael Vegas, Allie Haze (24yo), Rocco Reed (29yo), Bobbi Starr (28yo), and Mark Davis (46yo)


Linda (Bobbi Starr) has lost her husband, and her friends suggest she try to heal by meeting the people to whom he donated organs. She meets the guy who got his eyes, and he turns out to be perfect for her friend Margo (Kimberly Kane). (You don't really get someone's eyes, but never mind.) She then meets the guy who got a lung (Michael Vegas), and he is perfect for Nina (Zoe Voss). Then she meets the guy who got his heart (Rocco Reed), and he is perfect for another friend Regina (Allie Haze). Finally, her husband's doctor (Mark Davis), who is also a friend of the family, confesses his love for her, and they get together, as well.

The story is a little silly, but this is clearly meant to be a comedy, and it is very, very funny in places. A good bit of time is devoted to the story, as well: about 45 minutes. The camera work is excellent, too, and the acting is more than adequate. We especially enjoyed Allie Haze as the bookish Regina—but we kinda enjoy Allie Haze, period. There is really good acting even during the sex scenes, as everyone stays in character. It gets a little sappy at the end, and the last sex scene is a little mediocre. But the first two are fantastic, and the third is very good.

It is easy to understand, then, why this movie won a Feminist Porn Award in 2011 for Steamiest Romantic Movie and was nominated for Best Feature at the 2011 AVN awards.

Scene 1: Kimberly Kane and Danny Mountain

Time: 19:00

The first scene features Danny Mountain, as the man who received Linda's husband's eyes, and her equally "spiritual" friend Margo, played by Kimberly Kane. There's some interesting, more 'suggestive' camera work here that is dark and close up at the beginning. There is an excellent connection between them, as well, with great talking, smiling, and hand-holding.

Kane never does seem to cum, though she seems to be trying very hard to do so. Nonetheless, she definitely seems to enjoy herself. He cums on her pussy.


They kiss on the couch, and she strokes his cock through his pants. They move to the bedroom, and he pulls her top off, plays with her tits, pulls off her bra, and sucks her tits. She kisses his chest, then they masturbate each other a bit, standing. He lies back, and she sucks him. She then gets on top of him and grinds her pussy on his cock, then puts it in her and keeps grinding. They spoon, as she rubs her pussy, then rolls onto her back and he kneels in front of her while she rubs herself some more. He cums on her pussy, shooting up onto her tits, and she tastes him from her fingers.

Scene 2: Zoe Voss and Michael Vegas

Time: 31:00
Features: Orgasm

The second scene features Michael Vegas as Roger, who received a lung, and another of Linda's friends Nina, played by Zoe Voss. The scene is extremely soft and romantic, just beautiful. They kiss softly to start, talking to each other, and he then kisses her neck and shoulders, and rubs her back and ass. It is not until after we are more than seven minutes into the scene that he kisses her tits, and he continues to kiss her body for some time after that.

She cums once while kneeling atop him and may cum again while lying on her side, as he kneels over her. He cums on her stomach.

It is a truly great scene, as they are incredibly sweet together (see also their performance in Dear Abby).


They kiss softly to start, talking to each other. He kisses her neck and shoulders, rubs her back and ass. He kisses her tits (after 7:30), takes her top off and lies her on the floor, and they keep kissing. He kisses her torso and hips, then pulls her shorts off and kisses her legs, tits, and torso again, before going down on her. "Lie down", she says, and she kisses his torso, pulls off his pants, and sucks him, then gets on top of him and rides his cock to an orgasm. They sit up, with her crouching, kissing. She then gets on top for a bit more, and they flip over to spoon as he sucks her tits. He then gets on his knees, with her still on her side, and she may have another orgasm. He cums on her stomach, shooting up to her tits.

Scene 3: Allie Haze and Rocco Reed

Time: 28:30
Features: Orgasm

The third scene features Rocco Reed, who plays a shy, bookish man, Lucas, who received a heart, and Linda's equally shy, bookish friend Regina, played by Allie Haze. She takes him two dozen roses, and they make a connection over a bottle of wine, then make love.

There is intense, romantic kissing at the start, as they hold hands, but the scene is just too long (28:30), and the fucking becomes a bit monotonous. It's possible the scene is just a bit too soft, as well, though that is her personality in the movie. She could also lose the shoes: Complete nudity does a lot to add to the sense of realism.

Still, there is some real passion between them, and she grinds to an orgasm as she lies on top of him. He cums on her pussy and stomach.


They kiss, holding hands, and she pulls off his top so she can kiss his torso. He lowers her dress and kisses her tits and stomach. She kisses his body again, rubbing his cock through his pants, then takes off his pants and sucks him. He kisses her back, face, and neck, and she lies back and gets naked (except for her shoes). He kisses her tits, legs, and thighs, then goes down on her. He lies down beside her, keeps kissing her, and rubs her chest before they start spooning. She kisses his torso and gets on top of him, fucking him slowly and grinding to an orgasm as they hold hands. She then lies back and he kneels in front of her, cumming on her pussy and stomach.

Scene 4: Bobbi Starr and Mark Davis

Time: 20:00
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms

In the final scene, Linda and her husband's doctor Paul (Mark Davis) get together. They start out kissing, teasing, and talking, which is promising, and he fingers her to an orgasm before her panties even come off, then masturbates her to a second, screaming orgasm toward the end. Somehow, though, despite all of that, the scene just never seems to take off, and the sex, though obviously pleasurable for both of them, feels a bit routine and performed, which means the movie ends on a bit of a low note.


They kiss, tease, and talk, and he kisses her chest and rubs her pussy, over her panties and then under them, and she cums. He licks his fingers, takes off her shoes, kisses her feet, and goes down on her. His pants come off and she wanks him, then sucks him, and she gets on top of him and rides. They then get into a sitting position. He lies her back and kneels in front of her, licking her feet, and then rubbing her hard to a screaming orgasm. They switch to doggy, and then she gets on her back, legs up. He cums on her stomach.