February 15, 2013

Almost Heaven, from New Sensations Romance

Time: 1:46, Director: Eddie Powell, Date: 2010
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On the web: The Romance Series, IAFD
Cast: Brooke Lee Adams (24yo), Danny Mountain (26yo), Allie Haze (23yo), Xander Corvus (22yo), Victoria White (23yo), Rocco Reed (28yo), Kiara Diane (23yo), and Chris Johnson (27yo)


The story involves a woman, Angie (Kiara Diane), who has died and who has to choose one memory to take with her to The Other Side. But much of the movie is focused on Sara (Allie Haze), who works at The Doorway To The Other World and who's pining for her boss, Michael (Xander Corvus).

There are sweet bits to the story, but it's pretty cheezy, frankly, and the acting is pretty spotty in places, though it is never really bad.

That said, the movie is very nicely shot, and the interactions between Haze and Corvus, who clearly have a thing for each other, are terrific.

The sex scenes are all shot pretty well. There's a good mix of wider shots and closeups, without too many "medical" shots, and there is at least some focus on the male as well as on the female performer. And there is at least some attention paid to female pleasure, though only Haze cums, and none of the other women ever seems very near orgasm.

Overall, this is a movie worth watching, but there are much better efforts by Eddie Powell since it was done.

Scene 1: Brooke Lee Adams and Danny Mountain

Time: 12:00

The first sex scene involves a woman, Carine (Brooke Lee Adames), who is recounting the memory on which she has decided: a time she made love in a garden with her husband David (Danny Mountain) during a romantic getaway. Unfortunately, the scene is not nearly as romantic, or as passionate, as it should be. There's no real sense of a connection between Adams and Mountain, and, while she does seem to enjoy herself, she never seems all that aroused.


They kiss and undress on a couch, and he rubs her pussy and sucks her tits. She pulls off his pants and sucks him, first as he lies back and then as he kneels. She then lies back and he goes down on her, and she gets on top of him and rides his cock. They switch to doggy, then she lies back and he kneels in front of her. He cums on her pussy and stomach.

Scene 2: Allie Haze and Xander Corvus

Time: 26:00

The second scene is a fantasy that Sara has about Michael, and it is terrific. They kiss and grope each other in the coffee room for quite a few minutes before their clothes really start to come off. The sex is passionate and at least somewhat creative, and Haze cums at least once, while atop Corvus, and may cum a second time. He cums on her stomach.


They kiss and grope each other in the coffee room for a few minutes, then he nibbles her ear and starts removing her clothes. He kisses her tits, stomach, and thighs, then puts her on the counter and eats her. She pulls his pants down and sucks him as he stands against the counter, and he turns her around, kisses her butt, and fucks her from behind. He then lies on the floor, and she gets on top of him to ride his cock to an orgasm. She then gets on her back and he fucks her from beside her, then kneels in front of her and lifts her up onto the counter. He cums on her stomach, shooting almost up to her neck.

Scene 3: Victoria White and Rocco Reed

Time: 20:00

The third scene involves a couple (Victoria White, Rocco Reed) who have died together and who are going to create a "new memory" to take with them, making love on their bed. The scene is extremely passionate at the beginning, but, in the end, the sex simply isn't that powerful. It seems like it should be really good, but it just never happens. That is at least partly because, while she seems to enjoy herself, she never seems terribly aroused. He cums on her pussy.


They kiss and stroke each other on their bed, and he kisses and sucks her tits, then lies her back and kisses her torso. He pulls off her panties and kisses her thighs, then licks her pussy. He then lies back, and she unzips him and sucks his cock, gets on top of him and rides. They switch to spooning, and she rolls on her back so he can rub her clit, then pulls her legs way back. He then kneels in front of her, and cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: Kiara Diane and Chris Johnson

Time: 18:00
Features: Orgasm

The last scene occurs after Diane wakes up from her dream, happy to see her husband Jake (Chris Johnson), who is late for work, but she entices him back to bed. It is fun and passionate at the beginning, but it devolves into pretty generic porno sex by the end. She does seem to enjoy herself, though, and cums while against him as she rides him. He cums on her stomach.


She lies atop him on their bed, kissing him, then they roll over and he kisses her, then her body, then her pussy. He turns over, and she undoes his pants and sucks him, then rides his cock. She cums from grinding herself against him. They switch to spooning, and then to doggy. She gets on her back and pulls her legs up, and he leans over her. He cums on her stomach.

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