February 15, 2013

Love Blossoms, from Wicked Passions

Time: 2:14, Director: Barrett Blade, Date: 2012
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: Wicked B2B, IAFD
Cast: Jessie Andrews (20yo), Nick Manning (45yo), Lizz Tayler (22yo), Brad Tyler, Heather Starlet (23yo), Ryan McLane, Chanel Preston (27yo), and Kris Slater (31yo)


The story is about a young woman, Jane (Jessie Andrews), who is in a car accident and loses her memory. This turns out, in the end, not to be such a bad thing, since her then boyfriend Remy (Nick Manning) is an asshole—and, as a result of the accident, she realizes her love for her neighbor Brian (Kris Slater).

This is a very nice video. The story is pretty basic, but it's well told, and a fair bit of time is spent on the story, more than thirty minutes. Unfortunately, the acting, though decent, is not great, especially where the supporting cast is concerned. Slater, Andrews, and Starlett are pretty good, but the rest, not so much.

The sex scenes tend to run 18-20 minutes, and they are well integrated into the story. The last scene is excellent, and the first is very good, as well.

The camera work overall is excellent, with good gender balance, and a nice mix of wider and closer shots. The only complaint is that there is an annoying "fast forward" trope that keeps being used to mask edits, which adds nothing.

Overall, then, a very enjoyable video, well worth watching, and we enjoyed watching it even a second time.

Scene 1: Jessie Andrews and Nick Manning

Time: 17:00
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Couple fool around on the couch, with him tickling her, which leads to their having sex.

The sex is fairly passionate, and there is a reasonably good connection between them. They hold hands for much of the time, there is a lot of kissing. Jessie seems to have a very pleasant time, having two or three orgasms. Somehow, though, it just never really lets loose.

The camera work is very good, with reasonable gender balance. When he is eating her, for example, there are some lower shots, and quite a few shots of her face, and even of her feet pushing down his pants.


They make out on a couch. He kisses her neck, then pulls down her top and sucks her tits as he rubs her pussy through her shorts. They sit up and kiss, and she takes off his shirt. She takes off her top, and he kisses her chest, then they kiss and touch each other while she undoes his pants. He takes off her shorts, so she is naked, and he lies her back on the couch, kisses his way down her body, and eats her. She may cum at about 11:55.

He then gets on top of her, fucking her sweetly. She plays with herself while they fuck and sems to cum again at about 16:30. She kneels up and sucks him as he sits back on the couch, playing with his balls and taking him most of the way into her mouth. They then spoon, with her rubbing herself again and him taking over for a bit. She rubs herself to another orgasm at about 20:50. He then pulls out, and she pulls off the condom and strokes him until he cums on her pussy.

Scene 2: Lizz Tayler and Brad Tyler

Time: 18:00
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

They come over to help Brian deal with Jane's illness and Remy's asshole-ness, then have sex on his couch as he takes a walk.

There's a romantic feel to the scene, with lots of kissing, and they seem to care about each other. But it isn't terribly passionate, and she never seems all that aroused.

The camera work, though, is very good, as it was in the first scene.


They make out on a couch, and he pulls down her dress and sucks and plays with her tits. She sits on his lap and kisses him, and he pulls off her dress and squeezes her ass. He lies her back and pulls off her panties (leaving her in stockings, a garter, and heels), then eats her. She sits up and undoes his shirt, then pulls down his pants, kisses his cock through his undies, lower them, and sucks him. They start fucking with her on top, riding him, and then she lies back and he gets on top of her. He pulls out, and she takes off the condom and strokes him until he cums on her stomach and tits.

Scene 3: Heather Starlet and Ryan McLane

Time: 22:00
Features: Orgasm?
Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Jane's sister Kate (Heather Starlet) has sex with an old flame, Roger (Ryan McLane), who happens to be around.

This is the longest of the sex scenes in this movie, so one would hope it would be really good. It is pretty good, but it really should have been better. There is pretty good chemistry between them, with good kissing and some nice communication. And she seems to have a pretty good time. She may cum when he is eating her, though it is not clear if she really does.

The camera work is again pretty good, though not as creative as in the earlier scenes.


They make out on the couch, groping each other, and she undoes his shirt and strokes his chest. He pulls down her dress and sucks her tits as she runs her hands over his back, then he pulls off her dress and kisses her body as she lies back on the couch. He pulls off her panties and licks her pussy, and she seems to have an orgasm at about 1:05:15. They sit up and kiss, then get into a 69, and she pulls down his pants and sucks him. They start fucking in a spooning position, with her (crazy) shoes still on, and she then gets on top and rides him as he massages her ass. They switch to doggy style, and she says she is about to cum at about 1:17:40, though she does not seem actually to do so. He cums on her butt.

Scene 4: Chanel Preston and Nick Manning

Time: 21:00
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm
Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Remy (Nick Manning) cheats on Jane with an old flame (Chanel Preston).

The sex is reasonably passionate, but there is not as much of a sense of connection between them as with the earlier scenes. It feels more like two people having convenient sex. Still, once they get going, she seems fairly into it, and she seems to cum at least a couple times, though she is fairly quiet about it. He cums on her stomach.

The camera work is similar to that in the first two scenes, but maybe a little more creative.


They start making out on a couch, and he pulls off her top and sucks her tits. He then pulls off her pants and panties, gets naked himself, puts on a condom, and starts fucking her as she lies on her back, and she reaches down to rub her pussy a bit. He then sits back on the couch, and she gets on top of him, reverse cowgirl, and he reaches around and rubs her pussy. She then lies back on the couch, and he eats her to an orgasm at about 1:35:45. They kiss, and he eats her a bit more as they hold hands, adding a finger after a bit, and she may cum again. He then lies back on the couch, and she strokes his cock as she kisses him, then sucks him. He then sits up, and she gets on top of him again, cowgirl, grinding into him, and he then lies back on the couch with her on top of him. She may cum again at about 1:43:10. They finish with him on top of her, and he cums on her belly.

Scene 5: Jessie Andrews and Kris Slater

Time: 18:00
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Jane (Jessie Andrews) and Brian (Kris Slater) finally get together.

This scene is convincing and passionate, even beautiful. It is obvious that there is genuine attraction and affection between them. He even smiles at her as he takes a short break while eating her. Jessie cums several times and seems really to enjoy herself, and he cums on her pussy, stomach, and tits.

The camera work is terrific, as well.


They make out on her bed, and he touches her under her clothes. He kisses her belly and thighs, then pulls off her panties and goes down on her, eating her to an orgasm at about 1:57:30. He sucks her tits, and they both get naked. She then sucks his dick as he lies back on the bed, and he pulls her into a 69. They start fucking with him on top of her, as she reaches down and rubs her clit, getting close to orgasm but not quite cumming. They sit up together, and she strokes his cock as they kiss. She then gets on top of him and rides him until she does cum at about 2:06:50. They finish by spooning, and she rubs herself to another orgasm at about 2:08:30 and again at about 2:09:25. He pulls out and cums on her pussy, shooting way up onto her stomach and tits.

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