February 26, 2013

An Eternal Love, from New Sensations Romance

Time: 1:35, Director: Amy Shayne, Lee Roy Myers, Date: 2010
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Cast: Tori Black (22yo), Rocco Reed (28yo), Jasmine Delaton (19yo), Danny Mountain (26yo), Lexi Belle (23yo), and Johnny Castle (30yo)
Source: DVD


Emily (Tori Black) is still grieving, a year and a half after her husband Brian (Rocco Reed) died, and she is haunted by his memory. Her friend Sasha (Lexi Belle) decides to help by inviting her best friend Bobby (Johnny Castle) and his new friend Tommy (Danny Mountain) over for a pool party. Astonishingly (irony alert), two new couples form, and they all have sex.

This was the first of the story-based movies from New Sensations Romance, and that shows a bit. The story is miminal and cheezy, the acting is mediocre (at best), and the sex is pretty typical porn, minus the chichés most likely to annoy female viewers. Some attention is paid to making it at least seem as if the women are enjoying themselves, but there's not much here by way of authentic female pleasure, and there's not all that much pleasure period, to be honest. So it was maybe worth seeing once, but we'd not watch it again.

One difference between this and really good feminist porn is well illustrated by the last scene. Tori rubs herself quite hard while Danny is fucking her, and she seems to get quite close to cumming. But she never does get there. In other movies, her partner would make sure she did, or at least would encourage her to keep at it until she did, and the director would care enough to include her orgasm in the scene.

Scene 1: Tori Black and Rocco Reed

Time: 16:00

In the first scene, Emily is dreaming of her now dead husband Brian. The shots are generally pretty wide, so one gets some sense of them as a couple, but he is not as much a focus as he should be, especially when she is on her back. She is a bit too vocal as well, and not in a convincing way.

It is not a terrible scene, but it is pretty generic, and she never seems very aroused. He cums on her butt.


They kiss in bed, and he pulls down the top of her lingerie and kisses her tits, then pulls off her panties, kisses her legs, and licks her pussy. They kiss, and she lies him back and sucks his cock. They kiss again, and she gets atop him. She then lies back, and he kneels in front of her, with one of her legs up. The switch to spooning, then to doggy style, and he cums on her butt.

Scene 2: Jasmine Delaton and Danny Mountain

Time: 17:00

The second scene is a sort of imagining that Emily has while watching Tommy by the pool with her sister Mimi (Jasmine Delaton). It starts sweetly, with him putting lotion on her body by the pool, but it devolves into pretty standard porno sex, complete with an obviously faked orgasm from her. That tells you most of what you really need to know about this scene. The rest is that he is in complete control, dictating all the position switches. So there's very little sense of balance between them, and that is reflected in the camera work.


He puts lotion on her body by the pool and starts rubbing her butt. She turns over, and he massages her stomach and then her tits. He pulls down her top and starts sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy. He then eats her and fingers her. She sucks him as he stands, then gets on her knees, and he fucks her from behind. They switch to spooning and kiss, and she then gets on her back as he lies over her. She fakes an orgasm, and he cums on her pussy.

Scene 3: Lexi Belle and Johnny Castle

Time: 18:00

In the third scene, Bobby sees his long-time friend Sasha naked in the shower, then confesses his love for her. She comes out naked to meet him, and they have sex. It is fairly passionate, and it fits reasonably well into the story. And the sex is at least a little bit creative at the beginning, but we see too little of him once they start fucking. There could be a lot more communication, and passion, between these two long-time friends, as well.

Unfortunately, she never seems very aroused. He cums on her stomach.


They kiss standing, then on the bed, with her lying over him. He sucks her tits, and she kisses his torso, then sucks his cock as she strokes his chest and occasionally kisses him. He then kisses her legs and licks her pussy. They start fucking doggy style, and she seems to get pretty aroused, but doesn't cum. They switch to spooning, and she rubs herself a bit. She kneels over him and rides his cock, kissing him, and then she lies back and he kneels in front of her. He cums on her stomach, shooting up onto her tits.

Scene 4: Tori Black and Danny Mountain

Time: 17:00

In the last scene, Emily and Tommy get together and have sex on a couch. There's some passion here, and they seem to be having a good time. But things move much too quickly, and it becomes predictable. The sex doesn't really fit the story, either. There's a lot more dirty talking than makes sense for two people having sex for the first (but not last) time.

And she, again, never seems very aroused. He cums on her pussy.


They make out on a couch as she rubs his dick, but then almost immediately she is sucking him, and jerking him while she kisses him. He then eats her, which she seems to enjoy. She gets atop him as he reclines on the couch and rides his dick. They switch to spooning, and kiss quite a bit as she rubs herself. She seems close to cumming, though she never quite does. She then gets on her knees, and he fucks her from behind, though she had said she wanted him on top of her. He does then get on top of her, and he cums on her pussy.