March 17, 2013

An Eternal Love 2, from New Sensations Romance

Time: 1:40, Director: Lee Roy Myers, Date: 2010
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Cast: Lexi Belle (23yo), Johnny Castle (30yo), Faye Reagan (22yo), Mikey Butders (28yo), India Summer (35yo), and Bill Bailey (30yo)
Source: DVD


Bobby (Johnny Castle) and Sasha (Lexi Belle) are long-time friends who have become a couple. She overhears him on the phone and gets jealous, though in fact he is talking to someone about buying an engagement ring for her. She agrees to go camping with him to try to fix things, but they have a fight, and she storms off, imagining Bobby having sex with Margo (India Summer), who is the owner of the campground. Bobby then imagines Sasha having sex with the farmhand, Steve (Bill Bailey). As a result, they "realize what they have to lose", and he asks her to marry him.

There's not a whole lot to the story here, and not a lot of time is spent on it. The acting is really medicore, plain bad at times. The sex scenes are all right, with good balance, and some interesting camera work once in a while. But there are also too many "medical" close-ups, and the sex is not terribly passionate, except in the third scene. And while the women do seem to enjoy themselves, none of them get all that close to orgasm, except, again, in the third scene, and the orgasm there isn't obviously real.

So, it's not terrible, but it isn't great, either.

Scene 1: Lexi Belle and Johnny Castle

Time: 15:30

In the first scene, Bobby and Sasha have sex in their bedroom. The introduction to this scene is really sweet, as he tells her how much he loves her and how attracted he is to her. But it never lives up to that promise.

There are good shots of their faces during the oral parts, though less of him as she sucks him. And he disappears a bit when they start fucking. The way he talks to her then is also too generic and pornish. It's also annoying that she keeps her shoes on the whole time. The entire interaction lacks a bit for passion, too.

She does seem to get somewhat aroused, but not so much so that she is ever close to orgasm. He cums on her pussy.


They kiss and touch each other in their bedroom. She lies on the bed, and he kisses her body, takes off her panties, and goes down on her. She sucks him, as he strokes her legs, and she then gets atop him and rides his cock. They switch to spooning, then to doggy-style, and then she gets on her back on the edge of the bed and he stands in front of her. He cums on her butt.

Scene 2: Faye Reagan and Mikey Butders

Time: 17:00

In the second scene, Faye (Faye Reagan) and Mike (Mikey Butders) have sex at a campground. It's totally ridiculous that Reagan is wearing very high wedges at a campground—and keeps them on while they are having sex. Beyond that, however, there is some interesting camera work, but the way he talks to her is forced, dominant, and a bit silly. Overall, it is just not very passionate, and, by the end, it has become a bit monotonous.

Sasha watches them, first from a distance, and then from closer. But it doesn't seem to have much to do with the scene, and the fact of her watching them never plays any role in the story. So that all seems a bit gratuitous, too.


They kiss, and he sucks her tits, then goes down on her. She kisses his body, then undoes his pants and sucks his cock and balls, taking him fairly deep. They fuck with her on her back and him kneeling in front of her. The switch to spooning, she gets on top of him, and they finish doggy-style, with him cumming on her butt.

Scene 3: India Summer and Johnny Castle

Time: 18:30
Features: I'm Gonna Cum, Orgasm?

The third scene is Sasha's jealous fantasy of Bobby having sex with Margo on and around a picnic table. The upside is that there is much more enthusiastic sex here than in the first two scenes, especially at the beginning, though it gets a bit monotonous later. The way he speaks to her is a bit annoying, though, very pornish and degrading, and out of place for this kind of movie. (It's almost as if he can't help himself, he's so used to something else.)

She does seem to have a genuine orgasm, though, lying on the table and rubbing herself as he fucks her. He cums on her pussy.


He sucks her tits and undresses her, then sucks her pussy and licks her asshole. She then sucks his cock and balls, getting pretty into it, in a fairly creative way. She gets on top of him, bouncing her hips up and down. They switch to doggy style, with her leaning over the table and him standing behind her. She then turns over so that she is lying on the table and he is in front of her. She rubs herself a bit, and announces an orgasm, which may be real, but it is not clear. They kiss and switch to spooning, and he cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: Lexi Belle and Bill Bailey

Time: 22:00

The last scene is Bobby's jealous fantasy of Sasha having sex with Steve, the farmhand, on a bed. The entire scene feels very pornish, from the way it is shot to the way they have sex. There is some good kissing, but the sex ends up not being very passionate, and there is little communication or chemistry between them.

Lexi does seem to enjoy herself, especially when they are in the reverse cowgirl position, but she never seems aroused enough to be close to orgasm. He cums on her tits, in a very pornish way.


They kiss, and he sucks her tits, then pulls off her panties and eats her pussy. She then sucks him, getting him really wet, then gets on top of him and fucks him with her hips. She gets on her back, and he kneels in front of her, and then she gets on top of him again, reverse cowgirl. They work very hard in that position, with her bouncing up and down as he holds her hips. They switch to spooning, and he cums on her tits, in a very pornish way.