March 31, 2013

The Neighbors, from Sweet Sinner

Time: 1:52, Director: James Avalon, Date: 2012
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Jessie Andrews (20yo), Dale DaBone (40yo), Lily Carter (22yo), and Richie DeVille (26yo)


Jessie and Dale have their new neighbors Lily and Richie over for a barbecue. Lily turns out to be an old girlfriend of Dale's, who is "deranged", he says, and who turns out to be from his previous life, so to speak. She has Richie seduce Jessie, then pretends that he beat her up so she can get to Dale.

The acting is kind of lame, really, but the camera work is fantastic. It's hard to say why it is so good, but it is very realistic somehow, and the way James Avalon shoots sex here is quite different from how Nica Noelle shot sex for Sweet Sinner.

The sex is quite good, but the framing provided by the story really doesn't do that much for it. It's hard to enjoy people having sex when they are also ruining their lives.

More time is spent on the story here than in the other Sweet Sinner films I've seen, all of which were directed by Nica Noelle. About 27 minutes or so is devoted to the story, in fact, which is probably twice what would have been normal in the other films.

Scene 1: Jessie Andrews and Dale DaBone

Time: 20:30
Features: Orgasm

Couple have sex in their bed.

The sex here is very passionate and romantic, with excellent communication between them. Everything feels very spontaneous and natural, and Jessie has two or three orgasms. He cums on her stomach.

The camera work is outstanding, too, with a lot of wide shots and plenty of both of their faces.

Jessie, as usual, is really loud and kind of wheezy. That's just how she is, but it can be a bit distracting, to be honest.


They start kissing in bed, and he takes off his shirt and kisses her stomach, pushing her arms back. He kisses her feet and licks her toes, then kisses her tits and rubs her pussy over her shorts. He then humps her, pulls off her shorts, and goes down on her. She gets very into it, squeezing her tits and moaning (though maybe a bit too loudly), but not quite cumming. She then puls down his pants, lies him on his back, and starts grinding her pussy on his cock. She sucks him while riding his leg. His pants come off, she lies back, and he fucks her in the missionary position, kissing her. She rubs herself to an orgasm, and he holds her tightly. He then gets beside her as she lies on her back and keeps rubbing herself, and they switch to spooning. She sucks him again, then gets astride him, and he thrusts up into her as they kiss. He bounces her up and down on his cock, and she may cum again. He then rolls them over and fucks her with her legs pulled back, kissing her deeply. He cums on her stomach.

Scene 2: Lily Carter and Richie DeVille

Time: 20:00
Features: 69, Multiple Female Orgasms

Couple have sex on their bed.

This is acrobatic and somewhat desperate sex, with good but not great passion. It is more 'fun' than 'romantic'. There is some connection between them, but not a lot. The sex is pretty hot, though, and she has five or six orgasms, but the scene is not particularly special, really, and it gets a little monotonous through the middle.

The camera work is very good, but I found it hard to connect with them.


They flirt and kiss on the bed, and he then throws her back on the bed and takes off her clothes, then his clothes. She lies back and he kisses her torso, then goes down on her, lifting her hips well off the bed. She sucks him, and he pulls her into a 69, then gets on top of her and fucks her with her legs pulled up. He then kneels up, and she gets into a crab-like position, then lies back again, rubbing herself hard but not quite cumming. She gets on top of him, rocking on his cock, then squats over him. She seems to cum in there somewhere, at least once, sort of shivering through her orgasm. He then fucks her on her back again, and she rubs herself to another orgasm, and then he fucks her to yet another. They switch to spooning, and she cums again. (He chokes her a bit, but not for long.) She gets on top of him again, rocking and then squatting, and has another orgasm. He then fucks her on her back again, she rubs herself to one more orgasm, and he cums on her pussy.

Scene 3: Jessie Andrews and Richie DeVille

Time: 22:00
Features: 69, Orgasm

Richie seduces Jessie, as part of Lily's plan to reconnect with Dale.

The sex is pretty passionate. There's a decent connection between them, and they seem to have a good time. Jessie "only" cums once in this scene. (Perhaps she was all cummed out from the previous one.) He cums on her pussy.

The camera work is great again. We lose sight of him a little in the middle, but this is entirely due to the position.


They start kissing in the kitchen, hotly, and he carries her to the dining room table. He takes off her top and sucks her tits, kisses her stomach, pulls off her bottoms, and eats her pussy. They kiss again and undress him, and she kisses his torso and sucks his cock, then gets on top him, squatting and then kneeling as she rubs herself. They switch to spooning and take turns rubbing her pussy. She eventually has an explosive orgasm. She sucks him again, and they get into a 69, with her really fucking him with her mouth and taking him pretty deep. She then lies off the edge of the table, and he stands in front of her to fuck her, with her legs over his shoulders, then down around his side. He cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: Lily Carter and Dale DaBone

Time: 22:30
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms

Lily more or less tricks Dale into having sex with her, by pretending that Richie has beat her up.

The sex is here pretty passionate, and Lily has four orgasms, but this scene is definitely the weakest of the four. There just doesn't seem to be that much of a connection between them. The communication is all right, but they aren't convincing as old lovers, and the sex is predictable and a bit monotonous.


They start kissing on the couch, and he pulls down her top and sucks her tits, then kisses her legs and rubs her clit a bit. He pulls off her panties and eats her pussy. They take off his clothes, and she sucks his cock, kneeling as he stands. She then lies back on the couch and he fucks her, half standing. She rubs herself to an orgasm, then takes off her shoes, and he fucks her slow and deep until she cums again. He then lies on the couch, and she gets astride him, kneeling and bouncing on his dick, then rocking back and forth as he holds her hips. They switch to doggy style, and she rubs herself to another orgasm. She then lies back again, and he stands over her to fuck her as she rubs herself to another orgasm. He cums on her pussy.