March 31, 2013

The Wedding Day, from New Sensations Romance


Time: 1:40, Director: Lee Roy Myers, Date: 2010

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Cast: Victoria Lawson (25yo), Bill Bailey (30yo), Devon Lee (35yo), Johnny Castle (30yo), Brianna Blair (23yo), Ralph Long (30yo), Layla Storm (20yo), Tony De Sergio (44yo), Ashlynn Brooke (25yo), and Mikey Butders (28yo)

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Sabrina (Ashlynn Brooke) is marrying Jake (Mikey Butders), although Jake's best friend Robert (Tony De Sergio) has always loved her—but he has also been unable to commit. And one of Jake's old flames, Chris (Layla Storm), doesn't want him to get married, either.

The story not great, but it is all right, and a good deal of time is spent on it: almost thirty minutes. But the sex isn't all that well intergrated into the story. Mostly, it's just a matter of everyone at the wedding having sex with everyone else.

One upside is that there's a fairly diverse cast here, in terms of ages and body types, and the camera work is generally pretty good. But the sex just isn't that good, and there's not a lot of real female pleasure.

Scene 1: Victoria Lawson and Bill Bailey (♀♂)


Time: 17:00

Cumshot: Stomach

Two of the wedding guests (Victoria Lawson, Bill Bailey) steal away to a private room to have sex.

There are some interesting camera angles here, but the sex is too soft and slow at first, especially given that they are supposed to be having sex for the first time, consumating a long-standing mutual crush. It does get a bit more passionate once they start fucking, though. There's not that much wrong with it. It's just kind of generic.

Scene 2: Devon Lee and Johnny Castle (♀♂)


Time: 13:00

Cumshot: Tits

Jake's friend Jason (Johnny Castle) finds his mother Marcia (Devon Lee) crying in her room. He confesses that he's always had a crush on her, so they hook up.

That ought to make for some really passionate sex, but there is very little passion at all. But she never seems very aroused, and, when he cums on her tits, it is quite pornish.

The camera work is reasonably good, though, with nice shots of both their faces.

Scene 3: Brianna Blair and Ralph Long (♀♂)


Time: 12:00

Cumshot: Stomach

Jake's sister Carolyn (Brianna Blair) has sex with her boyfriend Cooper (Ralph Long). The sex is a bit more passionate than the first two scenes, but the camera work is not as good. We lose him when they are spooning, and there are some very "medical" parts. And, while she does genuinely seem to enjoy herself, she does not every seem very aroused.

Scene 4: Layla Storm and Tony De Sergio (♀♂)


Time: 14:00

Cumshot: Ass

In the fourth scene, we find Jake's old flame Chris (Layla Storm), who has tried to convince him not to get married, confessing what she did to his friend Robert (Tony De Sergio), who comforts her by having sex with her.

There's real chemistry between these two, and some great communication, as well, as they have fun, playful sex. The camera work is pretty good, too, though it again gets a bit medical for a stretch. Again, however, while she does seem to enjoy herself a bit, she never seems very aroused.

Scene 5: Ashlynn Brooke and Mikey Butders (♀♂)


Time: 11:30

Female Orgasm: Maybe, Cumshot: Stomach

In the last scene, our bride Sabrina (Ashlynn Brooke) and groom Jake (Mikey Budters) have sex just before they get married. It is very romantic, soft and sensual, and there is good communication between them, and some chemistry. The camera work is fine.

Once again, however, there is just not enough female pleasure here. She announces an orgasm as she rides him, but it was not all that convincing.

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