September 15, 2013

Lesbian Truth or Dare 4, from Sweetheart Video

Time: 1:52, Director: Nica Noelle, Date: 2011
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Drew DeVeaux, Avy Scott (30yo), Annabelle Lee (29yo), Taliah Mac, Chastity Lynn (24yo), Samantha Ryan (33yo), and Zoe Voss (21yo)


As with others movies in this series, there is really not much of a story here. What story there is revolves around a bunch of female friends playing truth or dare. But almost no time is actually devoted to the story, and it seems to add very little to the sexual interactions, as well. I could just as well have done without it.

There are some fantastic scenes here, though. I'd regard all of them as excellent, except for the first, which is still pretty good.

Scene 1: Drew DeVeaux and Avy Scott

Time: 24:00
Features: 69, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Hot, natural, authentic sex, and each of them has at least a couple orgasms. But it is nothing terribly special. They seem to enjoy tribbing, as well they might, but somehow it doesn't work all that well for the viewer.


Drew and Avy are dared to go into another room and make out. So, awkwardly, they decide to "kiss a few times" and let that be it. But things progress from there, of course. They start to kiss passionately, kneeling up on the bed. Drew pulls off Avy's dress, and then Avy pulls off Drew's shirt. Avy kisses Drew's stomach, and Drew then pushes her back on the bed. They take off Avy's bra, revealing her large tits, and Drew lies atop her, kissing her. Avy reaches up and undoes Drew's shorts, and then Drew lies back on the bed as Avy kisses her body and starts to rub her pussy through her panties. She lies over her, kissing her hard, and pulls down her top.

They roll over, and Drew puts her tit Avy's mouth. Drew pulls off Avy's panties, then kneels over her and starts to rub her clit as Avy reaches into Drew's panties as well. They strip Drew together, then continue to rub each other's pussies. Drew leans over and licks Avy, then puts a couple fingers into her.

They then get into a 69, with Drew on top, licking and fucking each other. Drew seems to be getting to Avy, as Avy is moaning loudly and having to stop what she's doing. Avy says she is going to cum, then does at about 17:30.

Drew kneels up and over Avy's face, and Avy rubs her own pussy while eating Drew. She gets up suddenly, fingering Drew hard as she kneels, then lies back again. Drew cums at about 20:10.

Avy then straddles Drew's thigh and starts grinding against her. This turns into tribbing. Drew then gets on her hands and knees, and Avy fingers her from behind. Drew reaches underneath and rubs her pussy, then lies back again, and Avy gets atop her to trib, each rubbing her pussy on the other's thigh. Avy suddenly speeds up, and she cums at about 27:20, leaning over to kiss Drew.

Scene 2: Annabelle Lee and Taliah Mac

Time: 25:00
Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

This is supposed to be the story of Annabelle's "hottest sexual experience", with an exchange student she knew—though she thinks it might have been a dream.

The sex is hot and passionate, as well as very realistic, as is usual with these videos. The incredibly sexy Annabelle has four or five orgasms, and Taliah has at least a couple, as well. It's particularly nice how the scene is framed by Annabelle's masturbating, at the beginning and end.


Taliah tells Annabelle about her girlfriend back home, and then Annabelle masturbates thinking about the two of them. She pulls back the covers and rubs her pussy under her panties, then seems to stop and to fall asleep.

Taliah gets into bed behind her, reaches under her shirt, and starts to stroke her tits. Annabelle rolls back, and they kiss. Taliah sits up and pulls off her own top, then removes Annabelle's. Annabelle sucks Taliah's tits and gets between her legs, kissing her thighs and then taking off her panties so she can eat her. Annabelle seems determined to get her off, but Taliah does not quite seem to get there, though she might.

Annabelle goes up to suck Taliah's tits, then lies atop her and kisses her. They sit up together and start to trib, with Taliah grinding her pussy into Annabelle's. Annabelle pulls off her panties, and they get into a scissors position. Annabelle cums at about 13:55, then leans over to suck Taliah's tits, and to kiss her.

Taliah then tosses Annabelle back on the bed, and she teases her, kissing her thighs before going down on her. Annabelle cums again at about 17:45, all but screaming.

Taliah gets atop Annabelle then, and starts to fuck her again as Annabelle sucks her tits. Taliah seems to have at least a small orgasm at about 20:25, and Annabelle may cum again, as well.

Taliah then gets on her stomadch, and Annabelle kisses her ass from behind, probably licking her asshole, then gets on her back underneath her and licks her pussy hard. Taliah definitely cums at about 23:20.

We then go back to Annabelle, alone in bed, and masturbating, and she cums hard at about 24:25.

Scene 3: Annabelle Lee and Chastity Lynn

Time: 22:00
Features: 69, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Chastity has confessed her attraction to Annabelle, to which Annabelle did not react all that well, since Annabelle thought Chastity could never be attracted to girls. But things work out for them, and they have sex.

This is amazingly genuine sex, as is usual with Noelle's movies, but it gets off to a bit of a slow start. Once they start cumming, though, they don't stop until they have each had three or four orgasms. In many ways, Annabelle makes the scene, as she does so many scenes she is in. She has sex with such total commitment and enthusiasm, and she is so expressive when she cums that you almost feel like you're cumming with her.


They start kissing on a bench, then rush to a bed, where Annabelle gets atop Chastity. They sit up, and Chastity pulls down Annabelle's top and sucks her tits. They pull off Chastity's top, then Annabelle takes off her bra, lies her back, and sucks her tits. Annabelle undoes Chastity's shorts and takes them off, then kisses her stomach, pulls off her panties, and eats her.

They switch positions, and Chastity removes the rest of Annabelle's clothes. She sucks her tits, then eats her pussy, with great enthusiasm, really clamping her mouth on Annabelle's clit.

Chastity then gets atop Annabelle, grinding on her thigh a bit, but Annabelle quickly turns them over, and the gets into a tribbing positon, sitting up. They fall back again, with Annabelle fucking Chastity, and Chastity cums hard at about 18:10, and maybe Annabelle does as well.

Annabelle lies back, and Chastity gets over her face on her knees, so Annabelle can eat her, and Chastity cums again at about 20:10.

She then tells Annabelle to kneel over her face, and she licks her, possbily to another orgasm at about 22:10. Annabelle falls over and gets them into a 69, then has to stop what she's doing as she approaches orgasm, and she explodes again at about 24:05.

They finish with more kissing.

Scene 4: Samantha Ryan and Zoe Voss

Time: 26:00
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

The two of them are alone in the kitchen together, and they confess crushes on each other, then kiss and move to a bed, where they have sex.

Ryan always has sex like she means it. And she does so here, too. These two clearly love fucking each other, and they have a great time, both cumming at least twice, and Zoe may have four or five orgasms, in fact. (You lose count.) The only reason I didn't rate it more highly is that there could be a bit more variety.


Zoe pulls off Samantha's top, and they continue to kiss, more passionately. Samantha pulls up Zoe's shirt and sucks her tits. She then pulls off Zoe's top, and Zoe sucks her tits. Their legs get tangled, and they start to grind against each other as they kiss. Zoe may have an orgasm about 12:30. Samantha then pulls off Zoe's bottoms, stroking her body, kissing her thighs, then goes down on her. Zoe cums about 16:20, but Samantha keeps eating her, and adds a finger. Zoe cums again at about 18:25.

Zoe then sits up and removes Samantha's bottoms, too. She tosses her on her back, kisses her, and makes her way down her body to her pussy. She eats her, and Samantha cums at about 23:30. Zoe then moves up to kiss Samantha, rubbing her pussy as she does. She puts a finger into her, then another, and sucks her clit while fucking her. Samantha cums again at about 26:55.

Zoe then goes up to kiss her again, and she starts to grind her pussy against Samantha's thigh as they kiss. Zoe has one last orgasm at about 28:55.