October 8, 2013

Come Inside Me, from Hard Candy Films


Time: 2:25, Director: Nica Noelle, Date: 2013

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Cast: Rayveness (41yo), Nat Turnher (38yo), Alyssa Branch (20yo), Marcus London (45yo), Anissa Kate (26yo), Seth Gamble, Lara Brooks (23yo), and James Deen (27yo)

Source: DVD

Pleasure ✓+, Passion ♀, Balance


Four scenes of unscripted sex, all ending with the men ejaculating inside their female partners.

There is a bit of a story to the first two scenes. Rayveness and Marcus are married, but he is having an affair with his secretary, Alyssa Branch, and she is having an affair with Nat Turnher. Marcus has called it off with Alyssa and comes home to spend a night with Rayveness alone, but she has plans to meet Nat. So those two have sex, and Marcus calls Alyssa and has sex with her. The third and fourth scenes contain their own stories as frames.

The sex is realistic, and it is shot in the usually wonderful way that Nica Noelle shoots sex. But the scenes are just not interesting enough, generally speaking, for how long they are. They tend to run nearly thirty minutes, and if a scene is going to be that long, it needs to be really, really good to hold attention. The first scene is that good, except that Rayveness never cums, and the last scene is amazing. But the second and third just aren't. And, while the women do seem to enjoy themselves, there are just not enough female orgasms here.

Scene 1: Rayveness and Nat Turnher (♀♂)


Time: 29:00

Cumshot: Internal

Features: Rough Sex

Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance

The two of them are having an affair and have sex at his apartment. It's passionate and hot. He is very dominant throughout the scene, and there is just a bit of roughness from time to time. Mostly this involves him slapping her ass, though she slaps her own pussy lightly near the end. But it's by no means rough sex, really.

She seems to have a very good time, and to be close to cumming several times, though she never quite does, it would seem.

The camera work is excellent, with a great mix of wide and close shots, including shots of his face. There's a nice connection between them, too, with lots of kissing and talking, though it is hard to hear what they are saying.

Scene 2: Alyssa Branch and Marcus London (♀♂)


Time: 32:00

Female Orgasm: Maybe, Cumshot: Internal

Features: Analingus

Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance

These two are also having an affair, and they have sex at her apartment. In contrast to the first scene, she is the one who is dominant, at least at the outset, and she spends a good deal of time teasing him.

Overall, the scene feels very realistic, and there's a decent connection between them, with a lot of kissing, giggling, and communication. And she seems very aroused for much of the scene. She may have an orgasm while she is riding him, but it's hard to tell.

The camera work is excellent as usual with Noelle. But somehow the scene just never really seems to take off. It felt as if the scene went on a bit too long, as if it could have used a little more editing.

Scene 3: Anissa Kate and Seth Gamble (♀♂)


Time: 28:00

Cumshot: Internal

Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance

Anissa is at the bar with her asshole of a husband, and Seth, who works with him, happens to turn up as well. The husband has to leave and asks Seth to take her home. Instead, the two of them have sex in a upstairs room at the bar.

The sex here is passionate enough to be convincing in connection with what little story is told. But there does not really seem to be a great connection between them, though there is a fair bit of kissing. Worse, she just never seems all that aroused, really.

The camera work, though, is excellent, as usual.

Scene 4: Lara Brooks and James Deen (♀♂)


Time: 25:00

Cumshot: Internal

Features: Rough Sex

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

This scene begins as a fairly long interview with James Deen about how he 'seduces' a woman in real life. This leads into a role play with Lara Brooks, during which he is supposed to 'seduce' her as if they were having sex for the first time. That part begins at about 10:30.

It is an amazingly realistic portrait of a couple having sex for the first time—which is exactly what they are doing. The sex is sweet and passionate, and they really seem to enjoy each other. There is a lot of talking while they have sex, and smiling, and he definitely wants her to cum and works hard to help her get there. She never quite does, though, possibly because she is new to this business. But she seems to enjoy herself anyway. (Who wouldn't enjoy fucking James Deen?!)

There's not really rough sex here, but he does slap her ass hard enough to leave handprints, so I thought I should mark that.