May 3, 2015

Restraint, from New Sensations Tales from the Edge

Time: 2:13, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2015
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Dahlia Sky (26yo), Chad White (27yo), Sara Luvv (22yo), Xander Corvus (27yo), Ashlyn Molloy (21yo), Logan Pierce (24yo), Presley Hart (27yo), and Ryan McLane


Four vignettes organized around the theme of bondage. Mostly, the bondage is very light, invoving blindfolds and hands that are restrained, but not bound to anything. The second scene is a bit heavier. Xander Corvus both ties Sara Luvv to the bed and spanks her with a paddle.

The couples are all portrayed as married, and the relationships between them are an important part of all of the stories. We really appreciated that.

All four of the scenes are enjoyable, but the second scene is just amazing. The chemistry between Corvus and Luvv is intense, and it is part of their play that she is only to cum when he allows it. He has her so hot that she is begging him, over and over, to let her cum. Which she does, quite explosively, and more than once. But even as he denies her, he is totally focused on her pleasure, and he really does seem to take her on a wild ride.

The fourth scene is almost as good, even though it is extremely long: The sex lasts almost 36 minutes. But in that 36 minutes, we are treated to almost 16 minutes of foreplay, and both Ryan McLane and Presley Hart seem very aroused by the time they start fucking. The fucking itself is more varied and interesting that one usually sees, and both of them seem to enjoy themselves a lot. She cums at least twice.

The third scene is almost as good, but what is most unusual about it, for these movies, is that it is really two scenes in one. In the first, Ashlyn Molloy blindfolds Logan Pierce and blows him until he cums in her mouth. He then shows up at her office with handcuffs and has his way with her. The second bit is not quite as good as the first, but the first really is special, if only because it's the only part of the movie in which the female partner is at all dominant. It shows, for one thing, that "female dominance" doesn't have to mean the sort of cartoonish thing it often seems to mean in porn. It can mean something more subtle.

And that's our only complaint: We would have preferred a bit more of a mix of who is the more dominant partner.

The camera work in the first two scenes is absolutely terrific. There's a great mix of wider and closer shots, and some really interesting shots, too, such as a closeup of Dahlia Sky's hands struggling against the ribbon with which Chad White has tied them. The photography in the first part of the third scene is equally good, but it's a bit less good in the second part, and also in the fourth scene. But, overall, it's very good.

We greatly enjoyed this movie, then, and recommend it very highly, especially for couples who might have some interest in experimenting with bondage. Or at least imagining what it might be like to experiment with it.

Scene 1: Dahlia Sky and Chad White

Time: 29:29
Features: Bondage
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

It is her birthday, and her present is to do something "a little different", though their relationship is already a bit kinky.

The story lasts barely two minutes, so there is about 27 minutes of sex. That makes this a very long scene, so it needs to be really, really good. And it is quite good, though not, we are afraid, that good. There is nice chemistry between them, but for the most part the sex does not feel terribly passionate. She doesn't seem nearly as aroused as you would expect her to be from the story, either, and she never seems near orgasm. As a result, we felt that some of the sequences went on a bit too long, though not too too long.

The camera work is terrific. There is a great mix of shots, including a really cool shot of her hands struggling a bit against the ribbon that is tying them, and there are wider shots as well as closer ones when she is sucking him. We do not see quite as much of him once they start fucking, and that becomes worse toward the end. But we do still see a fair bit of him, and there are some more wonderful shots during this part, as well.


"No sight, no sound", he says, and he ties her hands together with a red ribbon. He lies her on the bed, lies over her, and kisses her, then pulls down her top and sucks her tits. He kneels up and takes off his shirt, then leans over and kisses her again. He uses his tie to blindfold her, then puts earbuds into her ears and plays music for her so she can't hear.

He sucks her tits, then takes off her panties and goes down on her. He stands in front of her and kisses her, and she pulls down his shorts and sucks his cock.

She lies on the bed, and he kneels over her and enters her. He lifts her legs, licks her feet, and sucks her toes, then leans over and kisses her. He reaches down and rubs her clit, and then they switch to spooning as he reaches around and rubs her clit again.

He lies on his back, and she sucks him from the side, and then they switch to doggy style. She kneels up with him, then bends back over, and he then rolls her onto her back and kneels up in front of her again. He pulls out and cums on her pussy and stomach.

Scene 2: Sara Luvv and Xander Corvus

Time: 26:39
Features: Analingus, Bondage, Massage, Mouth Fucking, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

She has "brought work home"—talking on her phone as she enters the house—against his orders, apparently, so he picks her up and carries her to the bed to punish her.

We found this an incredibly hot scene. Both of them do an excellent job playing their roles, and it's completely obvious how into what they are doing they both are. There's great chemistry between them—the way she looks at him is amazing—and the communication between them is terrific, as well. She seems extremely aroused throughout the scene, begging him to let her cum, and doing so a few times. What's so amazing, though, is how totally focused the whole scene is—and how totally focused he is—on her pleasure, even if the recurring theme is how insistent he is that she not cum, at least for a while.

The camera work is very good. There's a great mix of shots, once again, and we see plenty of his face, as well as hers.


He leans her over the bed, pulls down her skirt, and spanks her with a paddle. He pulls her panties aside and kisses her ass, then puts two fingers into her and fucks her hard. He tells her to ask for permission to cum, then tells her she cannot. He stands up and spanks her with the paddle again, then takes off her panties and uses them to tie her hands, then tells her to spread her legs and spanks her again. He rubs her pussy from behind, telling her again not to cum.

He takes off his belt and lowers his pants, then teases her with his cock from behind before finally entering her as she begs for him. She rolls onto her back, and he stands in front of her to fuck her. He stuffs her panties into her mouth, then pulls out and rubs her clit for a while.

He stands her up and pulls off her blouse and bra, then lies her on the bed and ties her arms to either side of it. He rubs her clit hard, telling her again not to cum, and she begs him to let her cum. He then tells her to cum for him, and she does, hard, at about 11:55. He gets up in front of her and re-enters her, fucking her hard and making a huge lot of noise on the bed. She bets him to let her cum again as he rubs her clit, and she does at about 14:00.

He unties her and lies on the bed so she can suck his cock. He holds her by the hair and thrusts into her mouth, and she then sucks his balls a bit.

She gets atop him on her knees and rides him, thrusting onto his cock and then bouncing on him. She squats up over him, leaning onto the headboard, and he thrusts hard up into her. She says she wants to cum again, and he says he won't let her. She starts screaming "Please, please", then turns around so she is reverse, leaning back onto him and then squatting over him. He reaches around and rubs her clit hard, and then she starts masturbating herself she fucks her, begging again to be allowed to cum.

She flips onto her back, rolling her legs to one side, and he fucks her from behind, then falls behind her and spoons her. He kneels back up behind her and fucks her hard, then pulls out and cums on her hip.

Scene 3: Ashlyn Molloy and Logan Pierce

Time: 35:08
Features: Blowjob, Deepthroat, Gagging, Mouth Fucking, Orgasm
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Sex has become very routine with them, so she decides to try blindfolding him as a way to reinvigorate their sex life. That seems to work, and so a necktie, she says, becomes their shared symbol for "a promise of hot sex later that day", and that leads to more experimentation, including him appearing at her office with handcuffs, again to reinvigorate their sex life.

So there are actually two distinct sex scenes here; One that is about eight minutes, which involves her blindfolding him, and another that is about 25 minutes, which involves him handcuffing her. So it is a long scene, overall, but neither of the two scenes that make it up are terribly long. We thought this was a great idea. It makes this scene more like a mini-movie.

We thought the first sub-scene was really hot. We appreciated the fact that she was the one in control, and yet that she was so thoroughly devoted to his pleasure.

The second sub-scene was not quite as good. At the beginning, the sex just was not quite as passionate as it should have been, and the chemistry between them was not as good, either. The way in which he was dominant felt a bit pornish and predictable, too. As the scene continued, though, she seemed to enjoy herself more and more, and as she became more aroused, we found it easier to connect with them, since she seemed more connected to him, too. Still, we thought this scene might have been a bit shorter.

The camera work is really terrific, once again, in the first sub-scene, but in the second, it is a bit pornish. There were a few too many close-ups for our taste, and we really do not see very much of him while they are fucking.

The second sub-scene by itself would probably have been just four stars, but the first sub-scene is so good....


In the first sex scene, she blindfolds him in their bed while he is wearing shorts, and she is in a lacey bra and panty set. She kisses his face softly, then makes her way slowly down his body to his stomach. She kisses his neck, teasing him.

She strokes her hands softly over his body, then kisses his cock through his shorts. She runs her hands around the edges of his shorts, making as if to take them off, then finally lowers them and starts kissing and licking his cock, then takes him into her mouth. She sucks him with some enthusiasm, taking him all the way into her mouth and sucking him until he cums in her mouth. (There is no "cumshot" here, though.)

In the second scene, they kiss in her office, and he handcuffs her arms behind her back as she kneels on her desk. He lifts her skirt and slaps her ass and takes off her shoes, then gets behind her and licks her pussy. He lifts her up and asks her how she feels, then leans her back over onto the desk and enters her, having unzipped his pants to free his cock. He stands next to the desk so she can suck his cock, and he thrusts into her mouth enough to gag her a bit, and she slobbers all over his cock.

She lies on her side on the desk, and he enters her again from behind. He takes off her panties and stuffs them into her mouth, then lies on the desk behind her so they are spooning (still with his pants on). He rolls onto his back, and she squats over him, reverse. He undoes the handcuffs, and she reaches down to rub her clit, cumming at about 26:30. She continues fucking him, then hops off the desk and sucks him while he sits on it.

She gets astride him on her knees, and he cuffs her arms behind her back again. She then lies on the desk on her back, and he stands in front of her and re-enters her. She pulls her legs up and back, holding her feet with her cuffed hands. He pulls out and cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: Presley Hart and Ryan McLane

Time: 39:22
Features: Deepthroat, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

For their third anniversary, she gives him a blindfold, which makes him a bit nervous, and she has to talk him into blindfolding her.

The story only lasts about three minutes, so the sex lasts about 36 minutes, which makes this an extremely long scene. Maybe a bit too long.

And yet, it never seems to drag. The sex feels very natural, and it is varied and intense throughout. There is excellent chemistry between them, and some good communication, so we always felt like we were engaged with what was happening. We really liked how into sucking him she seemed to be, and she really seems to enjoy herself. There are some nice "back and forth" moments when they are fucking, for example: he is more active, then she is, then he is.

To be honest, the blindfold trope felt a bit artifical by the end, but that is about the only criticism we'd have.

The camera work is generally very good: better than in the third scene, but not quite as good as in the first two. There is a nice mix of shots, and we never felt as if the camera lingered in one place for too long, but she does seem more the focus than he is—more so than in the first two scenes.


He blindfolds her as they sit on the couch, then kisses her neck and runs his hands over her body. He takes off her shirt and kisses her shoulder while stroking her stomach and rubbing her tits. He strokes her stomach and undoes her pants, then stands her up and sucks her tits. He pulls down her pants and kisses her stomach while squeezing her ass, then turns her around and spanks her lightly before kissing her cheeks.

He lies her back on the couch and takes off her shoes and pants, then kisses her feet and thighs. He takes off her panties, then goes down on her. He stands up and takes off his shirt, then goes back to eating her. He kneels next to her and kisses her while rubbing her pussy, then puts a couple fingers into her. He feeds her his fingers so she can taste herself.

He sits on the couch and invites her to pleasure him. She kisses his cock through his pantes, and she asks him to undress for her. He does, and she sucks his cock, bobbing on him and taking him all the way into her mouth several times.

She lies back on the couch, and he kneels over her and enters her. (This is at about 18 minutes, so we have had about 16 minutes of sex before they start to fuck.) She reaches down to rub her clit while he fucks her, and they then switch to spooning. She reaches down to rub her clit again, and she says she is going to cum, tensing up, and then exploding at about 26:15. They fuck a bit more, and he turns her onto all fours and fucks her from behind.

He sits on the couch, and she gets astride him on her knees. She sits up and bucks hard onto him, grinding herself onto his pubic bone, and she cums hard at about 35:00.

She gets off him and sucks his cock again, deepthroating him and clearly trying to get him to cum. But he hops up, and she gets onto all fours on the couch so he can fuck her from behind. He pulls out and cums on her ass.

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